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  1. So, what's really great about Pig is that it abstracts
  2. away from the user the actual implementation of how the
  3. calculation is done. So, you can write in a more
  4. abstract language what kinds of operations should be performed to
  5. your data. You can say, for example, join this data
  6. set to this data set, or filter out this data
  7. set, or reduce this data. But you're not telling it
  8. how to do the analysis. And then Pig can decide
  9. the fastest way to do it for you. So instead of having to write
  10. very detailed jobs describing exactly what should
  11. be done, you can just specify in an
  12. abstract sense the calculation that needs to be done, and you can let the
  13. computer do the hard work of figuring out the faster way to do the calculation.