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  1. Here's a new quiz. The Great Grammar Fix-Up.
  2. It's a puzzle in which I've written a partial context-free grammar on the left with five holes,
  3. and over here on the right, I have five strings that I want to be in the language of the grammar.
  4. What I'd like you to do is fill in each hole with the single word
  5. like s, a, b, c, d lower case letter, that sort of thing, so that this grammar accepts these five strings.
  6. Now, the real challenge here is this partial structure that I've provided.
  7. If I covered this up and said you could write anything you want, it'd be pretty easy,
  8. but instead, you have to use this context that I've already given you and that's the challenge.
  9. The hint is that the naming is sometimes handy, but sometimes, it leads you astray. Be careful.