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  1. My name is Jens Bergensten, but I'm better
    known as Jeb. I'm the lead developer on Minecraft
  2. here at I think I was 11 or maybe
    12 and I started programming because I wanted
  3. to make games. One of my father's friends
    told me that in order to make games you need
  4. to learn how to program. So that's how I got
    started. I like designing and figuring out
  5. the architecture of things. That's what I
    really like about Minecraft. Over the next
  6. hour you're going to learn the basics of computer
    science by programming Alex or Steve to move
  7. through a simulated piece of a Minecraft world.
    Traditional programming is usually in text,
  8. but today we'll use blockly: a system which
    uses blocks that you can drag and drop to
  9. write programs. Under the hood, you're creating
    JavaScript code. The concepts that you'll
  10. be learning are what computer programmers
    use everyday and are the foundation to computer
  11. science. Here at Mojang we use these same
    concepts to make Minecraft work. Before you
  12. start, you'll pick your character. I'm going
    to choose Alex. Let's build code for a program
  13. that will help her move around the screen.
    Your screen is split into three main parts.
  14. On the left is the Minecraft play space, where
    your program will run. The instructions for
  15. each level are written below. This middle
    area is the toolbox and each of these blocks
  16. is a command that directs Alex's actions.
    The white space on the right is called the
  17. work space and this is where we'll build our
    program. If we drag the moveForward(); block
  18. to our workspace and then click Run, what
    happens? Alex moves forward one space on the
  19. grid. And what if we wanted to do something
    after she moves forward one space? We can
  20. add another block to our program. I'm going
    to choose the turnRight(); block, and I'll drag
  21. it underneath my moveForward(); block until
    this orange line appears. Then, I'll drop
  22. it and the two blocks will snap together.
    When we press Run again, Alex will perform
  23. the commands that are stacked from top to
    bottom in our workspace. And if you ever want
  24. to delete a block, just drag it from the stack
    back to the toolbox. To undo your changes
  25. and to get back to how the level started,
    use the Start Over button in the top right
  26. corner of the workspace. One more thing, you
    see the little triangle on the turn blocks?
  27. Anytime you see these triangles, it means
    that you can pick a different option. Let's
  28. start coding!