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  1. ♪ theme music ♪
  2. (Derek) Welcome to Hope Sabbath School,
  3. an in-depth, interactive study
  4. of the Word of God.
  5. We're in the middle of a series
  6. on Ezra and Nehemiah,
  7. an ancient Jewish priest
  8. and a government official in Persia.
  9. And you say, "Derek, what could
  10. that have to do with us today?"
  11. God and the covenant today,
  12. but God wants to make
  13. a covenant with us, too.
  14. It's a new covenant
  15. and an everlasting covenant,
  16. that will change us,
  17. not only today but forever; so I'm excited
  18. about Hope Sabbath School today,
  19. God and the Covenant.
  20. I'm glad you joined us.
  21. And this has been a great series,
    hasn't it?
  22. (Team) Yes.
  23. (Derek) Fifth century B.C.,
    a Jewish priest,
  24. inspired by the Holy Spirit,
    named Ezra,
  25. and a government official
  26. living in Persia - he was a Jew in exile
  27. by the name of Nehemiah,
  28. also guided by the Holy Spirit -
  29. write a record for us
  30. by the Holy Spirit today.
  31. It's exciting to know what God can do.
  32. And we're happy you're part
  33. of our Hope Sabbath School family
  34. wherever you are around the world.
  35. Here's a note from Mutale in Zambia.
  36. Lots of Hope Sabbath School members there.
  37. "Hi, Hope Sabbath School team."
  38. (Team) Hello!
  39. (Derek) "My name is Mutale.
  40. I've always enjoyed
  41. the discussions every day at my office
  42. before I start work in the morning."
  43. Begin the day with God, right?
  44. "May the good Lord Jesus
  45. continue to grant you good health
  46. so that you can reach
  47. many people around the world,
  48. even as God also helps you
  49. in your Christian journey."
  50. (Team) Amen.
  51. (Derek) "Let's be prayerful
  52. in these Last Days as believers.
  53. Pray for everyone so that God
  54. can take control. Amen."
  55. (Team) Amen.
  56. (Derek) Mutale, thanks for writing
  57. to us from Zambia,
  58. and I know there are
  59. many Hope Sabbath School members there.
  60. Carlos writes from Chile.
  61. I don't remember one from Chile,
  62. but I'm sure we've had some.
  63. Carlos says, "I just want to thank you,
  64. Hope Sabbath School team, for being there.
  65. I'm an English teacher in Chile,"
    South America.
  66. "Let me tell you, watching
  67. Hope Sabbath School every Friday night
  68. has been a double blessing for me.
  69. I can study the Bible,
  70. listening to your beautiful English.
  71. Greetings to everyone, from Chile."
  72. Well, Carlos, thanks for writing to us,
  73. and I'm sure you're
  74. a great English teacher, but even more,
  75. to be a great man of God, right,
  76. a great woman of God,
  77. that you can bless students.
  78. Here's a note from Marcia in Jamaica.
  79. Long live Jamaica, Nicole.
  80. (Nicole) Long live.
  81. (Derek) All right.
  82. "Thank you, Hope Sabbath School.
  83. I watch your show to help me
  84. understand more about the Bible.
  85. Keep teaching and sharing God's Word
  86. so that Jesus can come soon."
  87. (Team) Amen.
  88. (Derek) Well, Marcia,
  89. a simple message from Jamaica,
  90. but we believe with all of our hearts
    what you said.
  91. Jesus is coming soon,
  92. and He wants us all to be ready.
  93. A donor writes from Oklahoma in the U.S.,
  94. and I just want to say thank you
  95. to all of our donors; Hope Channel
  96. is a donor-supported ministry.
  97. "I love the program," the donor writes.
  98. "Young people are inspiring to me."
  99. They must be talking
  100. about the folks sitting there and not me,
  101. but I just want to say
  102. that we are excited to see young leaders
  103. taking their place in this ministry.
  104. "I'm 90 years old," writes the donor,
  105. "and I want you to know
  106. that you are an inspiration."
  107. Somebody smile and say Amen.
  108. (Team) Amen!
  109. (Derek) All right, praise God.
  110. You know, I know this donor.
  111. By the way, a gift for 20 dollars,
  112. and that may be a major donation
  113. when you're 90 years old.
  114. Thanks for being part of our ministry
  115. and for each one of you
  116. that supports this ministry.
  117. Last note, from Justina in the Bahamas.
  118. Justina writes and says, "Thank you,
  119. Hope Sabbath School team,
  120. for your explanation of the Word of God.
  121. I listen during the week
  122. so that I can receive
  123. a clear understanding of the Bible.
  124. Hope Sabbath School uplifts me
  125. and allows me more and more
  126. to understand God's faithfulness
  127. and His grace to me.
  128. I love you all.
  129. I look forward to the day
  130. when all of God's people
  131. will meet in His Kingdom.
  132. Please do not get weary in well-doing.
  133. Keep up the excellent work.
  134. I'm sure that God has a special reward
  135. for each one of you."
  136. And you know what the reward will be?
  137. To see each other there
  138. and to be with Jesus.
  139. (Team) Amen.
  140. (Derek) So, thanks, Justina,
  141. for writing to us from the Bahamas.
  142. And we'd love to hear from you.
  143. You can write to us
  144. at
  145. And those email testimonies
  146. really do encourage us.
  147. Right now, though, we have
  148. a Scripture song to sing,
  149. taken from Psalm 25,
  150. a 3,000-year-old Scripture song.
  151. My wife put a happy tune to it, and we're
  152. going to sing it together right now.
  153. ♪ music ♪
  154. (Derek) You know, as we
    were singing that song,
  155. it suddenly hit me
  156. that Jesus, as a young lad in Nazareth,
  157. might have sung those words.
  158. It was a thousand-year-old Scripture song
  159. written by the psalmist at that time,
  160. but Jesus memorized Scripture in song.
  161. He had these beautiful Psalms.
  162. Now, you say, "It's a different tune."
  163. I know; Maybe He'll hear us,
  164. "To You, O Lord," and He'll pause
  165. and say, "I know the words.
  166. Who wrote the tune?"
  167. But the Word of God
  168. is so powerful, isn't it?
  169. And I'm glad that you can sing
    along with us
  170. wherever you are around the world,
  171. that we can sing Scripture together,
  172. and we can be blessed.
  173. But right now we want to pray
  174. that God will guide us in our study.
