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  2. Who are you?
  3. Leave memleave me...
  4. Do you've tissues?
    - First settle the issues.
  5. Why did you bring me?
  6. Didn't bring but kidnapped you.
  7. why;
  8. Why do we eat biryani?
  9. For strength!
  10. “flay do we kidnap?
  11. For money!
  12. Unable to get the call through.
  13. Till the man who engaged us
    to kidnap you comes here,
  14. please tell your story
    to pass the time.
  15. I'll tell if you give me phone.
  16. You want phone?
    Don't you want police station address?
  17. Take it.
  18. But don't make any call.
  19. No SMS too.
  20. He came t0 my home 3 months ago...
  21. I thought he loves me.
  22. I eloped with him.
  23. But now he says he came
    for his mother.
  24. For mother?
  25. Have tea.
  26. Tell clearly.
  27. This story started in Milan
    3 months ago...
  28. Where is it?
  29. Italy!
  30. Where is that?
  31. Europe!
  32. Where is that?
  33. Do you want geography of
    the place or my history?
  34. Tell me.
  35. There's a super rich family
    known as Nandas!
  36. There's an old man known as Raghunandan
    in the 11 th floor of that oflice.
  37. Did you love him?
    - I loved his grandson!
  38. Is he rich?
  39. Rs. 1 lakh crates!
  40. One lakh crates?!
  41. How many zeroes?
  42. You'll settle in life
    if I sell his wrist watch, okay?
  43. That's why he's so proud.
  44. Do you remember ISF?
  45. That's investment fund, right?
  46. It holds 7% of shares
    in our company.
  47. A man known as PnveenNflh
    has bought it.
  48. What does he want?
  49. That chair, father!
  50. Tell him to buy spending 60 Euros.
  51. He's buying our shares spending
    1 00 millions.
  52. Threatening, those who refuse to sell.
  53. To tell the truth,
    he's stooping down to hooliganism.
  54. Whatever he may do, our family
    holds 60% shares in this company.
  55. 40% only, father.
    20% belongs to your daughter Sunanda.
  56. She didn't any attend board
    meeting in 25 'years.
  57. Didn't claim ownership.
  58. That's why he started
    buying our shares.
  59. Talk to him.
  60. He owns a yacht,
  61. he lives in it, neither he picks
    calls nor attends meeting.
  62. How do we catch him?
  63. How is he getting our details?
  64. To let in fresh air,
    we open doors, father.
  65. Dust too enters along with it.
  66. Why don't you tell Gautham?
  67. So many of us couldn't do anything,
    what can a lone man do?
  68. Hey, bullet is just half an inch!
  69. But it kills a six foot man!
  70. How would it be if the bullet
    is six foot tall?
  71. My grandson Gautham Nanda
    would be like that!
  72. Raghu, not...
  73. Do you think it's great
    to kidnap me from my boat?
  74. Do you think it's great to buy
    my company's shares clandestinely?
  75. You can get energy if you eat
    the apple on your table.
  76. But if you try to steal
    anothefs apple,
  77. look, you've to be brought
    here by force.
  78. May I ask you a question?
  79. What do you get buying my company?
  80. Happiness.
  81. This is fear!
  82. This is pain!
  83. How would happiness be?
  84. Find it.
  85. Is it in money?
    Is it in clubs with girls?
  86. Or is it in the soap the girls use?
  87. Till you find it,
    don't ever dare look at us.
  88. There's a chance you may find
    happiness if you go searching.
  89. If I kill you,
    no one can find your body too.
  90. Don't playwith mane of lion
    because it is sleeping,
  91. likewise get yourself photographed
    with lion because it's friendly.
  92. Did you ask him,
    what happiness is?
  93. Do you know what my happiness is?
  94. All these chairs must be filled.
  95. With my daughter, son-in-law
    and grand daughters.
  96. This room must get filled
    with their laughter.
  97. Then, my heart would he
    filled with happiness.
  98. In 3 months, I would be 80!
  99. I used to get you a gift for you
    on your every birthday.
  100. Will you get me a gift this time?
  101. Will you bring your aunt here?
  102. Will you get up?
  103. You've been restricted to
    a wheel chair for 2 years now.
  104. Will you get up from it?
  105. You can't get up,
    he too can't bring thern here.
  106. You sent them away,
    why are you shouting on us now?
  107. Yes, I got angry since she married
    against my wishes,
  108. I sent them away,
  109. now I want them back.
  110. You've been thinking about her
    for 25 'years,
  111. did she ever call you at least once?
  112. She's a woman, she'll have pride.
  113. I'm your son, father,
    I too have anger.
  114. We came here leaving motherland
    to make him forget about her.
  115. Where else can i take him
    s0 that she'll leave him alone?
  116. Father. . . father...
  117. Father, like we're facing a problem,
    a village got flooded,
  118. a man started swimming to other hank
    with his wife and children,
  119. unable to carry the weight,
    he dumped his wife,
  120. then dumped his daughter,
  121. lastly he dumped his son too,
  122. he reached the shore alone,
  123. hut all his life, he thought of the
    three people he dumped,
  124. and spent his life in tears.
  125. Whether it is luck 0r not,
    we're still carrying him,
  126. shall we dump him midway?
  127. Or shall we carry the distance with
    difliculty and live happily thereafter?
  128. She won't come, it's your madness,
    she'll not come.
  129. Every year we send clothes,
    jewels and flowers on her birthday,
  130. they come back to us
    withered and crumpled.
  131. He shuts himself in his room
    for l0 days.
  132. Banging his door continuously,
    my hands and heart have become hard.
  133. We don't need her.
  134. No need to think of her.
  135. I got up!
    I'm standing!
  136. Will you bring your aunt here?
  137. In search ofcloud that
    has migrated from
  138. The sky itself is going
    to foreign...
  139. In search of the rain drop
    that fell from the peak...
  140. It has left residence
    to go into exile...
  141. Is he mighty, archer, thunder
    or a demon?
  142. He's a man ofsteel...
  143. He's powerful lightning...
  144. Is he protector or defender or
    is he expert to test fire itself?
  145. A strange war without an enemy...
  146. A wound hurt down deep in heart...
  147. A walking courage...
  148. An epitome of bravery...
  149. A tough heart to take any poison...
  150. He's a six feet bullet...
    He's a rocket fired by courage...
  151. He's the sound ofsilence of
    rays of fire that engulfs the world...
  152. He's the unseen hailstorm
    that lashes the earth...
  153. He's the fury ofrough sea
    hidden inside a conch...
  154. He's Ashoka to overcome sorrows...
  155. I-Ie shows the place of origin to the
    branches that left roots to grow...
  156. I-Ie shows east to the Sun which changes
    direction to set in west...
  157. Is he Ravana or Rama or
    Krishna to win over hearts...
  158. Is he a soldier orworker
    or a man to do impossible...
  159. This is Hyderabad, sir.
  160. Traflic is too bad,
    Goddess Peddamma Talli is famous god.
  161. Sir, she's your aunt Sunanda.
  162. She was thin earlier
    but now little fat and strong.
  163. He's your uncle Rajashekar.
  164. He had curly hair,
    got rich and lost the curls.
  165. They used to have a 3 star hotel,
  166. now they've a 5 star hotel,
    which is running into loses,
  167. your uncle is lawyer in court,
    your aunt is the judge in home,
  168. they have two brothers
    and two wives.
  169. I mean each have one wife.
  170. Tell me about my aunt
    not about useless things.
  171. Without knowing these details,
    how can you plan and take aunt home?
  172. Rama planned to build a bridge
    after reaching sea,
  173. he didn't plan a bridge in forest
    before coming to sea.
  174. I didn't mean like that sir.
    - Will you please keep shut?
  175. Yo: good...
  176. Why not just put a plaster
    to his mouth?
  177. Sorry boss, didn't get that idea.
  178. Did you get hurt, Balu?
    - No problem, sir.
  179. He says no problem,
    what if anyone attacks me?
  180. That's okay, where's uncle's house?
  181. It's in Jubilee Hills,
    but he's no in that bus.
  182. That bus?
  183. He's returning from Chennai.
  184. Where are you going, sir?
    - To follow.
  185. Then?
  186. Did I write any book on
    'I-Iow to bring Aunt home'?
  187. Just do whatever you feel like doing.
  188. Is there anyone to receive us or not?
  189. A new batch is waiting for us, sir.
    - Corrie.- Come.
  190. I want a car urgently.
    - Can"?
  191. Thafs my car!
    - How much?
  192. Is it taxi to ask about fare?
    - Whafs the price?
  193. Rs.70 lakhs!
  194. Give it to him, Ed“.
  195. Whafs this man?
  196. Take American Express cheque
    that's equal to cash.
  197. Would I give car if you pay cash?
  198. Should we give a warning too?
  199. What happened;
  200. I think he's having an heart attack,
    need to take him to hospital immediately.
  201. A small suggestion.
    - What?
  202. He'll die in 5 minutes, after that
    your aunt would become a widow, right?
  203. It's very easy to convince
    a widow and take her home.
  204. Rajarathnarn, I need little time
    to settle your loan.
  205. Would 50 years be enough, madam?
  206. I too have eyes,
    I too can see angrily.
  207. Be on the job.
  208. 'VVhen you sought loan,
    I want lo crores and 25 crores,
  209. you speak very well
    in chaste Telugu,
  210. when I ask you to repay,
    you start speaking in English.
  211. You build this hotel with my money.
  212. Theywant us also to pay bill
    for a coffee here.
  213. They'll not repay the loan.
  214. Madam, your husband is
    in James Hospital.
  215. He had an heart attack.
  216. Am I narrating Benhur film
    as a ballad?
  217. Why am I talking alone?
  218. Jesus! Why should I lend money
    and get hurt?
  219. When good people are hurt, they cry.
  220. When bad people like me are hurt,
    they'll make others cry.
  221. I'll wait for the time she has
    no kerchief and make her cry.
  222. There's much better hospital
    5 kms away from here,
  223. why didn't you take him there?
  224. Cemetery is just 2 kms away only.
  225. Had he delayed by few minutes,
    you'd have gone there.
  226. He brought him here at right time.
  227. I expected she would
    thank you profoundly,
  228. but why is she holding collar
    and scolding you?
  229. If she's a person to pause
    for a moment and think,
  230. why would we come this far, Balu?
  231. How are you now?
  232. The man who brought me here...
  233. Madam!
  234. Tell driver to bring
    my briefcase from car.
  235. Give a lakh to that man.
    - Okay madam.
  236. You gave up billions to live with me.
  237. But the man who is responsible
    for my living now,
  238. can money equate it, Nandu?
  239. Hello, madam is calling you.
  240. Keep the phone on, you'd know
    what I'm talking to them inside.
  241. Don't be sleepy, be alert.
    - Okay sir.
  242. Your name?
  243. SiddharthmSiddu!
  244. What do you do?
  245. Call the ambulance driver.
  246. Driver, sir.
  247. Whafs a driver doing in airport?
  248. That is...
    - My fiancfi is in Dubai.
  249. I was working in Dubai,
    just now came to India.
  250. Did you come for short period
    or for good?
  251. Actually, there was a fire
    accident in the place I work,
  252. actually I saved my boss Sheikh,
    his wife and kids.
  253. If you save anyone,
    you must get a raise in pay,
  254. why would anyone fire you?
  255. Actually according to Dubai rules,
    since I saw their women,
  256. they said sorry and sent me away
    spending as much money as possible.
  257. firing me as their driver
    and send me away.
  258. Without bothering about money,
    send the driver away.
  259. “flay are you telling this
    so many times?
  260. To make us understand.
  261. If you deliver this suitcase,
    what would you get?
  262. What else? I‘ll get salary this month
    also as I get every month.
