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  1. CSS in this style.CSS file.
  2. You wont be learning CSS in this class, but
  3. if you want to learn more, check out the link in the instructors notes.
  4. CSS is pretty simple.
  5. As we can see over here, it simply defining the styles of the page.
  6. >> So what about this .jQuery file that you wanted to tell them about?
  7. >> Yeah. jQuery.
  8. It's a powerful and
  9. popular JavaScript library that we'll be using in this class.
  10. At a very high level, it lets us inspect and manipulate the elements in a page.
  11. You won't be learning the ins and outs of jQuery in this class.
  12. But, you'll get an idea of what you can do
  13. with some very basic jQuery functions.
  14. For more information about JQuery, check out the link in the instructor's notes.
  15. >> The things we're doing with JQuery are fairly simple and
  16. can be done Vanilla JavaScript as well,
  17. just like we're doing in the script tag at the bottom of the HTML page.
  18. But we wanted you to gain experience with using third-party libraries.
  19. When appropriate, we will also list the Vanilla JavaScript ways to
  20. do things in the instructor's notes.