  175. God and the Covenant is the title.
  176. God wants to make a covenant with us.
  177. Let's pray; Father in Heaven, we thank You
  178. that from these ancient writings
  179. of Ezra and Nehemiah,
  180. we can learn practical lessons
  181. for our lives today.
  182. And I pray that we would catch a glimpse
  183. of Your immeasurable and unfailing love,
  184. that we would catch a glimpse
  185. of all that You want to do for us,
  186. in us and through us.
  187. May lives be blessed today.
  188. We pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.
  189. (Team) Amen.
  190. (Derek) Before we begin
  191. reading from the Scripture
  192. about God and the Covenant,
  193. someone give me a simple explanation,
  194. what is a covenant? Anybody. Brittany.
  195. (Brittany) It's an agreement
  196. between two or more people.
  197. (Derek) Okay, an agreement
  198. between two or more people.
  199. Jason, you want to add to that?
  200. (Jason) It often has a lot
  201. of emotional significance
  202. related to a relationship.
  203. (Derek) Certainly a well-known covenant
  204. in today's culture is?
  205. (Derek, Team) Marriage.
  206. (Derek) And unfortunately those covenants
  207. are not always kept, right?
  208. But it's an agreement.
  209. So, both people are consenting.
  210. Are they equal, the two parties?
  211. Sometimes, that's right;
  212. that's a good answer.
  213. Sometimes they're equal.
  214. Other times, for example,
  215. if a monarch and people
  216. are making decisions.
  217. Certainly God and us
  218. making a covenant together,
  219. we're not equal are we?
  220. But we're both agreeing,
  221. a covenant that is made.
  222. Let's go to Nehemiah, chapter 9,
  223. beginning with verse 36.
  224. And, Nicole, would you
  225. begin our study today? Verses 36 to 38.
  226. What is the setting for the people of God
  227. here during the time
  228. of Ezra and Nehemiah
  229. when they say, "We're going
  230. to renew our covenant with God"?
  231. (Nicole) So the New King James Version
  232. of Nehemiah 9:36-38 says:
  233. (Derek) So, what's the setting
  234. of making this new covenant?
  235. Where are we history-wise?
    Anybody? Travis?
  236. (Travis) They're prisoners
  237. in their own land.
  238. (Derek) That's an interesting way
    of describing it
  239. because they're not really prisoners
    in a jail, right?
  240. But they're in a very difficult situation.
  241. (John) So, this is shortly
  242. after the completion
  243. of the city walls of Jerusalem.
  244. They had been restored and rebuilt,
  245. but they were still
  246. under Persian rule at the time.
  247. (Derek) And how did all of that happen?
  248. Give me a little history, Stephanie.
  249. How did they end up in exile,
  250. and now they've come back from exile?
  251. Why do they go, "We need
  252. to renew our commitment to God"?
  253. (Stephanie) When they've gone away,
  254. when they were taken into captivity,
  255. it was because of their disobedience.
  256. (Derek) They had abandoned
  257. the covenant with God, right?
  258. Okay, and how long were they there?
  259. (Derek, Team) Seventy years.
  260. (Derek) And we're going
  261. to study about that
  262. because then they go,
  263. "You know, God promised
  264. we could come back."
  265. But as Travis pointed out, the first wave
  266. comes back under Zerubbabel.
  267. Another wave comes back
  268. under Ezra and Nehemiah,
  269. but things are not all well, right?
  270. So they are saying to themselves,
  271. "You know, we know what got
  272. our forefathers into trouble,"
  273. abandoning the agreement with God,
  274. the covenant with God,
  275. "let's renew our covenant."
  276. Now, in chapter 10,
  277. you've got your Bible there,
  278. you'll notice in verses 1 through 27
  279. what do you see, anybody?
  280. (Derek, Team) A list of names.
  281. (Derek) And I am not going to ask for you,
  282. Adison, to read that list.
  283. I'm sure you could,
  284. but why do you think the Holy Spirit
  285. inspired Nehemiah to write down
  286. all of those names?
  287. What do you think, Adison?
  288. (Adison) I think it was important
  289. because this covenant was
  290. not only for one individual and God,
  291. but it was a community thing.
  292. So, here we have an example
  293. of all these names being listed down,
  294. and so you can see
  295. that it was a community covenant
  296. between God and His people.
  297. (Derek) You've got Nehemiah there,
    certainly, right,
  298. and then you've got Zedekiah and Seraiah.
  299. I'm assuming, as the list
    is being written,
  300. that someone says...?
  301. (Team) "Me, too."
  302. (Derek) "Me, too," right,
  303. "add my name," right? Travis?
  304. (Travis) You know, when we
  305. sign agreements nowadays,
  306. we do that so there's accountability,
  307. so they can't go back and say,
  308. "Well, you know, I never said that."
  309. When you put something in writing,
  310. you know, it's an accountability,
    it's official.
  311. (Derek) So, back to the marriage
  312. or courting relationship,
  313. if someone says, "Well, I'd like
  314. to move in with you,
  315. but I'm not ready to make
  316. a formal agreement...
  317. (Evelyn) Commitment.
  318. (Derek) What would you say
    to them, Evelyn?
  319. (Evelyn) I would say you guys
  320. need to do it the way
  321. the Lord commands us to,
  322. I mean, to show commitment to one another.
  323. (Derek) That's true. Yes, Jason.
  324. (Jason) I would say that's
    kind of like cheating.
  325. You're trying to get the benefits
  326. of the situation without the commitment.
  327. (Derek) And the truth is, it won't work
  328. because there's no...?
  329. (Team) Commitment.
  330. (Derek) There's no commitment, right?
  331. Now, having listed these primary signers,
  332. I mean, we can think
  333. of other primary documents
  334. where there are the signers
  335. whose names are on there,
  336. let's take a look, Gladys,
  337. at verses 28 and 29,
  338. something that Nehemiah adds
  339. after that list of names.
  340. (Gladys) I'm reading
  341. from the New International Version,
  342. Nehemiah, chapter 10, verses 28 and 29:
  343. (Derek) So, what's the significance
  344. of that little add-on
  345. to the list of names?
  346. (Harold) Total commitment.
  347. (Derek) Total commitment.
  348. (Harold) It wasn't just the leaders
    because we can't forget
  349. the names listed in verses 1 through 27;
    these were the leaders,
  350. which actually they were supposed to teach
    and impart this message.
  351. But at the same time, the people,
  352. were like, "We want to be followers, too."
  353. (Derek) Right? The rest of the people.
  354. In fact, we find that phrase
  355. toward the end of verse 29,
  356. or verse 28, excuse me,
  357. "everyone who had knowledge
    and understanding."
