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  1. Thank you for
    adding your video to the card showcase.
  2. It's really going to help the next
    generation of Android students to see
  3. what you did, and
    then try doing it themselves.
  4. As for me, I'm going to show
    this to someone special.
  5. Hey Ben,
    >> Hey, how's it going?
  6. >> Happy Birthday!
  7. >> Thank you, so much.
  8. >> Yeah, actually I made this for you
    >> Oh, I remember this picture.
  9. >> I'm glad you like it.
  10. Actually, making this card, it really
    helped me learn a lot more about view
  11. groups and layouts and
    it really helped our students too.
  12. >> You know who would
    love this is my mom.
  13. I'm going to go show this to my mom.
  14. >> Wait, wait Ben, that's my work phone.