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  1. And there again several possible solutions here, but the maximum number of items that Carol can select
  2. is at most 3 and I'll give you one example of this.
  3. For example, she could decide to invest in the manufacturer,
  4. which means that she cannot invest in this mining company here.
  5. Then she could maybe decide to also invest in this bank, which means she cannot invest
  6. in this mining company here, and then she could also choose one of those methods here.
  7. Let's say she also decides that she is going to invest in silver,
  8. but that means that copper and gold are out of the question.
  9. Again, she could have also chosen one of the other possibilities here,
  10. but three is really the maximum number of items that she can select.
  11. Similar to the problem that Bob was working on, this is of course a bit of a simplification,
  12. so when you're working on real work finance problems, you usually have constraints
  13. that are a bit more complicate and also of course, your networks will be much larger,
  14. but in essence that's a sort of problem that you might encounter in
  15. financial modeling and optimization--only a simplified version of it.