  358. What does that mean?
  359. We had that when Ezra
  360. was reading, too, the Word, right?
  361. What does that mean?
  362. Even the little ones
  363. who could understand, right?
  364. They said, "Me, too, papa,"
  365. "Me, too, mama, add my name
    to that list.
  366. I want to be named with the people of God
  367. who are making this covenant with God."
  368. So, like Harold said,
  369. it's, like, a total commitment,
  370. a total commitment.
  371. Now, how did the witness of the leaders
  372. influence the rest of the people?
  373. We don't know, do we?
  374. Is there a correlation sometimes, John,
  375. between the leader, even in a family,
  376. and where the family goes?
  377. (John) They often set the example,
  378. and they set the tone for the family
  379. or those that they are leading.
  380. (Derek) So, you've got two key leaders,
  381. namely Ezra and...?
  382. (Team) Nehemiah.
  383. (Derek) who are saying,
  384. "We're going to follow God.
  385. This is what God wants us to do.
  386. They both sacrificed in order to do that.
  387. Now the other leaders are coming,
  388. and now all of the people,
  389. a total commitment,
  390. "Let's make a covenant,"
  391. make an agreement, "with God." Stephanie.
  392. (Stephanie) I guess, what came to my mind
  393. was that each person has to make
  394. their own individual commitment.
  395. So, even though the leaders
  396. are making the commitment,
  397. each individual also had
  398. to make their own commitment.
  399. (Derek) Now, it said, "those who
    have understanding."
  400. What about the tiny ones?
  401. How is their destiny determined,
  402. the ones without understanding yet?
  403. (Team) The parents.
  404. (Derek) It was the same
  405. in the time of Noah.
  406. It was the same, you know,
  407. you think of other times
  408. when people had decisions to make.
  409. The Exodus, you know,
  410. "Are we going to go out?"
  411. The little ones, they don't
  412. make that choice, do they?
  413. At that point, their destiny
  414. is very much impacted
  415. by the decision of their parents.
  416. It's a solemn responsibility, right?
  417. So, we're going to pause for a moment now.
  418. We've seen this important juncture,
  419. crossroads, for the people of God
  420. there in the time of Ezra and Nehemiah,
  421. "We're going to renew our commitment,
  422. our covenant, with God."
  423. But there had been times
  424. down through sacred history
  425. when God has made covenants,
  426. or agreements, with people,
  427. and we're just going to take a moment
  428. to look at some of those.
  429. Some of them might seem massive,
  430. and some are rather small, but there are
  431. at least two people in the agreement,
  432. and they're both agreeing to it,
  433. and it has implications.
  434. So, anybody, give me some examples
  435. of other covenants. Anybody? Yes, Evelyn?
  436. (Evelyn) There's the covenant
  437. God had with Adam.
  438. (Derek) All right, let's look at that
  439. in the book of Genesis, chapter 3,
  440. a covenant with Adam.
  441. Again, a covenant is a what?
  442. (Team) An agreement.
  443. (Derek) It's an agreement, okay.
  444. So let's see, the words spoken
  445. in verse 15 are actually
  446. spoken to the serpent,
  447. but it is describing a covenant
  448. with the human family.
  449. So would you read verse 15 for us,
  450. and then also if you would add verse 21.
  451. (Evelyn) And I will be reading
  452. from the New Living Translation; it says:
  453. Verse 21 says:
  454. (Derek) So, what does that promise
  455. in verse 15, that God is not
  456. going to abandon the human family -
  457. He's making a promise to them, right,
  458. that He's going to provide
  459. a way of salvation for them -
  460. and verse 21, why are those two related?
  461. Help me, someone. John?
  462. (John) These are linked because verse 15
  463. gives the promise of the Messiah to come,
  464. and here you have that they
  465. are clothed with skin.
  466. That means that there was a sacrifice
  467. that took place for them
  468. to receive skins or covering.
  469. (Derek) And that's not described there
    in chapter 3.
  470. In chapter 4, you've got
  471. Abel bringing the lamb.
  472. Cain, in rebellion, bringing
  473. some fruit from his garden.
  474. So obviously this idea
  475. of a lamb pointing forward
  476. all the way to the Lamb of God, Jesus,
  477. who will take away the sin of the world,
  478. had been explained to them.
  479. Now, did you ever think
  480. (my wife was sharing this with me
  481. just a few days ago),
  482. does that mean that God
  483. offered the first sacrifice
  484. to show them the cost
  485. and also the sign of looking forward?
  486. And if that's true, was that
  487. the first time in eternity
  488. that God had caused any form of death?
  489. That's a solemn thought, isn't it?
  490. And yet, the agreement is,
  491. if you trust My promise,
  492. I will save you, right?
  493. And not just you but your children.
  494. Well, we could spend a lot of time there.
  495. We may get a thousand emails;
    you go, "Really?"
  496. Or did God just tell Adam,
  497. "You kill the lamb'"?
  498. Maybe God told Adam?
  499. We'll hear from you.
  500. What do you think, by the way?
  501. It was certainly not
  502. within the heart of God
  503. to witness any death, was it?
  504. God wanted all things
  505. to be in perfect harmony.
  506. We'll get some emails, I'm sure.
  507. Yeah, I see you thinking. Gladys?
  508. (Gladys) Yes, the covenant
  509. that God made with Noah.
  510. (Derek) Okay, let's take a look at that.
  511. Of course, you know the story
  512. of Noah starts in Genesis 6,
  513. but let's take a look at Genesis 9.
  514. Perhaps you could read that
  515. for us, Gladys, verses 8 through 11.
  516. (Gladys) Sure, I'll be reading
  517. from the New International Version,
  518. Genesis 9, verses 8 to 11:
  519. (Derek) So, that's God part
  520. of the covenant, a promise,
  521. and He gives the sign of that with what?
  522. (Team) A rainbow.
  523. (Derek) So, what's their part
    of the covenant?
  524. What does He ask them
  525. to do to enter into it?
  526. (John) Trust Him.
  527. (Derek) To just trust Him, that's right.
  528. You say, "That's not very much,"
  529. but actually it's the very essence,
    isn't it,
  530. of trusting in the immeasurable
    and unfailing love of God.
  531. One more, another covenant. Brittany.
  532. (Brittany) I think of Abraham
  533. when he was called Abram.
  534. God promised him that He would make
  535. his descendants like the stars of the sky.