  263. H you give it to us,
    you“ get a 70 hkhwoflh c“.
  264. why are you thinking!?
  265. You're talking
    but not giving the keys.
  266. Take it.
  267. Take it.
  268. Why did you bring it?
    What happened to the driver?
  269. He left the job.
    - Why?
  270. He said he would buy a 70 lakh car
    but not work for you.
  271. By the way, who are you?
    - Patient of that bed.
  272. Sir, you can‘t have children anymore.
    - I know.
  273. I think he left the job for you.
  274. If you don't have any objection,
    you can join us as driver.
  275. I'm in difiiculties losing my job,
    why would I've any objections, sir?
  276. Ifyou're in difiiculties,
    it's like Arnbani is begging.
  277. Appointing him without knowing
    his credentials...
  278. You're damn lucky!
    Whafs your salary expectation?
  279. To pay him, your entire family
    must rob a bank.
  280. Day after tomorrow is
    auspicious day, join the duty.
  281. Okay sir.
    - Come.
  282. Bye, Sir.
  283. Like waves of fragrance of
    millions of flower filling the air...
  284. He moved like breeze with smile...
  285. To move stones with the
    wetness ofwannth...
  286. He came down like the
    benevolent rain God...
  287. He's sky, a never ending void...
  288. Melting clouds are his domain...
  289. He's the one who burns
    down the differences...
  290. His eyes are illuminating the world...
  291. Protecting relationships
    and lives are his forte...
  292. “flay are you watching so intently?
  293. They dance for us, right?
    - Is it?
  294. Bend your headmbend!
  295. I'll pluck out your eyes.
  296. Ifyou're so possessive,
    don't have daughters.
  297. If you do, then don't teach
    them to dance.
  298. If they show it is glamour,
    if we see it's vulgar.
  299. People are taking our lives.
    - Am I?
  300. Whafs this?
  301. This is a home with girls,
    why are you taking so much liberty?
  302. Be careful.
  303. You chide “kc this and get he:
    married to some sadist Rom “T .
  304. He'll use all his intelligence
    to torture them.
  305. You'll know then.
  306. Who is he?
    - He‘s...
  307. Why are you shaking hands with driver?
    Leave her hand.
  308. You come, madam.
  309. Your dance very nicely.
  310. Your eye brows were like
    reverse Nike symbol,
  311. you moved it fantastically
    up and down!
  312. Are you really a driver?
  313. I'm...
    - He's returned from Dubai, come sir.
  314. You go.
    - This way. . . this way...
  315. Enough of seeing her.
  316. I'm telling you,
    9 to 5 is your duty hours,
  317. Saturdays and Sundays are holidays,
  318. no holidays for festivals
    and no bonus too.
  319. When madam presses this bell twice,
    you must come immediately.
  320. If she presses the third time?
    - Another driver will come in your place.
  321. Can't you see a man falling down?
  322. Why should you shake hands
    with a driver?
  323. You...
  324. You won't long last.
  325. Really? Let me see!
  326. Who is he?
    - New driver.
  327. Is it you who took my brother
    to hospital?
  328. He doesn't look like a driver.
    - Use him for household work too.
  329. Whafs the priest doing here?
  330. Women have taken a vow to offer
    prayer if brother comes home safely.
  331. Give the list to me.
  332. Incense sticks?
    - Got it.
  333. Flowers?
    - Keeping it there.
  334. Camphor?
    - Got a kilo!
  335. Betel leaves?
    - Ready.
  336. Coconuts?
    - In store room.
  337. “flay are you looking at me?
    Am I so handsome?
  338. No...he said coconuts are
    in room, get it.
  339. “flay are you looking perplexed?
    Didn't get me?
  340. “flay are you still here?
  341. Oil, nine grains, flower garlands,
    well made list.
  342. Don't know whatever I eat
    gets stocked here!
  343. What happened;
  344. Who is he?
    How could he enter my room?
  345. Who asked you to enter her room?
  346. You told me to get coconuts
    from upstairs...
  347. Coconuts are in store room.
  348. He pointed the finger up...
  349. Pointed up ?
    Will you go wherever I point?
  350. I would show up for god,
    will you go up there also?
  351. Why are you making it a big issue?
  352. Shameless girl!
  353. He made the mistake,
    why should I be ashamed?
  354. Why did you do like that?
    You appear to be a good man.
  355. I didn't know putting zip is
    such a grave mistake, madam.
  356. If I hurt you so much...
    I can correct it immediately.
  357. How;
    _ How?
  358. Like this!
  359. Will you zip up and
    down madam's dress?
  360. Is she a mannequin in shop?
  361. What happened?
    - What am I to tell sir?
  362. Your second daughter Sashi's dress,
    he zipped and unzipped...
  363. I can't tell that, sir.
  364. He doesn’t know
    where the coconuts are?
  365. He knows where my heart is, right?
  366. There are girls in this house,
    how could you behave like this?
  367. Remove him.
    - Whafs this trouble in prayers?
  368. Thafs it, sir.
  369. Whatever you may think,
    he‘s not right for this home.
  370. She's the one to decide
    what's right or wrong to this home.
  371. Fill up the tank.
  372. It's like bringing home a snake.
  373. What can we do?
  374. You are")
    - Nurse!
  375. Nurse?
  376. I expected a lady as nurse.
  377. Ladies are becoming expecting mothers,
    so I'm here.
  378. Are you disappointed?
    - No, nothing like that.
  379. It's like a heroine taking bath in oil
    and coming out without wiping it.
  380. Use olive oil.
  381. For lunch make omelettes
    with egg whites only.
  382. Add milk with spinach,
    it's good for heart.
  383. Okay, what should I cook for you?
  384. That list was for me.
  385. How would I know what patienfs
    requirement is?
  386. Please ask him.
  387. Why are you giving pose like Pedarayudu?
  388. Do you consider yourself
    a big business magnate?
  389. Why are you acting like a billionaire?
  390. Why is he silent?
  391. You don't have the
    body language of a driver.
  392. Do you know that?
  393. Drivers used caps like this
    in 1960's, sir.
  394. In 1980's caps disappeared.
  395. Now they put caps on owners
    and drive the cars.
  396. Are they item girls to show bodies?
  397. Where's the body language?
  398. I've planned that too, sir.
  399. NTR as driver in film 'Taxi Rarnudu'!
  400. Get in...
  401. I'll tell you the story on the way, come...
  402. ANR in the film ‘Donga Ramudu’.
  403. Drop the kids in school.
  404. Driver is new, show him the way.
  405. Who will pay the taxi fare?
    Would your father pay?
  406. You're a driver,
    show some respect.
  407. Who is he?
  408. He's Chiranjeevi.
    - He's doing it very well.
  409. He's not acting anymore, sir.
    - Why?
  410. His son is acting now.
  411. What are you doing then?
  412. I'll mix all this and fix it.
  413. You get me ice pack.
  414. Any progress in aunt's matter, sir
  415. Very good.
  416. If my uncle comes home drunk
    every night and beats her,
  417. she would cry for leaving her family,
  418. but the matter here isn't that,
  419. they've made her sit on
    a golden throne!
  420. Bloody progress!
  421. Whywould aunt or uncle come
    if you act like driver or cleaner?
  422. They won't come.
  423. Do you've any idea?
  424. Don't criticize without an alternative.
  425. They'll get angfl"
  426. My uncle isn't keeping good health,
  427. if he knows the reason of
    my coming here,
  428. won't he kick the bucket in shock?
  429. I'm sure he would.
  430. Is my relationship with aunt any good?
    It's worse!
  431. Won't she throw me out
    if I tell her?
  432. She'll surely.
  433. I must tell her at
    an opportune time, right?
  434. You must tell at right time.
  435. To tell her, I must he in
    their home, right?
  436. You must, sir.
  437. To stay there, other than as driver,
    what else can I do?
  438. Nobody can do anything,
    you've to be a driver.
  439. Tell that to him.
  440. There's no truth in it.
  441. I swear sir.
  442. There's no feeling in your praise.
    - How can it be, sir?
  443. Only fear rules in
    situations like this, sir.
  444. If you pass comments on people
    who pay you salaries,
  445. your live will turn
    upside down, bloody idiot!
  446. Got it?
    - Got it, sir.
  447. Get the fool down.
  448. I'm like a knife, i can cut
    vegetables as well as necks.
  449. I don't have emotions, only duty!
  450. This dialogue isn't matching
    this scene, sir.
  451. Does Mephistopheles beard suit you?
  452. Are we not tolerating it?
    Shut your gob and listen.
  453. Sir, this is your daughter's
    Harvard application form.
  454. These are bank account
    statement details.
  455. This is scholarship form.
  456. I need lo latest photos of
    your daughter, sir.
  457. Is it okay to give like this, father?
  458. Why are you getting tensed?
  459. I didn't commit any murder.
    Iust got married. That's all!
  460. Father, he's Shekar,
    he did blaster of Law.
  461. He said he would die
    if I don't marry him.
  462. I threatened him that
    you would die if you marry me.
  463. He didn't get scared.
  464. He asked I'm an ordinary advocate,
  465. would your rich family accept
    me as their son-in-law?
  466. I told him my father too came
    from ordinary family.
  467. My father loves me dearly.
  468. I told him my father wouldn't
    say no to me.
  469. He would watch like fool
    whatever I do,
  470. I don't give him a damn,
  471. if you want, see it,
    did you marry to show him this?
  472. Father, that is...
  473. I hugged you when you cried,
  474. but if you go against,
    I'll rip you apart.
  475. Just got married...
    just got married?
  476. I'm planning to send you to Harvard.
  477. Why did you make me stand here?
  478. I wanted to make you sit next
    to me in board meetings.
  479. But you tonsured my head cleanly.
  480. I'm conducting a sacrifice
    for your well being,
  481. and you're taking my life here.
  482. Father!
  483. Who is your father?
  484. I hoped you wouldn't say a word
    if I married him.
  485. If you really had trust on me,
    you shouldn't have come after marriage,
  486. you shoulcfve come to me
    with him before that,
  487. you shoulcfve sought my permission,
  488. I'll not accept,
    you must make a plea,
  489. it'll take a year,
    2...nlay take 4 or 5 'years also.
  490. You must wait till then,
    and then marry him.
  491. That's what you shoulcfve done
    if you really had trust on me.
  492. Didn‘t you find anyone
    better than him?
  493. He can‘t even be an assistant
    to a junior lawyer in my oflice.
  494. Father, look from my side.
  495. I can see future with him,
    I can see a family!
  496. I can see your ruination!
  497. Why don't you please listen
    to her, Raghu?
  498. I-Ie too is advising me
    because of you.
  499. Go!
  500. Go,,,go...go away!
  501. What are you looking at? G0 away!
  502. Go!
  503. Go!
  504. I wanted to you to share my wealth
    equally with my son,
  505. you removed me like a speck of dust,
  506. Whafs this, father?
    - Stop it.
  507. I mustn't hear her footsteps
    in this house.
  508. I mustn't see her smile
    on these walls.
  509. Nothing she likes or her clothes,
  510. her connection with this family,
  511. her right to he heir of this family,
  512. her blood relationship
    with this family,
  513. nothing must remain!
  514. Remove it!
  515. Sir, dust!
    - No problem, Balu.
  516. Looks like that male nurse has seen it,
    what am I to tell him?
  517. Let's tell him the truth.
  518. He would understand it.
    Whafs in it?
  519. I can understand Telugu
    very well, tell me.
  520. Nothing, I'm not a driver
    but Sunandds nephew,
  521. we own many steel factories in Spain,
  522. I'm here to convince my aunt and
    take her to my grandfather.
  523. You like her elder daughter Premila,
  524. if she says yes,
    you'd marry her too, right?
