Social Rants Can Do Permanent Damage to Your Business

It’s Wednesday and my co-host Ken Herron, Mr. Cool Hunter, is here with me to discuss hot news, hot tips, and social successes and dismal failures.

First up, you will want to know what’s coming for small businesses on Twitter for their new Lead Generation Card feature. Have you heard about Pinterest Rich Pins yet? Well you will want to because suddenly the extra steps required by your viewers to find more information has been solved…and it’s free!

Are you marketing yourself on GooglePlus? If not you are missing a huge and increasingly important site that will help you get found in ways you never imagined.
Plus we will be revisiting and expanding on topics around response time to customer posts, where the young marketing is moving to and why you should care, and tips on updating your business card to be congruent with your social media online presence.

But the hot topic today is about a small business that had the equivalent of a knockdown drag out with a customer – but on social media for the entire world to witness, weigh in on, and judge. Not a pretty outcome. Could your business survive a rant from you?