  536. (Derek) When his name was Abram,
  537. and I'll have you read
  538. chapter 12 for us, of Genesis, 1 to 3,
  539. when his name was Abram,
  540. how many children did he have?
  541. (Team) None.
  542. (Derek) And how old was he at that time?
  543. Oh, can you remember that? Was he...?
  544. Seventy-five years old, right?
  545. Well, let's take a look, Brittany,
  546. in chapter 12, verses 1 to 3.
  547. And then we could look at many others,
  548. but I'm going to ask you
  549. what you've noticed
  550. they all have in common so far.
  551. (Brittany) I'll be reading
  552. from the New King James Version,
  553. Genesis, chapter 12, verses 1 through 3:
  554. (Derek) Now, that's a beautiful promise.
  555. By the way, if you look
  556. at the family tree of Jesus,
    get to Matthew,
  557. He's a son of Abraham, right?
  558. Because the, "In you, all the families
  559. of the earth will be blessed," is also...?
  560. A prophecy pointing forward to Messiah
  561. just like the lamb is a prophecy
  562. pointing forward to Messiah, right?
  563. "In you all the nations..."
  564. We have to look at one more, Moses,
  565. the covenant made with Moses and Israel.
  566. If someone could look in Exodus 19,
  567. verses 4 through 6.
  568. Exodus 19, Jason, if you
  569. could read verses 4 through 6,
  570. what does the Word say there?
  571. (Jason) I'll be reading
  572. from the New King James Version,
  573. Exodus, chapter 19, verses 4 through 6:
  574. (Derek) So, now God's making
  575. a covenant with Moses and...?
    All of Israel.
  576. What do you see that all
  577. of these covenants have in common?
  578. We could look at more, too,
  579. but what do you see
  580. that they have in common, Harold?
  581. (Harold) God is the Initiator.
  582. (Derek) Okay.
  583. (Harold) He starts the covenant.
  584. (Derek) Very important, God is
    the Initiator,
  585. and what's motivating Him?
  586. (Team) Love.
  587. (Derek) That's right.
  588. He doesn't need, like,
  589. "And I really need your help
  590. to build this city of...," whatever,"
  591. you know, like the Egyptians, right.
  592. No, it's just motivated by love.
  593. He's like, "I want to bless you.
  594. Can we make an agreement?"
  595. In fact, all of the sacrifice
  596. is coming from Him.
  597. Anything else that you're noticing? John?
  598. (John) It appears that in each
    of the covenants,
  599. it's based on what God
  600. has done or will do,
  601. so, based on His actions and His doing.
  602. (Derek) So, trusting Him
  603. because we've seen what He's done
  604. in the past, maybe?
  605. Abram must have had some confidence
  606. in God's leading in his past. Nicole?
  607. (Nicole) It's all based on us trusting.
  608. He doesn't ask us to do anything.
  609. He said, "I'm going to do
    everything for you,
  610. if you can just trust Me and accept it,
  611. then that's the covenant."
  612. (Derek) It's almost like
  613. they're about to set off
  614. this nuclear explosion,
  615. "Here's the shelter; just come in," right?
  616. "My love has provided for you,
  617. just enter in." Harold?
  618. (Harold) I wanted to add
  619. that all these covenants
  620. have to do with a relationship.
  621. It's always about this relationship,
  622. entering this harmonious relationship
    with God,
  623. because the part, as it's been mentioned,
    is the trust.
  624. When you trust, you're willing to obey.
  625. You're like, "Oh, yes, I love You.
  626. I want to do this,"
  627. because, again, I believe John
  628. said that we love Him
  629. because He first loved us.
  630. (Derek) That's right.
  631. So, we're going to go now
  632. to a beautiful statement
  633. of what is called the New Covenant,
  634. but it's another revelation
  635. of the immeasurable and unfailing
    love of God
  636. in Jeremiah, chapter 31, verses 31 to 34.
  637. Stephanie, if you could read that for us.
  638. (Stephanie) And I'll be reading
  639. from the King James Version:
  640. (Derek) Now, that expression,
  641. "They shall all know Me,"
  642. what does that mean?
  643. Anybody know? The Hebrew understanding
  644. of that "knowing." Yes, Gladys.
  645. (Gladys) It's an intimate relationship.
  646. (Derek) That's right; it's actually
  647. the same word where Adam
  648. knew his wife, Eve, and she conceived
  649. and bore a child, right?
  650. So it's that close, intimate relationship,
  651. and that's God's ideal, for how many?
  652. (Team) For all of us.
  653. (Derek) Yeah, that everyone
  654. (we won't need to go and say...),
  655. that all will experience
  656. that intimate relationship.
  657. What do you hear different...
  658. The Lord Himself says,
  659. "This is not like the covenant
  660. I made with their fathers
  661. the day I brought them out of Egypt."
  662. What's different in this covenant,
  663. the wording of this New Covenant? Jason?
  664. (Jason) There is some description
  665. about putting the Law
  666. in their hearts and in their minds.
  667. And in the sort of previous covenant,
  668. there was a lot of external activity
    written down.
  669. And so there's something kind of happening
  670. more internal here, it seems.
  671. (Derek) Okay, yes, you're
    absolutely right.
  672. Let's expand on that a little. Travis?
  673. (Travis) I'd like to say
  674. that this New Covenant was based
  675. on God's promise to change us
  676. internally, like you said,
  677. but the first covenant was,
  678. "I promise, if you do this,"
  679. and this promise was based
  680. just on God's promise, which never fails.
  681. Man failed in keeping the covenant,
  682. and God says, "I'm going
  683. to do something within you
  684. so that you can keep
  685. this covenant with me.
  686. (Derek) All right, so, again,
    more internal.
  687. Were there any other covenants
  688. that talked about, "I will forgive
    their iniquities
  689. and remember their sins no more"?
  690. (Team) No.
  691. (Derek) I suppose you could
  692. go back to Genesis and say
  693. that by trusting in the sacrifice.
  694. This is much more explicit,
    though, isn't it?
  695. "And I'm going to do something..."?
  696. " their hearts," right?
  697. "I'm going to change their hearts."
  698. So, what are your thoughts about God
  699. wanting to do that for you?
  700. Because that's not just written
  701. in the time of Jeremiah, right?
  702. That covenant is a covenant He wants
  703. to make with each one of us, right?
  704. Give me a new heart, forgive my sins,
  705. give me a new start,
  706. what are your thoughts about that?
    Yes, Alex.
  707. (Alex) It's just really humbling to me.
