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  1. Great factoring skills if you got this correct. We can factor a 3x from the
  2. first two terms. We'll have 3x times the quantity 4x minus 3. I've been saying
  3. this word quantity a lot and I use it when I really talk about the parentheses.
  4. I have 3x times some quantity 4x minus 3. If we distribute the 3x to 4x and
  5. minus 3, we wind up with what we started with. So this is correct factoring.
  6. Next, I can see that negative 8x and 6 share a factor of 2. This would leave me
  7. with negative 4x plus 3 in the second parentheses. You might have gotten stuck
  8. here and that's okay. We notice that this first parentheses and the second
  9. parentheses aren't the same. The 4x is positive and this is negative. The 3 is
  10. negative, but this 3 is positive. Well, instead of taking out a positive 2,
  11. let's take out a negative 2. If we factor out a negative 2 from negative 8x,
  12. we're left with positive 4x. And if we factor a negative 2 from positive 6,
  13. we're left with negative 3. Finally, we factor out the 4x minus 3 from the first
  14. term and the second term. This leaves us with 3x minus 2 times 4x minus 3. You
  15. could have either have written your answer like this or like this. Both are
  16. correct.