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  1. There's always more changes
    that we wish we could do,
  2. if we just had a little more time.
  3. We're going to leave those
    as exercises to you
  4. if you want to keep polishing it up.
  5. For example, for simplicity,
    we had all tablet sizes
  6. and orientations,
    use the same layout.
  7. However, 7 inch portrait would
    actually look better as a one pin UI.
  8. So you can modify your resource folders
  9. to make 7 inch portrait
    use the phone layout.
  10. You can also tweak the two pane behavior
    so that the today layout is auto selected
  11. when you first launch the app.
  12. Also, this should just say "today"
    instead of having the full date.
  13. That way, it'll look more
    like the other items.
  14. As you play around with the app,
    feel free to make any changes
  15. you think would help improve
    the user experience.