  708. I think of all the things
  709. that I've done to hurt Him,
  710. the things I still do to hurt Him,
  711. and that He wants to have
  712. a covenant with me,
  713. that He still wants to reach out to me
    to have it.
  714. (Derek) So, back to what we said earlier.
  715. Again, He's taking the initiative
    (always, right),
  716. and it's based on His...?
  717. (Team) Love.
  718. (Derek) His immeasurable, unfailing love.
  719. And Alex says that's kind of humbling
  720. because He knows me, right? Nicole?
  721. (Nicole) It's encouraging also,
  722. that, even when I fall, He's still there
    to pick me up,
  723. and He still wants to be with me.
  724. It's kind of self-esteem booster
  725. that this God of the universe
  726. wants little 'ole me
  727. to be in the covenant with Him.
  728. (Derek) And if it was a human being,
  729. you might say, "Well,
  730. that's because they don't
  731. really know me," right?
  732. But He does! John?
  733. (John) The terms of the covenant,
  734. and there are terms of agreement,
  735. and God says that He will complete them,
  736. so He's fulfilling those terms
    in our lives,
  737. and it's to us to receive and believe in.
  738. (Derek) All right. Adison?
  739. (Adison) I just love this concept,
  740. in part because that same Law
  741. that was written on the tables of stone,
  742. the Holy Spirit takes it,
  743. and He engraves it
  744. upon the tables of our hearts.
  745. And we find Christ's righteousness,
    not our own;
  746. He puts His righteousness on us.
  747. And I just think it's a tremendous gift.
  748. (Derek) And it's important
  749. to "rememberize," to remember
  750. ("rememberize," that's not
    an English word),
  751. to remember what Jesus said,
  752. that all of that Law He wants
  753. to write on our hearts is summarized
  754. in two great commandments, right?
  755. Because, remember, this is
    all about wanting
  756. an intimate love relationship with us,
  757. and those two great commandments,
  758. Jesus said, are...?
  759. (Team) Love God.
  760. (Derek) Love God how?
  761. With all your heart, soul,
    mind and strength.
  762. And love your neighbor...?
  763. (Team) As yourself.
  764. (Derek) It's in the context
  765. of that relationship.
  766. All right, Travis, how do you feel
  767. about, God's like, "I want to make
  768. this covenant with you"?
  769. (Travis) I just think
  770. that, when we look at the new covenant,
  771. it just shows how relentless God is,
  772. because He's doing something in us
  773. that we couldn't do ourselves.
  774. What God is doing to us
  775. is He's enabling us to be
  776. a part of His Kingdom,
  777. something that was
  778. just absolutely impossible
    within ourselves.
  779. And we got to see that
  780. through the Old Testament Scriptures.
  781. (Derek) I've been told
  782. that that's something
  783. about Judeo-Christian faith
    that is unique,
  784. because many religions have us
  785. trying to earn God's favor.
  786. You know, we beat ourselves,
  787. we walk on hot rocks,
  788. or put fish hooks in our back,
  789. or whatever, you know,
  790. to try to...or we offer chickens...
  791. to try to placate God or earn His favor.
  792. Here, we're seeing God
    take the initiative.
  793. And He loves us with an everlasting love.
  794. Now, one other aspect of covenant
  795. before we move on.
  796. The Bible also speaks
  797. about God wanting to make
  798. an everlasting covenant.
  799. Is that different from this new covenant
  800. we're talking about?
  801. Well, let's read two verses,
  802. and then you can give me
  803. the answer to that question.
  804. Hebrews 13, verses 20 and 21,
  805. Malaina, if you have that,
  806. you could read it for us,
  807. Hebrews, chapter 13, verses 20 and 21,
  808. and then someone could find
  809. Isaiah 55 and verse 3.
  810. (Malaina) I will be reading
  811. from the New King James Version,
  812. Hebrews, chapter 13, verses 20 through 21:
  813. (Derek) Amen. All right,
  814. "through the blood
  815. of the eternal covenant."
  816. Isaiah 55 and verse 3,
  817. someone have that already?
  818. Alex, do you have it already? Verse 3.
  819. (Alex) Okay, and I'll be reading
  820. from the King James Version:
  821. (Derek) So, is this the same covenant,
  822. or is it "Oh, that's a different one."
  823. The everlasting one
  824. is different from Jeremiah 31.
  825. What do you think?
  826. (Team) Same.
  827. (Derek) Same. So, why does God
  828. go out of His way
  829. to say "everlasting covenant," Stephanie?
  830. (Stephanie) That's really important
  831. because it is forever;
  832. it's down through the ages.
  833. It's His covenant that is sure.
  834. We know that it will be accomplished.
  835. (Derek) Because we said
  836. He takes the initiative,
  837. and it's based on what He...?
  838. (Team) Has promised.
  839. (Derek) And so by saying
  840. it's an everlasting covenant,
  841. He's saying, "I am the Lord, and I..."?
  842. (Stephanie) Change not.
  843. (Derek) "I change not."
  844. "I am the same..."?
  845. (Derek, Team) Yesterday, today
    and forever.
  846. (Derek) So, that gives us comfort.
  847. We ought to get a little happy, right?
    Praise God!
  848. He's not going to say,
  849. "You know, I thought about this, Alex.
  850. You're right; you don't deserve
  851. this covenant I'm making with you
  852. because I've noticed, in fact,
  853. I have a record of all of your failings."
  854. And you say, "Lord, have mercy."
  855. You say, "No, they've been washed away."
  856. But you know, to think
  857. that God is never going to come there
  858. and go, "I've changed My mind
  859. about this agreement with you."
  860. Everlasting covenant, someone says?
  861. (Team) Amen!
  862. (Derek) Gladys?
  863. (Gladys) I've been struggling with this,
  864. with the fact that, yes,
  865. God is love; He doesn't change,
  866. but what happened with Noah?
  867. He said that He regretted
  868. or resented making man?
  869. My husband asked me that this morning
  870. when we were reviewing this...
  871. (Derek) Okay. Well, how do you think
  872. God feels when we reject His offer
  873. of immeasurable and unfailing love
  874. and throw dirt in His face, so to speak?
  875. How does He feel about that?
  876. (Team) Hurt. It's painful.
  877. (Derek) It's heartbreaking for Him, right?
  878. I don't think He stopped loving those
  879. when He regretted.
  880. I think He wept over those
  881. who refused to come into the Ark, right?
  882. But He wants to make
  883. this everlasting covenant with us.
