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  1. Here are a few prerequisites that will make you maximally successful in
  2. this course if you have them.
  3. The first is programming experience, especially in Python.
  4. We'll be making a lot of use of machine learning libraries that are available to
  5. us in Python.
  6. And so, when we go in and we start to look at the code,
  7. we'll be really zeroing in on the machine learning parts of it and
  8. not particularly the Python programing aspects of it.
  9. So that should be something that you're fairly familiar with already so
  10. that you don't get stuck at, at the programing aspects of this class.
  11. The second thing is that you should have a little bit of
  12. familiarity with statistics.
  13. We mostly assume that when we introduce the statistics concept, we'll,
  14. we'll give you an explanation of it and some intuition.
  15. But if you've taken something like Udacity's descriptive and
  16. inferential statistics, then you'll be right on point to,
  17. to follow along closely with this class.
  18. In addition to that, you should have a wicked sense of curiosity, and
  19. you should be really excited about solving interesting problems and,
  20. and using, getting your hands on really interesting data.