  525. Am I right?
  526. Thafs it.
    - How could you?
  527. Because I'm also a billionaire like you.
  528. I sell plastics in France.
  529. I've joined as nurse there to marry
    their younger daughter Sashi.
  530. Wow! What a coincidence!
    - What?
  531. I mean coincidence!
  532. That's why steel and plastic
    have mixed so well.
  533. I'll beat you with slippers.
  534. You'd have missed your bus,
    he would've given you lift,
  535. door would've got stuck,
    he would've opened it for you,
  536. seeing dust on your pant,
    he would've dusted it.
  537. For that why to lie about steel factories
    in Spain and Sunandds relative.
  538. I'll get angfy”
  539. I'm telling you,
    you own this car,
  540. you're their driver,
  541. what I say is final!
  542. Why are you dressed like
    marriage band?
  543. Change it,
    I'm getting irritated.
  544. Why did he brush it off
    as marriage band?
  545. Did you get it now? The world never
    believes if you tell the truth.
  546. Be brave, I'll go to work.
    - Okay sir.
  547. Sorry, it happened unwittingly.
  548. Actually Murthy, accountant Murthy,
    he guided me wrongly,
  549. it happened like that,
  550. I'm really sorry.
  551. You?
  552. Siddu, your driver.
  553. Look Siddu!
  554. If that chair hurts my leg,
  555. taking a photo of the chair,
    keeping it in my bedroom,
  556. would I decide to take
    revenge on it?
  557. Why would we get angry on chairs?
  558. Is
    lit it?
  559. You too are like that to me.
  560. “flay would I get into trouble with
    chairs, sofas, drivers and servants?
  561. Go...go, mind your business.
  562. Aunty, geyser isn't working.
    - I know.
  563. why;
  564. No power.
  565. I want hot water.
  566. I'm in bath towel, send it up.
  567. I'm working, I can't come now.
  568. I'll not accept if you don't bring it.
  569. Your husband will get it for you.
  570. If I had husband,
    he'll not only bring water,
  571. he would apply soap to me also.
  572. Send it up!
  573. Why did you come here?
  574. Bucket was lying downstairs.
  575. Ifso, would you bring it?
  576. They told me to do any job
    on joining day, right?
  577. Thafs why!
  578. Would you murder if asked to?
  579. What can be more comfortable
    than murdering in a lawyefls home?
  580. Aren't you ashamed to enter
    a lady's bathroom?
  581. Look at that bulb!
    How it is ogling at you!
  582. Would you stop taking bath
    because that bulb is seeing?
  583. Bulbs, insects and drivers like me,
  584. you mustn't bother about them,
  585. without bothering about them,
    take a good bath.
  586. I'll wait here only, if you want
    I'll get another bucket.
  587. Are you daring to take on me?
  588. I'll get you thrown out
    from here in a week.
  589. Many make great effort to make
    others laugh with their jokes,
  590. but when you get angry,
    you make me laugh out loud!
  591. Are you making me laughing stock?
  592. I'm not afraid, I'll take bath.
  593. But I don't see men taking bath.
  594. How could you get a heart attack?
  595. You take good care ofyourself.
  596. What happened really?
  597. That day after I had lunch,
    I was feeling little uneasy,
  598. moreover flight journey,
  599. feeling chest pain, I thought
    it could he gastric trouble,
  600. after getting down,
    I had Eno salt,
  601. when I was driving, there was
    a severe pain in my left hand,
  602. I understood,
  603. I felt I'm finished,
  604. I wanted to open the door,
    I wanted to open the lock but...
  605. I felt if someone had come
    to my help.
  606. But I couldn't do anything.
  607. Then, he came at the right moment.
  608. Breaking the window and taking to
    hospital is like a dream to me,
  609. my wife, my children,
  610. my brothers,
  611. their children,
  612. all are very young,
  613. not one of them is married,
  614. only that was in my mind,
  615. strength of a thread is
    known only when it snaps,
  616. value of relationships are
    realised only when we leave,
  617. it's true,
  618. not just for me,
    he came for my entire family,
  619. What else can I tell other than this?
  620. Had my mother been alive,
    she would've built a temple for you.
  621. What would your family have
    done in this situation?
  622. I don't have anyone,
    they're all dead and gone.
  623. If you go out,
    get me two cigarettes.
  624. Buy few beedies too.
  625. What?
    - Buy beedies, don't feel shy.
  626. Beedies?
  627. You too get cigarettes.
  628. Why are you beating me?
    - Should I get you cigarettes?
  629. D o you know with whom
    you're talking to?
  630. You're not worth even
    to wipe my shoes.
  631. Should I get you cigarettes?
    Comemcome out!
  632. Comemcome...
    - I asked you fiiendly.
  633. Please listen to me.
  634. Did you see that coffee shop?
    - I've seen it.
  635. Did you see it yesterday?
    - No.
  636. I don't know what coffee I would've,
    American, filter or anything.
  637. It was opened for my sake only.
    - Is it?
  638. For me only!
  639. How dare you ask me to
    get cigarettes!
  640. Will you buy beedies for me?
  641. Come here.
  642. Did you see that shop here yesterday?
  643. No!
  644. If they ask for vegetables or coconuts,
    I don't know to shop,
  645. so this shop is being run
    for me only.
  646. They'll keep everything
    packed and ready.
  647. What did you ask me to do get now?
    Buy cigarettes for you.
  648. If I get cigarettes for you,
    will you gift beedies to me?
  649. Come here,
    did you cans in his hands?
  650. Did you see?
  651. One has diesel and
    another has petrol,
  652. I don't know what to fill
    in which car,
  653. when I apply the brake,
    they'll come and fill it up,
  654. they'll fill up the tank,
    what did you ask me?
  655. Should I buy cigarettes for you?
  656. So many are working for me
    to keep me a driver,
  657. are you telling me to work for you?
  658. Already they say we're dead.
    - Is it?
  659. How would an extra large sixed
    man feel in small size?
  660. I don't know.
    - Show him.
  661. Why is coming behind me?
    Whafs he going to do?
  662. I'm getting suffocated!
  663. I'm also feeling the same.
  664. Should I buy you cigarettes?
  665. Why are you heating him, sir?
    Ask them to heat him.
  666. Sorry, sir!
    I thought you were joking.
  667. Are you my brother-in-law to joke?
    - No sir.
  668. Compared to my earlier days,
    I'm cooler now, right?
  669. You're much better compared
    to early, sir.
  670. You've calmed down.
  671. Right, I too noticed it.
  672. Pay and send him.
  673. Give it all.
  674. Sir, Rs. 10 lakhs,
    he can't handle it.
  675. Whafs the number, brother?
  676. You were right, Balu.
    He can‘t handle too much money.
  677. Ifanyone give Rs. 10 lakhs,
    break it open and take it,
  678. why are you asking the number?
  679. Hey, luck is knocking your door!
  680. But bad luck is firmly locked
    inside your home.
  681. So, manage with this Rs. 1000 for now.
  682. Eniov!
    _ Enjoy?
  683. Bye...bye---
  684. I don't want, mummy.
  685. Where are you going?
  686. I told you about Wednesday party, right?
  687. The line mustn't be seen.
  688. can I wipe it, mummy?
  689. I'll kill you.
  690. If I mean shouldn't seen,
    wear a dress covering it.
  691. Go!
  692. Go!
  693. Playing fool with me.
  694. Siddu, we need to go out.
  695. Where to?
  696. Oh my God! Are you going to a party?
    - Yes.
  697. But you promised to go by evening.
  698. Mother asked us to change the dress.
    We got late.
  699. I've been waiting here for you
    since long time.
  700. Madam, if you don't mind,
    can I say something?
  701. I'm finding it diflicult to hold it.
  702. You're going to a partywith
    such long dresses,
  703. what a traditional family yours is!
  704. We can hardly find anyone like this.
  705. I'm really very proud, madam.
  706. To get associated with your family,
  707. it's the good deeds of my early life to
    get associated with a family like yours.
  708. See on the left side!
  709. Mother goes regularly that side
    to reach her club.
  710. Is it, madam?
  711. Look on the right side...
  712. Look at that coffee shop...
  713. Sister loves to have coffee there only.
  714. That's on my daddy's oflice route.
    - Yes madam.
  715. If you go that side,
    we'll reach our hotel.
  716. This too.
  717. Can you the building on left side?
    I learn to play piano there.
  718. Did you change dress while
    telling me address?
  719. Are you disappointed in missing it?
  720. Why are you inciting him?
  721. Siddu, have your dinner
    and wait for us.
  722. Go...go...
  723. Whom do you want?
  724. Sashi...s0mewhere here only...
  725. I'm Sashi!
  726. Poor man may be here for us.
  727. He won't come in the way
    unless he gets ragged.
  728. The Sashi I'm searching will
    be half of you.
  729. Am I so fat?
  730. I was saying about height.
  731. How am I?
  732. Very good.
  733. You're beautiful too.
  734. You're sexy too.
  735. Whafs your name?
  736. Did we meet before?
  737. No. . . never. . .
    Promise, this is the first time.
  738. Why are you man handling me?
  739. What are you having?
  740. Whafs this?
  741. Have you stopped having plain water?
  742. Oh my God!
  743. Oh my God! What a boy!
  744. He has filled my heart without
    leaving a millimeter place...
  745. Like a terrorist with dagger like eyes...
  746. Like a sorcerer with
    hypnotic eyes...
  747. He's troubling me. . .
    catch him. . . catch him...
  748. Sing whatever you can mouth...
  749. Dance whatever your body can...
  750. Drink whatever your hands lay on...
  751. World is a swing,
    swing to your heart...
  752. Let's rock it!
  753. Let's have the fun!
  754. Come O girl...
  755. Let's rock it...
  756. Are Tatas and Birlas greater than us?
  757. I'm like the filament in Edison's bulb...
  758. Your mere touch can switch me on...
  759. I'm silent fire like microwave...
  760. If you give me your heart,
    I'll show you my talent...
  761. Hey boy! Are you a clone of love code?
  762. Hey girl, so much following
    for just one look...
  763. My name is Margareta,
    Iwas born like a mocktail...
  764. Steal my beauty with your eyes...
  765. Youth is a garden of flower
    without a watchman...
  766. If you invite,
    I'll land like a dragon fly...
  767. Hey boy, should we invite you?
  768. Hey girl, don't you want me
    to enter the arena?
  769. My red dupatta is flying in wind...
  770. My red dupatta is waving in air...
  771. What?
  772. Why did you stop us?
  773. I'm off duty now, right?
  774. Start the car.
    Have you gone mad?
  775. Have you gone mad?
  776. Who would be madder than you?
  777. Do you feel you're a great beauty?
  778. Here comes Queen Victoria!
  779. While creating Lord Brahma took
    lunch hreak and left you half done.
  780. That's why you're so...
  781. Premila madam, please come here.
  782. Look how docile she is.
  783. Look at her patience.
  784. That cuteness.
  785. Look at those big eyes!
  786. Any man would love to fall
    into it and take a swim.
  787. Don't look down,
    fans like me would get hurt.
  788. “flay are you feeling so shy?
  789. He's scolding me.
    - He's not beating, be happy for it.
  790. Be IIQPPY‘
  791. Moreover he's drunk.
  792. Indeed.
  793. Give the keys.
  794. You're off the duty, right?
    Give the keys.
  795. I'll get you fired from job.
  796. Oh mother!
  797. Ifi lose my job, how would
    I eat food and take bath?
  798. I'm really scared, mother.
  799. Ifhalfbuilt house like you
    is so proud,
  800. I'm tall like a seven story building,
    how proud should I be?