  884. He wants us to know
  885. that even when we are not trustworthy,
  886. He is trustworthy. Travis?
  887. (Travis) If anyone's ever had
  888. a child who has rebelled,
  889. I think that verse
  890. is really explained in that term,
    you know?
  891. Once you've experienced that,
  892. of course you love that child,
  893. but, boy, it just really
  894. brings sorrow to your heart,
  895. and it just tears you up inside.
  896. And you just get that feeling inside
    like, why? You know?
  897. But you would do anything
  898. for that child even yet, you know.
  899. (Derek) Sure. Sure.
  900. So, I have a question for you,
  901. and I want you to look with me
  902. in Joshua 24, [verses] 14 and 15.
  903. Can you make a decision
  904. for someone else to accept
  905. that immeasurable and unfailing offer
    of God's love?
  906. Well, before you say no,
  907. let's look at Joshua 24, 14 and 15,
  908. and maybe you're absolutely right.
  909. Maybe he talked to the family,
  910. and they said, "Me, too."
  911. And so he comes and says...
  912. Well, let's see what the text says.
  913. Joshua 24, Evelyn, do you
  914. have it there, verses 14 and 15.
  915. (Evelyn) I will be reading
  916. from the New Living Translation:
  917. (Derek) Amen? By the way,
  918. that is capitalized in my Bible;
  919. that's the name, Yahweh.
  920. That's the name of the Lord God,
  921. Creator of heaven and the earth.
  922. (John) His covenant name.
  923. (Derek) His covenant name, that's right.
  924. That's the agreement He's made with us.
  925. Now, Joshua says, "As for me and my house,
  926. we will serve the Lord."
  927. But you're saying you can't make
  928. that decision for your spouse,
  929. or, if you have children,
  930. for your children, for your siblings.
  931. So, what, what do you think, Jason?
  932. (Jason) Well, when you're
  933. a family relationship,
  934. particularly the marriage one,
    is a covenant,
  935. so when you have that covenant,
  936. you aren't making
  937. the individual choice for the person,
  938. but you're kind of setting the tone,
  939. like we said with the leaders,
  940. you're kind of setting the direction
    for the person.
  941. Ultimately, each of the individual
    family members
  942. have to make their own choice,
  943. but you can kind of set the stage
  944. which way it will go.
  945. (Derek) Yes. Remember that phrase,
  946. "those who have understanding,"
  947. so, for all those that do,
  948. this would be a good time
  949. for a family council, right,
  950. and say, "As the mother,"
  951. or, "As the father," "As the parent,"
  952. some families only have one parent,
    some have two,
  953. "but this is my decision,
  954. and here's why I'm making my decision,"
  955. and they say, "Mommy, we see that,"
  956. or, "Daddy, we see that,"
  957. or, "Mommy and daddy,
  958. we see that. Me, too!"
  959. So, no matter how young they are,
  960. if they have understanding,
  961. like it says in the text,
  962. they can say, "Me, too."
  963. And I think that's helpful.
  964. It's not like, you know, Joshua's dragging
  965. his family kicking and screaming,
  966. but they thought it through together,
  967. and he can come and say,
  968. "The decision of me and my family
  969. is we will serve the Lord."
  970. Anybody want to respond to that.
    Yes, Gladys?
  971. (Gladys) In a family, usually...
  972. I will say, for my family it's like that.
  973. When we were little, he always said,
  974. "In the morning, in my house
  975. we will have worship."
  976. So everyone who will come and visit,
  977. that's what we do in my house.
  978. So, I think that that's what the Lord
  979. This is what He wants,
  980. to have that relationship,
  981. and the leader of the home,
  982. or the representative of the home,
  983. makes the decision, not forcing it
  984. on the family member,
  985. but kind of like being the representative
  986. of God in the home
  987. and bringing his family along.
  988. (Derek) Okay, and back
  989. to what we've talked about earlier,
  990. that list of names,
  991. and then it said, "and the..."?
  992. "Rest of the people," right?
  993. So it became a total commitment.
  994. But leadership is not unimportant, is it?
  995. That can have an influence.
  996. Well, let's talk about some
  997. of the promises now.
  998. We'll go back to Ezra and Nehemiah's time.
  999. They said, "We need
  1000. to renew our covenant with God."
  1001. Let's look at some
  1002. of the promises that they made.
  1003. John, would you read for us
  1004. in Nehemiah, chapter 10,
  1005. beginning with verse 29 through verse 38.
  1006. And while John reads that, are they
  1007. getting the most important things here?
  1008. Maybe what is the most important promise
    that we make,
  1009. let's think about that.
  1010. But let's hear how they respond now.
  1011. They're renewing their covenant with God.
  1012. (John) From the New King James Version,
    it says:
  1013. (Derek) So, that seems like
    a lot of details, yes?
  1014. But it's all part of a ceremonial system
  1015. which points to what?
  1016. (Brittany) The Lamb of God.
  1017. (Derek) To the Lamb of God who's coming
  1018. and reflects the immeasurable
    and unfailing love of God.
  1019. If, when we're doing all of that,
  1020. we don't forget what it's pointing to
  1021. and that God wants
  1022. what kind of relationship with us?
  1023. (Team) Intimate.
  1024. (Derek) An intimate, loving, personal
    relationship with us, then it's okay.
  1025. If we lose sight of that,
  1026. then we're in trouble, right?
  1027. Could that happen
  1028. even in the twenty-first century?
  1029. You know, we don't bring lambs
  1030. and have grain offerings, right?
  1031. We typically, when we come to worship,
  1032. what are some things that we do
  1033. when we come to worship?
  1034. (Team) Praise. Sing.
  1035. (Derek) We sing praise to God and we...?
  1036. (Team Member) Pray.
  1037. (Derek) And we pray, and...?
  1038. (Nicole) Read the Bible.
  1039. (Team Member) Give offering.
  1040. (Derek) We give offerings, that's right;
    We read the Bible.
  1041. We listen to someone
  1042. teaching from the Scriptures, right?
  1043. So there are things that we do,
  1044. but we always need to remember
  1045. when we come that it's all about what?
  1046. (Team) Jesus.
  1047. (Derek) It's all about God
  1048. who loves us with a...?
  1049. An immeasurable and unfailing love,
    wanting a...?
  1050. (Team) Relationship.
  1051. (Derek) A relationship with us.
  1052. And, of course, as someone mentioned,
  1053. He showed that most vividly
    and perfectly...?
  1054. (Team) At the cross.
