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  1. todays question comes from seattle washington
  2. scared of clowns wants to say what ranking signals would you
  3. say seo worry about too much?
  4. what ranking signals should SEOs should focus on the most?
  5. and bonus points if you can answer in consise bullets and
  6. without using a word quality.quality
  7. allright.
  8. well, i just said the word quality, so guess i dont
  9. get the bonus points.
  10. but probably the rankisng signal that seos worry about
  11. they shoulkdnt really be worried about is probably
  12. keyword density
  13. you can continyue to see people who are little new to seo
  14. say what should my key word density be ?
  15. and focussing at that level of detail is not as helpful


  16. compared to reading aloud seeing if it makes sence
  17. showing it to people seeing if it makes sence having
  18. naturalcopy doesnt sound articicial or stilted.
  19. that is the sort of thing that i would concentrate on rahter
  20. than my key word density.
  21. what ranking signal should people focus on the most if
  22. theyre an seo?
  23. iwould focus on aparticular ranking signal.
  24. because what you want is to make your site compelling
  25. so you want some service or some reason why peoplwe would
  26. link to you why peoplwe would say that it is good why they
  27. would remember you why they would seek you out
  28. so anseo should make sure that the content is crawlable
  29. you want to have a good url architecture
  30. you want to make sure that the sight can be reached by
  31. clicking on the links
  32. You want to have good titles
  33. you want to make sure that you think about the key words
  34. people will use when they type in what they are looking for
  35. and make sure you have those.
  36. key words on the page somewhere
  37. but i wouldnt focus as much on the actual ranking signals
  38. rather i would concentrate to make some thing.
  39. that s compelling
  40. because that sort of thing thats going to be
  41. really rewarding for user and so is going to be the kind
  42. of thing that we would like to retun in our search results
  43. hope that helps