  801. What do you say, onlookers?
  802. Hey Sashi, sute of the house!
  803. She's crying!
  804. Start the car, for my sake.
  805. Not just car,
    I can take her life for you.
  806. Come.
  807. What do you feel on seeing
    the eldest girl?
  808. I feel the dress is too short.
  809. I feel she would become
    our madam in short cut.
  810. You mean they...
  811. only madam.
  812. Do you remember
    what you said last night?
  813. It wasn't me, madam.
  814. I'll tell my mother
    about last night's incident.
  815. Not only this, you'll lose job
    and roam on streets.
  816. Please madam, don't hit my livelihood.
  817. I‘ve only one job,
    I don't have money also.
  818. Mother!
  819. Don't hit the livelihood
    of a worker, madam.
  820. Don't hit his livelihood,
    it's wrong, madam.
  821. Mother, last night Siddu
    created a big scene.
  822. Call him.
  823. Mummy is calling you.
  824. Take out the car, need to go out.
  825. Bye madam.
  826. I though hotel owner means
    very old woman.
  827. She's very Young'
  828. Those who took loan are young
    but lender is getting old.
  829. I'm not refusing to repay the loan.
  830. How will you repay it?
  831. I'm discussing a deal with
    a software company,
  832. if deal is okay,
    for next 3 years We'll 40% occupancy.
  833. That“ not mateflafise, madam.
  834. Simple, your hotel would
    raided tomorrow,
  835. we'll catch few call girls,
  836. company would tear the
    contract and walk out.
  837. Don't unnecessarily go against ego.
  838. Look at my face,
    do I look like a egoistic man?
  839. If I remove my beard,
    I'll be like Arnul baby.
  840. She need not repay me,
    I'll pay 25 extra,
  841. tell her to give the hotel to me.
  842. Am I asking too much?
  843. Never heard any better deal
    than this in my life.
  844. H you're adamant “kc this,
    my man is short (angered.
  845. Unnecessarily in angry mood
    he may harm your husband.
  846. Whywould I not get angry?
  847. When I eat salt and spice!
    I‘ll get angry.
  848. I'll do something,
    I'll cut something.
  849. Cutting this or s0me0ne's neck
    aren't much different.
  850. That will move when I cut
    and this will not.
  851. Thafs the only difference.
  852. Go to road number l2!
  853. What y0u‘re doing wrong, sir?
  854. Keep your hands on heart and think.
  855. I'll never keep hands on heart
    except while sleeping.
  856. Who are you man?
  857. Me? I'm a driver.
  858. Why are you discussing with a driver?
    Throw him out.
  859. When an ACP is here,
    how dare you beat my men!
  860. I'll kill you!
    Are you a goon?
  861. You mad man!
    Have I entered any exhibition?
  862. To see around.
  863. One who fears will shout
    and brave will bear it.
  864. No need to tell which category
    you belong to.
  865. Are you a great man
    if you beat four men?
  866. I'm old city Parameshwar!
  867. Every Sunday I play card game
    with Home Minister.
  868. State or central?
  869. Call him.
  870. He told you his name, right? Call him.
  871. What? What’s that built up?
  872. Who that man is in halfsuit?
  873. Who are you calling now?
  874. Will you settle things on phone?
  875. Should we accept your
    phone settlement?
  876. I've gray my hair,
    I'm using dye.
  877. You'll get the call.
  878. Who is it, brother?
  879. What happened, brother?
  880. Down your gun!
  881. I don't have any connection
    with him, sir.
  882. They invited me for marriage and
    offered chicken, so I came.
  883. Chicken isn't tasty too.
  884. What happened, brother?
  885. Asking me, what had happened?
  886. I'm finished.
  887. Before calling me for any settlement,
  888. know the back ground of
    people you're facing!
  889. Call from central Home Minister.
  890. Gave me a lesson on phone.
    He wants me in Delhi by tomorrow.
  891. Are you watching any film?
  892. You'll die man!
    He's dinosaur, run away!
  893. Sir, am I still in the post
    or dismissed?
  894. You come here, sir.
    I'll find and tell you.
  895. If you give loan, should they’ve
    to sell their hotel to you?
  896. If not will you kill them?
  897. If they sell, buy it,
    that's business.
  898. Don't try to usurp it.
    It's grabbing!
  899. I'm here to protect her.
  900. Who is there to save you from me?
  901. Sir, he may die in fear.
  902. My anger isn't easing,
    what am I to do?
  903. Come here.
  904. Hey you!
  905. Where's my hand and
    where your cheek is?
  906. I'll not beat you this time.
  907. If the torn agreement doesn't
    reach her hands in 30 minutes.
  908. Lord Jesus! Please don't finish
    that sentence.
  909. I'll not give you that opportunity.
  910. Trust me.
  911. Do YOIFVe paper and pen?
  912. To respectable sister Sunanda,
  913. madam, you're like a sister to me!
  914. Madam, you're like a sister to me.
  915. It was my mistake to behave
    like that with you.
  916. Here's the agreement you singed.
    I'm giving it back to you.
  917. If you need any help in future,
    I'll do it as your brother.
  918. Forwhatever had happened...
    - I'm ashamed of.
  919. What do you say for forgive
    in Telugu?
  920. Please forgive me, madam.
  921. What happened;
  922. An hour ago, Satan took over me, madam.
  923. I wanted your hotel.
  924. Now Jesus is in my heart!
  925. I'm returning it to you.
  926. Why did you change dramatically?
  927. When I got her to sign by force,
    nobody asked me why?
  928. Now I'm reformed and returning it,
    why are you asking so many questions?
  929. Yes, no need of details
    when rogues reform.
  930. Not that...
    - Madam!
  931. There's a great power behind you, madam.
  932. Till that is with you,
    nobody can dare touch you, madam.
  933. Lord Jesus!
  934. “flay was he looking
    at you only, Siddu?
  935. Nothing like that.
  936. He did!
  937. Keep quiet, don't say like that.
  938. I'm sacred, Premila.
  939. There's something magical in you!
  940. Anyone would fall for it.
  941. She rolled her eyes like top...
    She rolled her curls...
  942. She made me roll over her sexy waist...
  943. Oh God! She's Bapu's girl...
    Oh my God,
    she's a jasmine twig...
  944. She took the colour from rubber bangles...
  945. She applied red colour
    on her cheeks...
  946. She flew me like a kite
    with her ribbon...
  947. Oh God, is her sight gum?
  948. Oh God, she's an enchantress...
  949. She felled me with her rosy lips...
  950. She won over me waging a war
    without swords...
  951. She danced on my heart...
  952. Watching her dance steps,
    I lost my sleep...
  953. Humming a song while drying
    clothes on the terrace...
  954. She sang a song to
    squeeze my heart out...
  955. While serving me with
    a glass ofcoifee...
  956. Touching me with her gentle body...
  957. She electrified me with inciting desires
    with the live wire ofpassion...
  958. She seasoned me like they do
    while cooking vegetables...
  959. Wherever she looks,
    it appears like she's seeing me...
  960. She stitched into my heart the thread
    used for making flower garland...
  961. She imprisoned me with sari end...
  962. She says hello early morning...
  963. She invades my dreams as night falls...
  964. All her memories haunt
    as far as she goes away...
  965. She gently pushed into some
    magical world. . .
  966. She locked the door
    and lost the keys...
  967. She carried my heart
    to the clouds...
  968. Without making noise,
    she took away the ladder...
  969. She took my heart in her hand
    and closed the fist...
  970. The wind of her beauty raised me
    back into life again...
  971. She imprinted many a sweet
    nothings with her thoughts...
  972. She put goggles of love to my eyes...
  973. Princess ofKosala, a beautiful girl
    who raked up desires in me...
  974. She made me a garland of beads
    and wore it around her neck...
  975. Don't tell my mother
    about eating ice cream.
  976. She fears I may put on weight.
  977. I don't like smoking.
  978. Come closer, I'll tell you a story.
  979. Two thieves from Stuartpuram
    went to steal a home,
  980. both of them faced each other,
  981. if anyone of them shouts,
    inmates would wake up,
  982. they'll thrash them,
  983. so both of them cleverly
    did one thing,
  984. both shared equally the booty,
  985. and went away as they came.
  986. Whafs the moral of the story dear?
  987. When you have an ice cream,
    I'll close my eyes,
  988. when I smoke cigarette,
    close your nose.
  989. Mind your business.
  990. If you want, take it.
  991. Do you know them, Prernila?
  992. Why are you beating up
    while talking to her?
  993. What were you talking to her?
  994. Her ear rings were nice,
    inquiring about where she bought it..
  995. Mummy bought it.
  996. Who are you calling?
    - Her mummy.
  997. To know where she bought it.
    - No need.
  998. No Q
  999. When you don't need it,
    why were you asking silly things?
  1000. There's a rule to tell lies too.
  1001. At least one of the gang appears
    like buying an earring.
  1002. Everyone appears like a thiefl
  1003. He may get hurt, Siddu!
  1004. Mad Premila!
    What are you saying?
  1005. I hit to hurt them, right?
  1006. That's why people have names.
  1007. Instead ofrings and bangles,
    buy something useful to men.
  1008. Am I right, Premila?
  1009. Look after him!
  1010. Rajesh, get the bike.
  1011. What are you looking around?
    Sister must be with me in 5 minutes.
  1012. Still got 2 more minutes
    in the time you gave me,
  1013. Get your sister, go.
  1014. He's near her.
  1015. He doesn't have courage
    to kill anyone,
  1016. he doesn't have commitment
    to die too.
  1017. Get her!
  1018. Go.
  1019. Who are they?
    - I don't know, father.
  1020. Can you recognise them?
    - No.
  1021. “flay didn't you go to police?
  1022. We mustn't leave such incidents simply.
  1023. It's time for wedding invitations
    not court summons.
  1024. Well said.
  1025. We mustn't go public over such issues.
  1026. We must cover such incidents
    under the carpet.
  1027. Don't arrange felicitations
    for Siddu on saving her.
  1028. By the way, what happened to Siddu?
  1029. He beat them, how can he get hurt?
  1030. He may have heat them,
    he brought you home safely.
  1031. Call Dr.Navin here.
    - Okay, brother.
  1032. When he was angry,
    my father used to do just like this.
  1033. My brother used to tease me
    that I too have the same habit.
  1034. When I left home,
    he had a son of this height.
  1035. He was very intelligent.
  1036. When I say fill the tank,
    any driver would ask for money,
  1037. he won't leave with the keys,
  1038. he doesn't know that,
  1039. I and your father grew up
    together for 22 years,
  1040. I can see him in you,
  1041. when you speak,
    I can hear your grandfather,
  1042. can't I recognise you?
  1043. He can throw out his daughter
    from home every easily,
  1044. but I can't even dismiss
    a car driver.
  1045. That's why you're still here.
  1046. Has your grandpa lost
    his grip due to old age?
  1047. Did he ask you to bring me?
  1048. He diddt send me happily
    after I got married,
  1049. he sent me away with
    my bloodied husband.
  1050. Is that all you can do, father?
  1051. When police said about
    threat from my enemies,
  1052. Father, let's sit and talk it out.
    Father, please!
  1053. I bought this gun.
  1054. But my enemy w as bum in my home.
  1055. I raised her myself.
    - What are you doing, father?
  1056. I'll cut it myself.
  1057. This is what I can do!
  1058. We didn't come here expecting
    you'd welcome us, father.
  1059. I thought you'd understand us.
  1060. I know you'd shout at us.
  1061. I thought ofpacifying you.
  1062. I expected your anger, father.
  1063. But I couldn't expect your hatred.
  1064. You killed me there.
    You died here.
  1065. The place where my husbancfs blood
    fell is cemetery to me.