  1055. (Derek) Through the coming of Jesus,
  1056. who lived, died on the cross,
  1057. rose again the third day,
  1058. and has ascended to Heaven.
  1059. He's ministering there
  1060. in the heavenly sanctuary,
  1061. and He's coming back soon.
  1062. (Team) Amen!
  1063. (Derek) We forget that if we think,
  1064. "I went to church this week, did you?"
  1065. We could miss the whole point, right?
  1066. Promises are not bad.
  1067. The Bible does tell us
  1068. we should be careful
  1069. about making promises to God.
  1070. And so I'm going to read that,
  1071. have someone read it from Ecclesiastes 5,
  1072. and then I have an important question
    for you, and that is,
  1073. what is the most important promise
  1074. anyone can ever make to God? Okay?
  1075. But let's look first in Ecclesiastes,
  1076. which basically says, "Don't be careless
  1077. in making promises to God."
  1078. Ecclesiastes, chapter 5, and, Adison,
  1079. could you read the first five verses,
  1080. Ecclesiastes 5:1-5?
  1081. (Adison) And I'll be reading
  1082. from the King James Version:
  1083. (Derek) So, what's the sacrifice of fools?
  1084. Making rash promises
  1085. without any intention of keeping them.
  1086. Better not to say anything, right?
  1087. So, we don't want to be careless,
  1088. but there's at least one promise
  1089. that God really wants us to make.
  1090. What's the most important promise
  1091. He wants us to make to Him?
  1092. I don't know; is there
  1093. a right answer to that?
  1094. Or most important decision, I don't know.
  1095. What do you think, Brittany?
  1096. (Brittany) I think He wants us
  1097. to give Him our whole heart
  1098. and to promise to give it to Him every day
  1099. the rest of our lives.
  1100. (Derek) Can we do that?
  1101. (Brittany) Only with His help.
  1102. (Derek) Or can I promise
  1103. to at least allow Him
  1104. to enable me to do that?
  1105. (Team) Yes.
  1106. (Derek) You know, isn't there...
  1107. I remember a prayer,
  1108. "Take my heart, I cannot give it,"
    you know?
  1109. (Adison) Keep it pure.
  1110. (Derek) Yeah, keep it pure.
  1111. I mean, it's like, "God, here I am.
  1112. I promise to be..."?
  1113. (Team) Willing.
  1114. (Derek) Willing. "I promise to be..."?
  1115. (Derek, Team) Open.
  1116. (Derek) " Your immeasurable
    and unfailing love.
  1117. Your covenant with me.
  1118. You know me, God,"
  1119. but can I promise that, "I will,
  1120. by Your grace, never close myself
    up to You"?
  1121. Yeah, "I promise to be open to You,"
  1122. most important promise.
  1123. Can anybody think, either of that promise,
  1124. a time when you made
  1125. that promise to God,
  1126. or an important promise you made to God?
  1127. Anybody think of a time
  1128. you made an important promise? Travis?
  1129. (Travis) Yeah, it was a few years ago.
  1130. I was in a tree reading a book...
  1131. (Derek) What were you doing
    in a tree, Travis?
  1132. (Travis) I was actually...
  1133. (Derek) You mean, like Zacchaeus?
  1134. (Travis) Actually that's the story
  1135. that got my attention
  1136. in the book I was reading,
  1137. and I realized then and there
  1138. that I wanted to live the rest of my life
  1139. in ministry, working for Jesus.
  1140. And I told Him, that's what I'll do.
  1141. And I've had bumps along the way,
    but still going.
  1142. (Derek) So, that promise was to just say,
  1143. "God, take my heart,
  1144. I cannot give it."
  1145. I mean, "Here I am.
  1146. I give myself to You; hold onto Me."
  1147. Bumps along the way.
  1148. Anybody else have a testimony?
  1149. Jason and then John.
  1150. (Jason) Towards the end
  1151. of my collegiate experience,
  1152. I was trying to figure out
  1153. where I should go in life,
  1154. and I was struggling
  1155. with different opportunities and paths.
  1156. And during that time,
  1157. I had a conversation with God,
  1158. and the conclusion of it was,
  1159. "All right, Lord, I promise
  1160. that whatever direction You show me,
  1161. I'm going to go; do You want me
  1162. to go to this school?
  1163. Do you want me to go to this job?"
  1164. And He ended up sending me
  1165. to be a student missionary for a year
  1166. before sending me on a career,
  1167. and I know I needed to make that promise.
  1168. I needed to open myself to God's will
  1169. so that He could put me
  1170. where He wanted to put me
  1171. along the path that He had for my life.
  1172. (Derek) And maybe you hadn't thought
  1173. about the student missionary for a year,
  1174. but God says, "As part of the plan,
  1175. I need you to go here,"
  1176. which was where, by the way?
  1177. (Jason) In Central America.
  1178. (Derek) In Central America.
    All right. John.
  1179. (John) In 2013 my wife
  1180. was involved in an accident
  1181. while she was jogging.
  1182. A vehicle struck her from behind.
  1183. She had been life-flighted
  1184. to the nearest trauma center.
  1185. A policeman showed up at my door
  1186. with the police chaplain
  1187. and told me about it.
  1188. And during the hour-and-a-half drive
    to the hospital,
  1189. not knowing her condition
  1190. other than she was flown,
  1191. and all these things
  1192. going through my mind,
  1193. I had made a promise to God
  1194. that I will never doubt
  1195. His goodness and love,
  1196. regardless of the outcome.
  1197. The promise was, "I'm going
  1198. to serve You still."
  1199. And I can praise God
  1200. that she's restored fully,
  1201. but I was going to serve God regardless.
  1202. (Derek) Powerful.
  1203. That's a Holy-Spirit-enabled promise,
  1204. right, because the enemy says,
  1205. "Curse God and die."
  1206. But, "No, I will trust You still."
  1207. That's kind of Job, isn't it?
  1208. "No matter what happens,
  1209. I'll trust in You."
  1210. Well, God wants us
  1211. to enter into that promise.
  1212. What do you do...
  1213. Maybe someone comes to you,
  1214. and we don't have a lot of time,
  1215. you're just going to have
  1216. to quote the text for me,
  1217. someone comes to you and says, "Derek,
  1218. I made that promise up in the tree,
  1219. but I had a bump along the way,
  1220. and I feel like I broke my promise.
  1221. I went out and I did something stupid
  1222. after I had made a promise.
  1223. I just wanted to follow Jesus
    no matter what."
