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  1. Okay, so here I am on the Twilio signup page. Oh, by the way,
  2. this link, its also available in the instructor notes. Here I will signup for
  3. free. Twilio also wants my phone number,
  4. which I will provide. Now, I'm currently
  5. located in the United States. Make sure
  6. you select the country where you are located.
  7. Then Twilio sends me a verification code on the phone that
  8. I had previously registered, you will get one on your phone
  9. too. I will enter that code in this box here. Okay,
  10. so they're giving me a phone number, I'm not quite sure
  11. I understand that just yet, but I will go ahead and
  12. continue. Alright, it seems like I can do a bunch of
  13. things here with my account, but I'm really looking for my
  14. authorization token. Where is that? Hm? Let me just go to
  15. my account. ha! Here they are. Here's the Account SID, and here in the
  16. Authorization Token. Now, I'm going to copy
  17. and paste both of these into my program.