  1066. Come.
  1067. Please Nandu, listen to me.
  1068. Don't worry brother,
    I'll not file a case on father.
  1069. Come.
  1070. I'm not angry on you.
  1071. Because I've to remember
    you for that.
  1072. I don't like it.
  1073. I don't lose anything
    if you stay here.
  1074. It isn't ofany use to you.
  1075. But one thing, Shaka: got about
    Muck as soon as you came.
  1076. You saved him.
  1077. Hotel is in problems,
    you solved it.
  1078. Today Premila got kidnapped,
    you saved her.
  1079. If these incidents had
    happened naturally, it's okay.
  1080. If it was planned
    and solved by you,
  1081. impressing us and were planning
    to take us to your grandpa,
  1082. I too have a gun and
    license for it.
  1083. But I won't miss the target
    like your grandpa.
  1084. I saw everything sir.
    You both had a good talk.
  1085. who?
  1086. You both!
  1087. Who were talking?
    - She talked, sir.
  1088. Why did you say both then?
  1089. I thought you'd convince your aunt
    and take her to your grandpa.
  1090. Grandfather?
  1091. She was talking,
    how could she get convinced by it?
  1092. But she knew I was Gautham.
  1093. We got caught playing hide and seek
    in a floodlit stadium.
  1094. Like fools!
  1095. Did your aunt chide you
    in front of entire family, right?
  1096. If we were just two,
    why would entire family be there?
  1097. Bloody idiot!
  1098. You're not fit to talk anyway,
    you're unfit to get angrywith too.
  1099. Sir, if you promise not to beat,
    I'll say something.
  1100. Cry it ofiY
  1101. Nobody else knows that you're her
    nephew other than your aunt, right?
  1102. No, she won't tell anyone.
  1103. Take advantage of it and use it.
  1104. Don't beating around the bush,
    come to the point directly.
  1105. Tell you love her with aunt's
    elder daughter Prernila.
  1106. Would she follow me if I say so?
  1107. She's crazy about you, sir.
  1108. She'll die for you, sir.
  1109. On hearing your name,
    she'd say beau...beau...
  1110. Balu, finish it quickly.
  1111. I'm dying with tension
    to hear rest of it.
  1112. Tell me what's next?
  1113. She loves you very much, sir.
  1114. She'll eat you alive with
    her eyes, sir.
  1115. Just g0 to her and
    say I love you.
  1116. She'll immediately follow you
    like a Pomeranian dog.
  1117. Your aunt will also follow you
    in the next flight.
  1118. Balu, you did make
    a valuable suggestion.
  1119. I want to kiss you.
  1120. I lost my confidence hearing
    my aunt's chiding remarks.
  1121. Balu, I need little encouragement.
  1122. What do you want son?
  1123. IfPremila sees me?
    - She'll get tempted.
  1124. If I talk to her?
    - She'll melt.
  1125. If I touch her?
    - She'll get connected.
  1126. If you stay here, you'll get late.
  1127. Hey' “m . at are y _ Stop!
    o“ dmng?
  1128. Why did you stop me?
    - Why do you want to kill yourself?
  1129. Why should I live?
  1130. Will you stop asking questions
    and answer me?
  1131. Why should I live when I don't
    get what I like?
  1132. I think she knows I'm going away.
  1133. Whywill you not get it?
    What you like is right before you!
  1134. It's yours any day.
  1135. Not mine.
  1136. She's feeling because I'm a driver.
  1137. Prerni, I'm not a driver as you think.
    - Yes, you're a rogue.
  1138. You separated me from my lover.
  1139. Lover?
  1140. Who is he?
    - Rohit, the man you beat in mall.
  1141. He kidnapped you, right?
  1142. I-Iad he kidnapped me,
    I would've shouted, right?
  1143. We love each other for 3 years now.
  1144. We had decided to run away
    today and marry.
  1145. You spoiled everything.
    Are you happy now?
  1146. He's getting married tomorrow night.
  1147. He's getting married night, right?
  1148. I‘ll bring him by morning.
  1149. He has been taken away
    by the marriage party.
  1150. Where?
  1151. Siddappa Naidu is village head
    of that place.
  1152. One daughter and two sons.
  1153. Second son is very violent.
  1154. He cut the hand for stealing
    his daughter's hag.
  1155. Can you bring my future
    husband from such a house?
  1156. I'll bring.
    - Will you leave tonight?
  1157. I need little time to recover
    from such shocks.
  1158. I need time.
  1159. Meanwhile, you take a bath in the tub.
  1160. Use drier to dry your hair.
  1161. But don't join both, please!
  1162. It's my responsibility
    to unite you both.
  1163. My responsibility!
  1164. I can see the marriage canopy...
  1165. The auspicious time to unite...
  1166. What a situational song!
  1167. Open the suitcases.
  1168. Continue the stay in hotel.
  1169. Keep plane in parking bay.
  1170. Take me to a hospital.
  1171. I want to go to Chittoor,
    get me a vehicle.
  1172. One of you come with me.
  1173. For courage, sir?
  1174. To get scolded and
    beaten up when I'm angry.
  1175. Someone wants to go to Chittoor,
    a group fell on my feet.
  1176. You know, I'm very sentimental,
    he'll drive, I'll show directions.
  1177. This is Rohit's photo.
    I'll give their address.
  1178. He's not that great.
  1179. Bad ph0t0gf3PhY'
  1180. Your choice too is bad.
  1181. Please bring him carefully.
  1182. She's not saying at least go carefully.
  1183. Nothing.
  1184. Okay.--0k3Y!
  1185. I'm sure they've stolen something.
  1186. I don't have any complaint
    in life without you...
  1187. Girls have no taste.
  1188. He's like a I V tower wearing shirt.
    She loves him.
  1189. She's much better, the younger one
    will surely select a terrorist.
  1190. What are your sweet memories with her?
  1191. Nothing sir, recently she said
    I lost my purse,
  1192. and asked did you take it?
  1193. “flay didn't you hit back with slippers?
  1194. When I asked why? She said purse
    rhymes with nurse, s0 I asked you.
  1195. If she loses a tractor
    would she ask a doctor?
  1196. No need to think of her, sir.
  1197. Seeing her is had omen and
    crossing her path is death.
  1198. Looks just like her.
  1199. Do you've to travel so long
    to reach from there to here?
  1200. Respect?
  1201. You didn't get hurt, did you?
  1202. order two dosas, please.
    - Two dosas, brother.
  1203. I think she would've fallen
    into jeep from balcony.
  1204. She has lost her mind.
  1205. It's amnesia.
  1206. When will she remember her past?
  1207. How would I know?
  1208. ism
    t it?
  1209. What happened to me?
  1210. Nothing, your parents didn't
    agree for our marriage.
  1211. Add onions in pesarattu.
    - Why?
  1212. You're mu aunt's daughter.
  1213. our families are at loggerheads.
  1214. That's why we've eloped.
  1215. Don't use oil, use ghee.
  1216. Don't I've sisters?
  1217. You've a sister, she loves someone.
  1218. A sand laden lorry hit him.
  1219. It's not wrong to add
    cashew nuts too for them.
  1220. Who is he?
    - Doctor!
  1221. He prescribed medicines for you, right?
    Isn't it, doctor?
  1222. Where's his stethoscope?
  1223. I sold it to buy diesel.
  1224. Don't bill them.
  1225. Beau!
  1226. You're my beau, right?
  1227. Right,
  1228. When she addresses me like that
    I'm overcome with feelings.
  1229. Beau! You're rich, right?
  1230. Problem must be in your home,
    why are we facing it in my house?
  1231. She has forgotten the past
    but not logic.
  1232. A fear the rick kids have bad habits.
  1233. But you don't look like that, beau.
  1234. Actually your grandpa is the only
    one to agree for our marriage.
  1235. Is he any less? He has
    left billions for you.
  1236. No need to talk about that now, Padhu.
  1237. Just for information, right?
  1238. Beau!
  1239. Would you like to speak
    to your grandpa on phone?
  1240. You sit as it is.
  1241. Grandpa!
  1242. Talk to him.
  1243. Give the phone to grandpa.
  1244. HOW are you, sunny.
  1245. Would you like to speak
    to your granddaughter?
  1246. Would she speak to me?
  1247. Talk to him.
  1248. Grandpa, I'm Sashi here.
  1249. How are you, dear?
  1250. I'm fine, grandpa
    but my parents didn't approve it.
  1251. How can they accept s0 easily?
  1252. What has happened wasn't
    a small issue, right?
  1253. Whether it is big or small,
    it‘s over, right?
  1254. Why should we hang on
    to it for years?
  1255. Though you're young,
    what you said is right.
  1256. Is it wrong to marry uncle's son?
  1257. Marriage;
  1258. Nothing, grandpa.
    - Playing fun with aunt's daughter?
  1259. Something like that.
  1260. Shall I call you later?
  1261. I felt like crying on
    hearing grandpefs voice.
  1262. Everything will be fine.
    - Thank you, beau.
  1263. Get up, please.
  1264. He's here.
  1265. Whafs this?
  1266. Your love story may be old,
    but this sari is new,
  1267. before they finish eating that
    please wear this sari.
  1268. Take it.
  1269. Go!
  1270. My pulse rate raced on seeing you...
  1271. Why is it so?
  1272. Without seeing you my eyes went
    hammer and tongs on each other...
  1273. Why did it do like that?
  1274. Go away!
  1275. Don't know what it is...what magic
    you spread with just a look...
  1276. Don't know what it is...y0u gave me
    a disease with your body shake...
  1277. Like a drowning flood, burning fire,
    you took my life, dear...
  1278. Such a vast sky...endless blue...
  1279. How could you fill all that
    in your little fish eyes?
  1280. You rocked me!
  1281. It's true that gold is hidden
    inside earth...
  1282. But growing on earth and moving,
    you've re-written the history...
  1283. When you break into a jig in sari...
    Shall I follow you like an ant?
  1284. When you move swinging like a boat...
    May I follow you like wind?
  1285. Let's be together like Radha-Krishna
    and pain-sadness...
  1286. D aughter-in-law without
    mother-in-law is great lady...
  1287. Mother-in-law without
    daughter-in-law is great lady...
  1288. D aughter- in-law. . . son's wife!
    You're a cream of fresh milk...
  1289. Moonlight of the night...
  1290. Who s0 ever may have painted
    the picture ofMona Lisa...
  1291. I'm sure he hasn't seen the
    milky beauty of you...
  1292. Whafs the use?
  1293. One who took away the Kohinoor
    diamond may be a King...
  1294. Poor man doesn't know the shine
    of that diamond is in you...
  1295. Ify0u‘re born and
    brought up like this...
  1296. I-Iow much can I sing
    in praise of you?
  1297. I've used all the words I know
    in Telugu to write this song...
  1298. Like Sirivennelafs songs and
    Veturi's lyrics, you're so sweet, my dear...
  1299. Why have we come here, dear?
    - To take a small parcel.
  1300. Shall I wait here?
  1301. Will you wait?
  1302. My sweet darling, come.
  1303. What will you do waiting here?
    You promised to marry me.
  1304. Will you marry me?
    - I do.
  1305. I think you'd go on honeymoon before
    that marriage happens, come.
  1306. You go, I'll follow.
  1307. Come.
    - Shall I go?
  1308. Will you wait?
    - Come, let's go.
  1309. Comemcome...
  1310. Dear!
  1311. He'll come back, not going away.
  1312. He'll come back in few minutes.
  1313. Comemwhy are you pulling it up?
  1314. Getting ready to fight
    Wait, I'll settle this issue.
  1315. How;
  1316. Asking me how? You said y0u‘re
    a billionaire, did I believe it?
  1317. Let me use the same formula here.
  1318. If they ask, let's tell them we're
    here to take away the groom.