  1224. What would you say to that friend
  1225. if she came to you and said,
  1226. "I guess it didn't work out
    for me," Brittany?
  1227. (Brittany) I think about the story
    of Peter
  1228. and how he promised
  1229. he would never leave Christ,
  1230. and then Jesus said to him,
    "I'll pray for you,
  1231. that even after your faith fails you,
  1232. that you will come and return to Me."
  1233. And Jesus said that to Him
  1234. even before he failed.
  1235. He said, "I'll be praying for you."
  1236. And so that's something
  1237. that we can remember.
  1238. Jesus knows when we're going to fail;
  1239. He knows when we're going to stumble,
    but He's still praying for us.
  1240. He knows that we'll come back; He's giving
    us the opportunity to come back.
  1241. (Derek) So there are stories,
  1242. there are promises.
  1243. Someone else in the Scripture
  1244. that gives us hope? Gladys?
  1245. (Gladys) Yes, I love the story of David
  1246. when he fell, and in Psalm 51
  1247. he said, "A broken and contrite heart,
  1248. You will not despise."
  1249. So even when we fail, God doesn't.
  1250. (Derek) I love those words
  1251. in Psalm 51, verse 10,
  1252. "Create in me a clean heart, O God;
  1253. and renew a right spirit within me.
  1254. Do not cast me away from Your presence,
  1255. or take Your Holy Spirit from me.
  1256. Restore to me..."
  1257. (Derek, Team) "... the joy
    of Your salvation."
  1258. (Derek) So it's coming back
  1259. into that intimate relationship
  1260. with a God who loves us how?
  1261. With an immeasurable and unfailing love.
  1262. You know, we cannot fail when we fall
  1263. into the arms of a loving Savior;
    we can't.
  1264. There's one last thought in our study.
  1265. We've just got a couple of minutes left.
  1266. Did you notice, talking about caring
  1267. for the house of God.
  1268. Go back to Nehemiah 10 and verse 39,
  1269. at the end of this renewing
    of the covenant.
  1270. Nehemiah makes this interesting record
  1271. in chapter 10, Nehemiah,
  1272. chapter 10, and verse 39.
  1273. Brittany, would you read
    that verse for us?
  1274. (Brittany) I'll be reading
  1275. from the New King James Version,
  1276. Nehemiah, chapter 10 and verse 39:
  1277. (Derek) Why is that last phrase
    so important?
  1278. Why is it important today, too,
  1279. but let's go back there,
  1280. "We will not neglect
  1281. the house of our God"?
  1282. Why is that important?
  1283. God doesn't need that house, or does He?
  1284. Why is it important that they said,
  1285. "We're not going to neglect
  1286. the house of our God"?
  1287. Short answer, Travis.
  1288. (Travis) Because that was
  1289. the picture of salvation
  1290. of the land that was going to be...
  1291. (Derek) That is telling the story
  1292. about a God who loves us
  1293. with an immeasurable and unfailing love.
  1294. Hyperspace forward to our time.
  1295. What does that mean for us today?
  1296. We'd say, "Okay, we're followers of Jesus,
  1297. preparing for His soon return."
  1298. How many does Jesus
  1299. want to be saved in His Kingdom?
  1300. (Team) All.
  1301. (Derek) "We will not neglect
  1302. the house of our God."
  1303. What does that mean
  1304. for us today? Stephanie?
  1305. (Stephanie) I think it means showing up
  1306. and being presently active.
  1307. (Derek) Okay, so you'd say
  1308. it's very physical, actually going
  1309. and being active in what?
  1310. (Stephanie) In ministry.
  1311. (Derek) In, in...?
  1312. (Stephanie) The ministry of the church.
  1313. (Derek) In the ministry of the church,
    which is what, Harold?
  1314. What is the ministry of the church?
  1315. (Harold) To share the gospel.
  1316. (Derek) That's right, to share
  1317. the good news about a God who loves us
  1318. with an immeasurable and unfailing love.
  1319. Now, back then it took sacrifice, right?
  1320. They brought their tithes;
  1321. they brought their offerings.
  1322. Does it require sacrifice today?
  1323. (Team) Yes!
  1324. (Derek) What kind of sacrifices?
  1325. (Team Member) A living sacrifice.
  1326. (Derek) A living sacrifice
  1327. because, actually, while God
  1328. does want us to return our faithful tithes
  1329. and to honor Him with praise and prayer,
  1330. what He wants more than anything is...?
  1331. (Team) Our hearts.
  1332. (Derek) He wants us,
  1333. that living sacrifice that will love Him
  1334. with all of our hearts
  1335. and will go out and...?
  1336. (Team) Share...
  1337. (Derek) Share the good news
  1338. about a God who loves us
  1339. with an immeasurable and unfailing love.
  1340. What we'll discover
  1341. is that when we do that,
  1342. out of the context
  1343. of an intimate relationship with God,
  1344. what's going to happen
  1345. when we go out to share with people
  1346. about a God who loves them?
  1347. Out of the context
  1348. of a life-changing relationship with God,
  1349. what's going to happen?
  1350. (Team) We'll be changed.
  1351. (Derek) It's going to change lives,
  1352. (Team) Ours.
  1353. (Derek) That's right.
  1354. You know, when God asks us
    to do something,
  1355. it's not just because He
  1356. can't find anybody else.
  1357. He could ask angels,
  1358. but He wants us to experience
  1359. his immeasurable and unfailing love
  1360. as we join Him in His harvest work.
  1361. We will not let it be said of us
  1362. in this last generation,
  1363. we will not neglect the house of our God.
  1364. And that covenant that He initiated,
  1365. that He will put His love
  1366. in our hearts, right,
  1367. His law in our hearts,
  1368. embrace us in an intimate,
    life-changing relationship.
  1369. Do you want that today?
  1370. Every day that's a choice we can make.
  1371. Every day, "Lord, I'm here, open to You."
  1372. Let's pray; Father in Heaven,
  1373. let that be each of our prayers,
  1374. that we may see clearer
  1375. and yet clearer revelations
  1376. of your immeasurable and unfailing love,
  1377. and that through us that love
  1378. would be revealed to those around us.
  1379. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.
  1380. (Team) Amen.
  1381. (Derek) Someone else needs to konw
  1382. that God loves her
  1383. with an immeasurable and unfailing love.
  1384. Someone else, maybe that you work with,
  1385. needs to know that God loves him
  1386. with an immeasurable and unfailing love.
  1387. Take that good news and be a blessing
  1388. to those around you.
  1389. ♪ theme music ♪