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  1. One easy way to recover the depth with 3D vision is called Stereo.
  2. Humans use stereo all the time.
  3. We have two eyes--eye 1 and eye 2--
  4. and these eyes have a so-called displacement,
  5. which just means that one eye is further left than the other eye.
  6. We're looking at the scene from slightly different angles.
  7. Humans can actually recover the depth of the scene
  8. in many situations where objects are nearby.
  9. Let's look at this in more detail.
  10. In stereo vision, we're given two cameras--usually both with identical focal length.
  11. Here are the pinholes, and here are the image planes.
  12. An object in the scene is being seen by both cameras.
  13. If I draw the optical axes over there,
  14. which are the axes orthogonal to the image planes that go through the pinholes,
  15. you will see that the projection of this point depends on the displacement,
  16. or the baseline, of the so-called stereo rig.
  17. Clearly, these two images see the point at a different angle,
  18. and it reflects itself by different coordinates
  19. where this point is being projected onto the image plane.
  20. The idea of stereo is to screen objects and use the displacement,
  21. often called "paralax," of those two different projections to estimate
  22. the depth or the range of the object.
  23. Let me just ask a simple quiz about stereo.