  1319. They'll offer sweets and
    send us in.- Come.
  1320. Do something.
  1321. Greetings sir.
    - Greetings.
  1322. Give it.
  1323. Take sweets.
  1324. You are...?
    - I'm bride's second brother.
  1325. He's elder brother.
  1326. You are...?
    - We're here to kidnap the groom.
  1327. Didn't I tell they'll not
    believe the truth?
  1328. The groom up there doesn't
    like your sister,
  1329. he loves another girl,
  1330. he sought our help
    and we're here.
  1331. Padhu, they didn't ask all that details.
  1332. Truth isn't a DVD movie!
  1333. To press pause button
    as and when you feel!
  1334. It's a film in theatre!
  1335. Once the titles start, curtains
    mustn't come down till it is over.
  1336. Where's the groom?
    - Upstairs.
  1337. This way, sir.
  1338. Didn't I say sweets? They don't
    believe if I tell truth also, fools.
  1339. Truth is like fire.
  1340. One who says my feel the burn but
    one who hears will feel it's warrnth.
  1341. Keep those things there!
  1342. They say there's more in
    a marriage that will stop!
  1343. In fact I feel pity for these guys!
  1344. Don't know what it is!
  1345. Why are you dull?
  1346. I should be marrying her
    but I'm marrying her.
  1347. How would I be other than dull?
  1348. Stop crying like a girl
    and come with us.
  1349. If they know, they'll kill us.
  1350. They gave your address.
  1351. Look at this long hair man,
    he's very good man.
  1352. He offered sweets too.
  1353. Who among you is the leader?
  1354. Padhu sir leads in everything!
  1355. For what?
  1356. Why are you looking at me furiously?
  1357. Will you beat me?
  1358. He appears like a good man!
  1359. Elderly man!
  1360. Oh my God!
  1361. One second delay I w0uld’ve lost
    my head instead of hair.
  1362. Did you get it now?
    Truth burns both teller and listener.
  1363. Oh my God! They're following us!
  1364. Oh no! They're closing in!
  1365. They' re closing in!
  1366. Follow the vehicle!
  1367. Go fast!
  1368. No road, don't go!
  1369. I should be in home,
    how did I come here?
  1370. She got back her past!
  1371. They're closing in, go fast!
  1372. Where am I?
  1373. Don't leave them!
  1374. They're coming!
    - Didn't he kidnap my sister?
  1375. Who changed my dress?
  1376. I'm coming to kill you.
  1377. Whafs this?
    Tell me who changed this?
  1378. Comemcome with me.
    - You did something...
  1379. So many people are coming!
    “flay are they fighting?
  1380. Who are you?
  1381. Who is father of the
    running away man?
  1382. Who is the father of fallen man?
  1383. Beating up my son, how dare you
    come to me making inquiries!
  1384. Look, King is an old man
    like you in chess board,
  1385. Just one step this side or that side.
  1386. But why do people call him as king?
  1387. Because Minister is next t0 him.
    That‘s his strength!
  1388. Who is your strength?
  1389. Who gives you the power
    to twirl your moustache?
  1390. Whose muscles make you boast?
  1391. Whose courage makes you
    take out a dagger?
  1392. Who is he?
  1393. He can bring down an elephant
    with one punch!
  1394. He's my man!
  1395. MY bull!
  1396. This is my pride!
  1397. If you touch it,
    it's like beating me,
  1398. if you wear it,
    it's like I'm dead.
  1399. Good timing!
  1400. If you touch it,
    it's like beating me,
  1401. if you wear it,
    it's like I'm dead.
  1402. Why not add a good rhythm to it?
    It could become a good song.
  1403. Hack him in the name of
    Ahobhilam Lord Narasimhaswamy!
  1404. Never step on snake
    because it's resting.
  1405. Are you a great man
    if you beat one man?
  1406. Each one of my men play swing
    with live wires.
  1407. But never play with power plant!
  1408. You'll get blown up!
  1409. One must catch their own thing!
  1410. Never try to catch another one's,
    this will he the result.
  1411. What? Be careful!
  1412. How can he take him?
    He must marry my daughter.
  1413. Agreed it's your daughter's marriage
    but death to another daughter.
  1414. Which is more diflicult?
  1415. There's clarity in my question.
  1416. Would there be surety
    in your answer?
  1417. Listen to me, Siddappa!
  1418. If useful, use here only.
  1419. Use wherever you can
    if you remember.
  1420. I'm like lion.
  1421. It can't shave and I can.
    That's the only difierence.
  1422. All other characters are same!
  1423. Kick of having the last laugh
    is terrible!
  1424. Get in!
  1425. Get in quickly, he may beat me.
  1426. before taking such a big decision,
    you've guts to discuss with driver,
  1427. but don't you've the sense
    of telling your parents?
  1428. N0 sir...
    - What no?
  1429. Who is he? What does he do?
  1430. How would he look after you
    after marriage?
  1431. Don't you want to know anything?
  1432. If you love, we'll kill,
  1433. if you marry, we'll burn you,
  1434. we're not that foolish
    to say like this.
  1435. But we love you.
  1436. We respect your love.
  1437. You've so much respect for
    your daughter's love,
  1438. that man has got no respect
    for my daughter's marriage.
  1439. I wanted her marriage feast to spread the
    delicious smell to 10 villages around.
  1440. But this trouble has reached
    1 00 villages.
  1441. How embarrassing!
  1442. His father took the dowry,
    he dishonoured me.
  1443. My life has become
    good for nothing.
  1444. It seems you're a famous lawyer,
    please do justice to us.
  1445. Tell me!
  1446. Have it, sir.
  1447. The lady who served you
    buttermilk is my sister.
  1448. My brother-in-law left her for festival
    promising come back for her in 1 0 days,
  1449. 30 festivals have passed since then,
  1450. he didn't turn up, sir.
  1451. If food is left
    servants will eat it,
  1452. if a girl remains in home,
    you can never eat a meal peacefully.
  1453. You'll stand to lose if you
    force your daughter as his wife.
  1454. Your name...
    - Siddappa!
  1455. Tell me what did you spend
    for the marriage?
  1456. I'll take it as my daughter's marriage
    and bear the entire cost.
  1457. What? Will you pay me?
  1458. Are you such a great man
    to put a price on Siddappa?
  1459. Who said that? Show me!
  1460. How dare you raise weapon at him!
    Bring it down.
  1461. Tell me!
  1462. This is for cutting crops.
    Not to cut throats!
  1463. “wish to heat, h“ this man.
  1464. he agreed to the marriage
    without asking his son.
  1465. Why are they after comedian in
    the fight between hero and villain?
  1466. They're good people, that's why
    they're still talking to us, father.
  1467. I-Iad they been like us,
    they would've got us thrown out!
  1468. Sorry sir.
  1469. In sorrow father...
  1470. I'm asking forgiveness on his behalf.
  1471. It was his mistake
    to offer your money.
  1472. For the loss of your honour,
  1473. honour ofmy home,
  1474. we'll give our second daughter
    in marriage to your younger son.
  1475. Take her with you, brother.
  1476. Give her, I'll think
    I've another daughter.
  1477. I'll look after her well.
  1478. My wife too isn't here to offer you
    traditionally turtneric and vertnillion.
  1479. No problem.
  1480. Give her.
  1481. I don't think you're not
    here to take your aunt.
  1482. But you're here to arrange
    her daughters' marriages.
  1483. I didn't get why they fired you
    in Dubai after saving their family.
  1484. Why should anyone give up good man?
  1485. I've started understanding it.
  1486. We offer prayer to tree
    and call it as God,
  1487. but it grows on our house wall,
    we cut it.
  1488. Marriages are happening
    because of you.
  1489. But if that elderly man gets
    irritated with you,
  1490. marriages would get cancelled.
  1491. Siddu, you're like medicine.
  1492. It too has expiry date.
  1493. I think you'd have understood me.
  1494. Father!
  1495. Grandpa is not well!
  1496. BP is fluctuating rapidly
    for the last two days.
  1497. Since morning he's struggling
    to breathe.
  1498. He's being given oxygen.
  1499. Come back, Gautham.
  1500. Forget your aunt,
  1501. at least be here to see your
    grandpa for the last time.
  1502. No use in me seeing him,
    he must see aunt.
  1503. I'll bring her.
  1504. I'll bring aunt on his birthday.
  1505. I'll keep up my promise.
  1506. Tell him to stay alive till then
    and keep his word.
  1507. Can you hear me?
    Tell this in his ears.
  1508. Tell him to stay alive
    till I come back.
  1509. Tell him to be alive!
  1510. One opportunity!
  1511. Just one!
  1512. He brought me as simple as
    bringing a suitcase.
  1513. “flay are you praising him so much?
  1514. As ifhe won a war against Pakistan.
  1515. “flay are you so jealous?
  1516. Stay here for few more minutes,
    your husband will get jealous. Go!
  1517. You're number one is
    spoiling any occasion.
  1518. Sashi, please reduce your anger.
  1519. Because your fiancfi is little mad.
  1520. So, better cool it off.
  1521. Whom should I marry then?
  1522. Whom should I marry?
  1523. Should I marry one who takes me
    into his lap and talks?
  1524. Should I marry one who feeds me fondly?
  1525. Surprised to know
    how I remember all this!
  1526. Yes.
  1527. Beat that nurse and he...
  1528. Do you know what my problem is?
  1529. The day you entered home,
    I liked you!
  1530. I fell flat on sight!
  1531. What do you want, Sashi?
  1532. Little peace of mind.
  1533. Bloody eyes!
  1534. Though I don't want,
    it's entering my dreams too.
  1535. Can I marry a driver for that?
  1536. My sister is marrying an MBA!
  1537. Her children would study in Oakridge!
  1538. Will my children study
    in Municipal school?
  1539. That's why I used to shout
    at you wantonly.
  1540. Go away man!
    From my heart and my home!
  1541. When I come near you,
    I‘ll get strange dirty thoughts!
  1542. My heart beat races!
  1543. Cheeks turn warm!
  1544. Legs start shivering.
  1545. Now also!
  1546. I'm wearing long skirt,
    nobody can see it.
  1547. I didn't want to tell you.
  1548. Anyway you don't have
    an entry into my home.
  1549. There's no way we can meet again.
    That's why I told you.
  1550. I've to tell you one more thing.
  1551. Close your ears!
  1552. I said I want to tell.
    Did I say you must hear it?
  1553. Go to hell!
  1554. So, I want to sing this new song...
  1555. Hey girl! You knocked me outwith
    just a slip oftongue...
  1556. Hey Monster princess, you said
    I love you biting your teeth...
  1557. You laid a beautiful trap...
    Your love gun shot hit my heart...
  1558. Which is right and which is left"?
    I'm intoxicated without having a drink...
  1559. Like using cat ball to spread jasmine...
    Like a bomb blew under my shirt pocket...
  1560. I'm getting crazy ideas...
  1561. You made me go bonkers...
  1562. Your lips are strawberries...
    Yourwords are Cadburyk...
  1563. You're a walking nursery of
    flowers ofbeauty...
  1564. Colourful gallery of dreams
    in my eyes...
  1565. Your mischievous eyes are
    filled with intoxicants...
  1566. Aunfs daughter has spread
    charm of fragrance...
  1567. Offer diamonds on your
    beautiful smile...
  1568. I'll hug as new found love
    is taking over me...
  1569. I'm in chaos like sound blast
    in Goddess kali festival...
  1570. I'm feeling like I've had
    drug laced Bengali sweet...
  1571. Wearing a cowboy's dress...
    Riding the horse of Rayalu...
  1572. Staying put on earth...
    I feel like stepping one moon...
  1573. Getting incoming calls in
    a cell without SIM card...
