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  1. To talk about electric potential energy, let's imagine a universe
  2. that only has two charges in it and let's say they're both positive.
  3. And the separation between these charges we'll call r.
  4. And what I want to know is when do you think electric potential energy
  5. which I'm using a big U with the subscript E to indicate--when do you think that's highest?
  6. Do you think it's highest when r is big? when it's small? Or maybe it doesn't matter what r is.
  7. Now when you're thinking about this question,
  8. I want you to think okay there's two positive charges. Are they going to attract or repel?
  9. Given whatever that tendency is, if I move them closer
  10. well is there going to be more energy stored in them or less?
  11. Are they going to have more capacity to do work or less?