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Libraries, Access and ASL Literature Part 4: Emily McCully "The Making of "My Heart Glow." The Deaf Community Shares it's not so silent stories


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In this segment, author Emily McCully talks about the writing of the first historical fiction book for children about deaf history, her book "My Heart Glow"
On Sunday, June 27, 2010, in conjunction with the American Library Association Annual Conference, which met in Washington, DC that weekend, the DC Public Library and the District of Columbia Association of the Deaf co-sponsored an afternoon seminar: "Libraries, Access, and ASL Literature: The Deaf Community Shares Our Not-So-Silent Stories." The goal of the seminar was to help librarians create libraries that support the deaf community's efforts to be understood as a cultural and linguistic minority, and to have resources on the shelves that would accurately reflect the deaf community's culture and language.