  1574. Using coal ofSingareni
    as face powder...
  1575. I'm getting such crazy ideas...
  1576. Unlike me, tie your husband
    to apron strings like your mother.
  1577. You won't spare sister-in-law
    even in blessing.
  1578. Isn't it little diflicult t0 bless
    for someone who scolds always?
  1579. Madam!
  1580. You keep pounding!
  1581. It's me Siddappa!
  1582. I called to tell you something.
  1583. Tell me, brother.
  1584. Bhaskar, my nephew.
  1585. He's coming to your house
    tomorrow morning.
  1586. He must conduct this marriage.
    Thafs it!
  1587. Saddam Bhaskat‘.!
  1588. He went to Uganda with just
    Rs.2 lakhs investment,
  1589. he bought a l0 acre farm,
    he ploughed the land,
  1590. he hit a diamond mine!
  1591. With one shot, he hit big time.
  1592. That's all, in 5 years he made
    nearly Rs.50000 crores.
  1593. Dry and use it! Don't lose it!
  1594. Rs.2 lakhs as tip!
  1595. Why are you surprised for this?
  1596. He has a wish to win
    the coveted Oscar too.
  1597. $0 Way!
  1598. So, he instituted Bhaskar Award
    and produced a film.
  1599. Film? Whafs the film?
  1600. Inspired by Gladiator,
    he made a film Radiator!
  1601. He's the director and
    he's the hero!
  1602. Our bad luck is...
  1603. ...he plays the heroine too!
  1604. That dirty thing!
  1605. If I didn't have my morn and
    dad's blessings,
  1606. I wouldn't have reached this stage,
  1607. when people who watched this film,
  1608. and said each scene is
    like a diamond,
  1609. Tear are rolling down
    from my eyes.
  1610. Why will you not cry?
  1611. You had to sell 60 diamonds
    to finish the film, right?
  1612. You must know another
    detail about him.
  1613. Madam!
  1614. Rs.2 lakh investment
    he stole it from this home only.
  1615. He worked in your place only.
  1616. Boss, I've news for you.
  1617. Some Bhaskar is coming and
  1618. people here are tensed
    he may cancel the marriage.
  1619. Now your aunt will know the
    value ofboss.
  1620. What would we get ifshés sad?
  1621. She must realise and
    must come with us.
  1622. That's our goal, right?
  1623. 'V110 can stop us if we enter aunt's
    house along with Bhaskar?
  1624. Who can stop us?
    Nobody can stop us.
  1625. That's why do one thing.
  1626. What do you want me to do, sir?
  1627. As soon as Bhaskar lands in India,
    we must buy a job with him.
  1628. Diflicult, sir.
  1629. Difficult but we can buy, before I could
    complete, why did you slap me?
  1630. I'm getting irritated
    forgiving a pause,
  1631. how dare you give
    an explanation for that!
  1632. Bloody fool!
  1633. The place where I worked once!
  1634. People who threw me out!
  1635. Why are they looking at me surprised?
  1636. Looking at you!
  1637. What are you doing here?
  1638. That is...
    - He? He's my personal.
  1639. He was working with us
    till recently.
  1640. Ifhe quits job with you,
    he'll become a good man like this.
  1641. If you throw anyone out,
    he would become a great man like me.
  1642. Have it.
    - Why?
  1643. I got rank!
    - Is it?
  1644. I'll throw up if I eat this.
  1645. Buy new clothes.
  1646. Sir, that's Rs.2 lakhs!
  1647. You stole the same amount from this
    house and got kicked out, right?
  1648. If you kick, gate too would
    return in double speed.
  1649. That's why I came with this speed.
  1650. I love music!
    - I love women!
  1651. Every man has his wish!
  1652. Making a statement for it.
  1653. Have it.
  1654. How come your cheeks have
    become s0 chubby?
  1655. Using any medicine?
    - Yes, I'm using Homeo.
  1656. Continue it.
  1657. How many children?
    - Two!
  1658. You're maintaining body very well.
  1659. Why are you struggling?
    What happened;
  1660. It's paining.
  1661. Won't I feel pain if I hold?
  1662. Says painful, don't I know that?
  1663. Sir, I've understood now why people clap
    for hero when he heats the villain.
  1664. Hair rising!
  1665. How are you?
  1666. I think she's coming
    to hug you, sir.
  1667. It's better to put finger in plug.
  1668. It's been years since I saw you.
  1669. If I knew you'd miss me so much,
    I'd have sent my photo.
  1670. Carry on with your cooking.
  1671. Thank God, she's gone.
  1672. She was really ugly as
    a little girl in gowns.
  1673. How come she has grown
    to be s0 sexy!
  1674. Whafs that?
  1675. I'll give only expressions,
    you must do the job.
  1676. Wait, I'll clear it.
  1677. Hello Bhaskar!
    - Greetings, madam.
  1678. How do you do?
    - Doing fine, madam.
  1679. I've little work, I'll be back.
  1680. Okay, madam.
  1681. Why did you do that sir?
  1682. What did I do?
    - You bowed to her.
  1683. I did it involuntarily.
  1684. Bhaskar, your uncle Siddappa
    told about you on phone.
  1685. You must conduct the marriage.
  1686. How much are you expecting from me?
  1687. Little bit of civility!
  1688. Civility?
  1689. Goddess of Wealth wants
    to enter his home,
  1690. why is he talking about rules,
    regulations and signals?
  1691. He insulted you and hurt us, sir.
  1692. That's why we stop this marriage
    and celebrate it.
  1693. Have some water.
  1694. Did you see the younger daughter?
  1695. If you want her,
    you need to meet a man.
  1696. who?
  1697. With a smile and
    blessing the devotees...
  1698. And love his devotees...
  1699. You're rocking... O Babaji...
  1700. Changing lungis and
    wearing it as shirt...
  1701. When you bend down...
  1702. Life without you is nothing
    but darkness...
  1703. If you don't smile,
    I'm in chaos...
  1704. A bottle ofscent or a bottle ofliquor
    is nothing compared to your eyes...
  1705. You're one of a kind
    in this world...
  1706. Move. . . move. . . move...
  1707. Plantain leaf for food...
    tobacco for lime...
  1708. Touch Swarny's holy feet
    for washing off sins...
  1709. Whafs that tree?
  1710. Baba got enlightened under that tree.
  1711. That's why it is known as Wisdom tree.
  1712. Friends, devotees of God!
  1713. People plough to raise paddy!
    But you ploughed to get diamonds.
  1714. What else do you want, son?
  1715. Just because hunger is satiated,
    do we stop begging, Swamy?
  1716. I've three wishes.
    - “7hat's that?
  1717. I'm here to attend a marriage.
  1718. Sashimshe mustn't get married!
  1719. It won't happen!
  1720. I want her.
  1721. She'll marrywhich no one can imagine,
    is it okay to you, son?
  1722. Since I won't imagine she'll
    marry me, s0 she's all mine.
  1723. What else?
  1724. My mines and my diamonds,
    my currency and my arrogancy,
  1725. they must always be with me.
  1726. What you started with would
    always be with you, Baddam!
  1727. Son Baddam!
    - Swamy!
  1728. To make all yourwishes come true,
    the tree must be in your home.
  1729. Tree?
  1730. Almond tree in the backyard
    ofBhaskafls home!
  1731. It'll lift you up
    from difliculties!
  1732. Car can't hold it, Swarny!
    - It'll come in air.
  1733. Ever since I came I’ve seen only
    applying dot and combing hair,
  1734. I'm yet to see your face, Swamy!
  1735. Show mercy on me and
    show your face once...
  1736. I beg you!
  1737. Can you bear if I turn?
  1738. I'm turning now!
    - Turning!
  1739. Don't blame me for the consequences.
    - I‘ll not.
  1740. I can't see anything.
    - Die too!
  1741. New devotee has been blessed
    with Babds divine glimpse!
  1742. Hail Balm!
    - It's your good fortune!
  1743. You had the glimpse ofBaba
    on your first visit.
  1744. “flay so many covers?
  1745. If you lie, leaves will fall,
    you'll die!
  1746. Let me test it.
  1747. I look like Mahesh Babu.
  1748. Leaves fell, sir.
  1749. I can see it.
  1750. I'm very intelligent.
  1751. Fell again.
    - Fell, you lied.
  1752. I'm an idiot!
    - That's true, sir.
  1753. Not a leave fell, so...
    - I can see that.
  1754. Why are you telling me?
  1755. “flay did you come here?
    Go away from here.
  1756. I don't want you.
  1757. No, . .go away!
  1758. May I go awn'?
  1759. Where do you want me to g0?
  1760. Go away!
  1761. Go away!
  1762. Who is there?
  1763. What? What happened?
  1764. Asking me what happened?
  1765. Is it respectable house
    or public garden?
  1766. What happened, sir?
    - Asking me what has happened?
  1767. A girl about to marry
    is romancing servant...
  1768. Why are you looking shocked?
    Am I narrating any epic?
  1769. They both were in each other's hug.
  1770. I think people watching it
    would die getting suffocated.
  1771. What? Whafs your problem?
  1772. You were saying something.
  1773. Your girl is fire!
  1774. Leaves didn't fall, sir.
  1775. I was wrong.
  1776. Did you observe one thing?
    - Whafs it?
  1777. Leaves fell without wind blowing.
  1778. That too when you were talking
    about a topic.
  1779. It didn't fell earlier and
    then later, did you observe this?
  1780. I heard about mad people but seeing
    them for the first time in life.
  1781. I think he said something.
  1782. Nothing, your madam is calling.
    - Is it? Coming, madam.
  1783. Is it false that girl and
    our boy were hugging each other, sir?
  1784. It could be a lie.
  1785. But what I'm planning to do
    with Sashi tonight is real.
  1786. Bhaskar loves arts.
    - Is it?
  1787. Who are they?
  1788. It means fine arts not girls, sir.
  1789. Since you said fine arts, I mean games
    like medley ofsongs and tombola...
  1790. How about gilli, marbles and others!
  1791. These are not arts!
  1792. Theatre!
  1793. It's on the verge of extinction.
  1794. We must give a new life to it.
  1795. He wants to get the second one to bed.
  1796. I too love theatre, sir.
    - I‘ll make you perform it.
  1797. Whafs the play's name, sir?
    - OAhaIya is innocent girl!
  1798. Then, we must find two girls.
  1799. Ahalya and innocent are
    not two girls.
  1800. Ahalya is innocent.
  1801. So much twist in title itselfl
    You cunning fellow!
  1802. I‘ve plenty of twists in the story!
  1803. Whafs the concept, sir?
  1804. Gautham and Ahalya are a couple,
  1805. Indra loves Ahalya since a long time,
    - Isn't it wrong, sir?
  1806. If he asks, Ahalya too would
    say the same,
  1807. he made a plan,
  1808. before dawn breaks at 5 am,
    by 4 am...
  1809. ...he crowed like a rooster!
  1810. Gautham as usual took the towel
    and left to river bank for bath.
  1811. Taking this opportunity,
    Indra disguises himself as Gautham,
  1812. and goes to Ahalya,
  1813. seeing Ahalya with carnal desires,
  1814. he patted sleeping Ahalya
    to wake her up.
  1815. Enough of seeing me,
    deliver your dialogue.
  1816. Swarny! Didn't you go to the river?
  1817. 'VVhen you're in the room,
    why would I go to river?
  1818. saying this he pushed her on the bed,
  1819. he passionately occupied her.
  1820. You went to take bath, right?
    “flay did you come so early?
  1821. Are you blind?
    I took the towel but forgot soap.
  1822. I took a dip and came back.
  1823. Take the soap and
    have a good clean bath.
  1824. What?
  1825. I said take the soap and
    have a good clean bath.
