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Best Way To Learn Coding Why Online Courses Are Perfect For Beginners Learning Java & Android


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Now, the truth is that we live in a world overtaken by technology.

Computers, smart phones, laptops, tablets and everything of the kind is ever present in any home, and it’s only logical that this creates a huge demand for coders to code programs that run on those devices

This is why software developers are thriving under current conditions, and this is why these are some of the highest and most sought after jobs in the field.

Java is one of the most commonly demanded coding languages and has a prolific stance in early computer science education.

However, with these skills becoming in more demand, people wonder, "How can I learn to code fast and easily?" or "Where is the best place to learn to code java, android, apps, etc.?"

Information is more available than ever online which is why I believe learning to code online is the best option for teaching yourself programming

I personally taught myself Java basics in 1 month and Android app development in 2 months with a code school called Team Treehouse.

But this article is going to be about why learning to code online is the best way to learn to code.

Here's why I believe so:

You Learn 2x-3x Faster With Video

Whether it is YouTube videos or taking an online course for learning how to code... is a powerful way to learn.

I personally always fast-forward educational videos on YouTube at 2x or 2.5x because I can learn the information I need twice or triple times as fast. (I use this chrome extension for YouTube Videos)

Anyway, most online code schools like Team Treehouse offer their core curriculum in video format which is extremely effective.

This is how I learned Java in 1 month and Android in 2 months with them.

I achieved what takes people twice the half the time.

The button 2nd from the left is what Treehouse videos have, it's a dial to speed up videos up to 3x speed

How did I do this?

I sped up the videos

This doesn't mean skip over the code workshops your online course offers, but it does mean that speeding up video saves time and you learn quicker

Team Treehouse has this feature and most platforms that teach coding (or any type of education) offer a way to speed up their videos.

This is going to allow you to go through the materials a lot faster and acquire the necessary skills far quicker.

Learning to program online is great also because...

(Read the rest on my site...)

____________________________________________________________________ Want to learn java programming basics as a beginner? Learn java online with Java programming beginners where we show you the best online code school to learn code from: Team Treehouse!