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  1. So, we're not going to use confidence intervals for this. Now, we don't know the
  2. results yet because I'm just giving you this poll. But let's pretend that we get
  3. an average of 7.5 for how engaged you are, and an average of 8.2 for how much
  4. you think you're learning. So, these are hypothetical population parameters. Mu
  5. sub E for engagement, and Mu sub L for learning. We would say the associated
  6. standard deviations are 0.64 and 0.73. Now, let's say our distributions look
  7. like this, for each measure, so they're negatively skewed. And let's say I want
  8. to get these means up, I'm going to try to do this by writing a song about the
  9. concepts in the next lesson, and then singing it. Maybe it'll help you stay
  10. engaged, because hearing a song can be entertaining. Maybe it'll help you learn,
  11. because hearing a song can you remember the concept and what it is. However, I'm
  12. not totally sure at this point that it might actually help rather than hurt your
  13. learning. So, instead of giving everybody this lesson without a clue as to
  14. whether or not it's going to help, I'm just going to give this lesson to a
  15. random sample of 20 students. Then, I have them anonymously take the same poll
  16. you just did. Let's say we get the following sample means.