Language Matters – Polyglot Edition - Nathalie Töpperwien Blom | PGO 2021

Language Matters – Polyglot Edition - Nathalie Töpperwien Blom | PGO 2021

What you say, and what you don’t say – matters! In a changing world it is important to keep changing the language as well, especially if you are learning new languages. The first step is to be aware of pitfalls and then to adapt the way you talk. In this session, we will look into how language is shaped by norms and how this affects the way we talk and write. What is it you have to be cautious about? You will learn a few examples from different languages on how to be more inclusive. There will be time for you to share your own experience and learn from others as well. Welcome to this interactive workshop!

Nathalie Töpperwien Blom holds a B.A. in global studies and has studied both gender studies and normcreativity, and since 2019 holds a certification as a norm engineer. She has more than ten years of experience teaching gender equality, inclusion, rights-based work and anti-discrimination. She always leads her workshops with interactive methods and discussions aiming for lasting change in language, behaviour and attitude.


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