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CSNYC - Papert & Technology-Enabled Project-Based Learning


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Papert & Technology-Enabled Project-Based Learning at CSNYC Education Meetup - May 7 2014 at Meetup HQ.

It's hard to describe Papert in a few sentences: the Logo programming language inventor, pioneer of AI, George R. R. Martin doppelgänger, and husband to many wives (one of which being Sherry Turkle), had interests and influences over many areas of theory, technology and education.

Paulo Blikstein of Stanford put it nicely below:

"If a historian were to draw a line connecting Jean Piaget’s work on developmental psychology to today’s trends in educational technology, the line would simply be labeled “Papert.” And perhaps the most remarkable thing about that line would be the other points it intersects along its course of more than fifty years. Seymour Papert has been at the center of three revolutions: child development, artificial intelligence and computational technologies for education. His storied career could be likened to a series of seismic events that continue to be felt around the world, from fundamental basic research on human and machine cognition to applied research that has touched children around the world. Can anyone envision a school robotics subculture without Papert? Can we imagine the entire field of computational literacy without him? Or for that matter, most of technology-enabled project-based learning?"

View the video to explore the world of Papert and see how some teachers have applied his theories in the classroom.

Eric Allatta - CSNYC Meetup

Keledy Kenkel - Computer Science Teacher, Packer Collegiate Institute
Tracy Rudzitis - Educator & Technology Coordinator @ MS 245
Michael Tempel - President, Logo Foundation
The New York City Foundation for Computer Science Education (CSNYC)

Internet Society New York Chapter -