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  1. Assume that this is the curve that describes
  2. the dependence of position on time.
  3. What would be the curve that describes the
  4. dependence of velocity x dot on time--
  5. the red one, the green one, the purple one--
  6. and this is getting a little more complex.
  7. Assume that this is again a curve that describes
  8. the dependence of position on time.
  9. What about the second derivative?
  10. If you repeat that same process again--
  11. the derivative of the derivative,
  12. the rate of change of the rate of change--
  13. that's nothing but acceleration.
  14. Acceleration is the rate of change of velocity.
  15. How quickly does velocity change?
  16. So what would the acceleration be on the red curve--
  17. the green curve or the purple curve.