  1826. What would you do with
    my wife meanwhile?
  1827. I'm Indra, I can do anything.
  1828. Then, I'm Gautham.
    I too can do anything.
  1829. I'll punch...pinch...bite...
  1830. Only one man beat me but
    why do I feel like many hands?
  1831. Ahalya, where's my towel?
  1832. Patting shoulder...
  1833. If you pat as and where you wish,
    why do you need me or script?
  1834. She got serious when I patted,
    why is she laughing when he does it?
  1835. S-W 2!; 4;!
  1836. Didn't you go to the river?
  1837. You're in my heart,
    how can I go to the river?
  1838. Good!
  1839. We used room, right?
  1840. I think he has improvised it.
  1841. Didn't you do it by patting
    on buttocks?
  1842. How can you compare him with me?
  1843. I'll show what improvisation is!
    - Come, my dear...
  1844. I'm unable to bear this
    separation, dear.
  1845. Phase imprison me in your arms.
  1846. Whafs this?
    - Please do something.
  1847. Whafs this?
    Leave her!
  1848. Whafs this?
  1849. Didn't you take bath in river?
    - Am I like you?
  1850. No bath, I just washed my face,
    that's all.
  1851. “flay didn't you show this
    intelligence before?
  1852. What are you saying?
  1853. You've such a big watch on hand,
    ifrooster cocks,
  1854. if you leave a sleeping wife,
    - So what?
  1855. people like me would get
    into the bed with her, right?
  1856. What are you blabbering?
  1857. Whafs that?
  1858. Whafs that?
  1859. “flay are you raising your voice?
    - I'll raise my hand also.
  1860. Why are you beating me?
    - Not just beat, I’ll bite you.
  1861. This time, I'll play Ahalya.
  1862. Fight and kill yourselves.
  1863. You get up-“get "P'"
  1864. Has it dawned s0 quickly?
  1865. Why are you sleeping like
    a log, Ahalya?
  1866. Where's my towel?
  1867. Pat on the shoulders.
  1868. Should you pat him also there?
  1869. What sex appeal does he have?
  1870. Didn't you go to river?
  1871. When y0u‘re in room,
    what would I do in the river?
  1872. Come.
    - You come closer.
  1873. With whom you're having an affair?
  1874. With whom you're having an affair?
    - Didn't you go to take bath?
  1875. I did go but suspected you're having
    an affairwith someone I came back.
  1876. Come, this side.
    - Okay.
  1877. Why don't you beat him?
  1878. I'll beat him but
    first I'll beat you.
  1879. I‘ll beat him later
    but tell me one thing,
  1880. Wh
    afs it?
  1881. You're mywife for 25 years, right?
    - Yes.
  1882. If so, can‘t you differentiate
    between husband and paramour?
  1883. I mean...
    - Go ahead.
  1884. I mean...
    - You're crossing limits.
  1885. Do you know what would I do
    with women like you ?
  1886. D0 you know what would I do?
    - What will you do?
  1887. May I tell you?
    - Tell me.
  1888. I'll tell you...
  1889. Not just beat, I must bite you.
  1890. Bite...bite...
  1891. Do you need the role ofAhalya
    for your beauty?
  1892. Why this dangerous desire at this age?
  1893. I got it now.
  1894. I'm just a spectator!
    Fight and kill yourselves.
  1895. Please entertain me.
    That's all!
  1896. Dawned s0 quickly?
    Where's the towel?
  1897. I'll see how can he beat me!
  1898. I'll also see, sir.
  1899. She's senseless anyway!
    What happened to you?
  1900. You know she's not your wife, right?
  1901. Will you beat her now?
    - Not her but
  1902. Actually I mustn't beat you.
  1903. Do you know what's happening here?
    - I wrote the play, right?
  1904. Right;
  1905. Is he her husband?
    - No, he's Indra.
  1906. In such a scene,
  1907. Ahalya, the man who has come now
    is not your husband Gautham,
  1908. he's treacherous rogue Indra,
  1909. instead of telling her the truth,
  1910. pushing your pot belly up and
    pushing everything else behind,
  1911. what are you watching legs
    wide spread and moving it?
  1912. Will you beat me for this point too?
  1913. I'll beat you on any point.
  1914. The nation is facing so much flak
    because ofpeople like you.
  1915. Thrash him!
  1916. KatamatayudumKadiflNatasimha...
  1917. Great hunter, I trust you...
  1918. O lord, you rule over me...
  1919. You mauled the devil with anger...
  1920. Taking on the might...
  1921. You gave the education of
    Brahmins to Brahmadevara...
  1922. I beg you, madam,
    I think he'll kill me.
  1923. Please send him out.
  1924. Why are you raising hell?
    Come here.
  1925. I want to talk to you,
    please come in.
  1926. What are you up to?
  1927. If Bhaskar gets irritated
    he may tell his uncle,
  1928. and stop this marriage,
  1929. can you take that responsibility?
  1930. You want Sunanda.
  1931. But the woman here is Sunanda Shekar.
  1932. Shekarwoulddt get separated from my name,
    Sunanda will not come to your home.
  1933. Go away. . . from this home
    and our lives!
  1934. Did you get the entire list, Priest?
    - Yes, sir.
  1935. Why aren't you still ready?
  1936. Groom's people would be here
    in an hour.
  1937. Does she really like this marriage?
  1938. You're not having any
    secret twists, right?
  1939. Why don't you answer your uncle?
  1940. Alarm failed t0 ring,
    why are you getting tensed for this?
  1941. Amulu, come here.
  1942. Saris are upstairs...
    - Madam...
  1943. D efinitely.
  1944. I'll come.
  1945. I said I’ll come.
  1946. Cut it.
  1947. Cut the call.
  1948. Sashi sister is missing.
  1949. Her clothes and jewels too
    are missing.
  1950. What else?
    She would've eloped with Siddu.
  1951. How do you know?
  1952. Like this, she said that before me.
  1953. “flay didn't you tell me that earlier?
  1954. I thought she would forget her love
    and marry the man chosen by you...
  1955. Earlier he took away future
    son-in-law now future daughter-in-law.
  1956. You said you sent him out ofhome.
  1957. Who brought him here again?
  1958. I know a thing.
  1959. But I don't know ifit is
    true or false.
  1960. Tell me the thing,
    I‘ll give the explanation.
  1961. If it's lie, leaves will fall, uncle.
  1962. What do you lose if leaves fall?
    Tree will die.
  1963. If tree dies,
    I too would die, uncle.
  1964. Whafs that nonsense?
  1965. Not nonsense, I and tree are
    one and same.
  1966. If you kill a bird with it,
    you can at least eat it.
  1967. What will you get ifyou fire at me?
  1968. If kept, I'll stink and
    if you burn, just ash.
  1969. If you don't tell
    what really had happened,
  1970. people will tell tales about you.
  1971. “flay are you so dull?
  1972. Your mother told me to leave home.
  1973. Shall we both g0 away together?
    - Where to?
  1974. How;
  1975. catch a train.
  1976. They'll know from my hotel desk
    if it is flight.
  1977. Can you live with a driver like me?
  1978. Any doubt?
  1979. I don't want anything.
  1980. True!
  1981. 4 0r 5 crores is enough.
    - 4 or 5 crates?
  1982. We need to live, right?
  1983. I didn't tell any lie now, right?
  1984. It didn't fall for your lies
    but Siddu used this remote control.
  1985. Thimmapur
  1986. Hail Lord Murugan!
  1987. Hail Lord Murugan!
  1988. What are you thinking?
  1989. There are many cars in Chennai
    for you to drive.
  1990. There are many buildings
    for me to design.
  1991. If we don't find any job,
    if we sell this necklace,
  1992. we can live recklessly for a year.
  1993. You don't get tensed.
  1994. Without wasting time,
    ifwdve a son or daughter,
  1995. and send their photo,
    my parents will come for us.
  1996. Sir, please give me alms!
  1997. A ticket to Mumbai please.
    - This train goes to Madras.
  1998. Give me a ticket to some place, sir.
  1999. If you don't I may die.
  2000. Do you know to read Urdu?
  2001. After seeing him beating our men,
  2002. I've learnt Chinese and painting too.
  2003. Keep quiet.
  2004. Hail Lord Murugan!
  2005. Hail Lord Murugan!
  2006. Hail Lord Murugan!
  2007. Hail Lord Murugan!
  2008. Hail Lord Murugan!
  2009. Lord Jesus! I'm seeing him for
    the first time in my life.
  2010. I made vow to visit Velankanni
    Mary church on my knees.
  2011. These are my tickets.
  2012. This is certificate ofphysically handicap.
  2013. You beat me recently, right sir?
  2014. I lost two tooth.
  2015. Losing anything which God gave
    would make me handicap, right?
  2016. That's why I got this certificate, sir.
  2017. Can I board the train?
  2018. Flight is ready, sir.
  2019. Why flight?
    Waste of money for flight.
  2020. No need to buy tickets, he owns flight.
  2021. It is ready on runway now.
  2022. We've taken pennission to
    bring cars on platform, sir.
  2023. No need.
  2024. Isn't Siddu a driver?
  2025. After seeing us, ify0u're
    asking us this question,
  2026. I don't know ifyou're mad
    or foolish!
  2027. Boss, they're here!
  2028. I want this station for 15 minutes.
  2029. If you ask suddenly now...
  2030. There's a price for everything, buy it.
  2031. What about the passengers?
  2032. Send them by special flights.
  2033. If there are no airports,
    send them by cars.
  2034. Send a message to Ministry,
    request the station master.
  2035. Threaten him if he refuses,
    if still he refuses, kill him.
  2036. This meeting is very important
    for me...very important.
  2037. I'm giving you 5 minutes.
  2038. How dare you want my daughter!
  2039. Come heremcome...
  2040. Nobody can bridge the distance
    between front and back seat of a car.
  2041. Aren't you ashamed of eloping
    with a driver?
  2042. Leave her.
  2043. See who is holding whom
    and then speak!
  2044. How dare you answer me!
    I‘ll kill you!
  2045. I'll kill you!
  2046. You'd be having a theorywhy a car
    driver shouldn't marry your daughter,
  2047. why a penny worth lawyer shouldn't
    marry his daughter,
  2048. her father shouldn't have
    a theory, right?
  2049. You can go to his home after marrying.
  2050. But you can't bear to see
    your daughter with a suitcase.
  2051. You'll exile a family for
    getting shot on shoulder,
  2052. but you can point a gun on my head!
  2053. Yours is love and
    what others do is desire!
  2054. If you do it is role model,
    if others do, it‘s haste!
  2055. If you shout, it is affection,
    if my grandpa shouts, it's arrogance.
  2056. Is
    lit it?
  2057. Who are you?
  2058. The lady you married, I'm her nephew.
  2059. A man who is burning with
    the memories,
  2060. I'm his son!
  2061. Grandson of a man is fighting death.
  2062. Thousands ofcrores,
    factories in lo countries,
  2063. one lakh workers,
  2064. nothing of this gives us content,
    we're just poor people.
  2065. Heir ofNandasl
  2066. What has changed since then, aunt?
  2067. It was in grandpafs hand
    and now he's carrying it.
  2068. Thafs the only difference, right?
  2069. If my grandpa was wrong then,
    what you did now is also wrong,
  2070. leave your daughter,
  2071. I'll take her with me,
  2072. ify0u're right now,
    then he was right that da!
  2073. You come with me,
    I'll take you with me.
  2074. I'm telling you this to convince
    with my intelligence, aunt.
  2075. My aim is to tell you and
    grandpa both were wrong.
  2076. If the price of his haste
    is losing you,
  2077. the price of your anger is losing
    parents' home for 25 'years.
  2078. The day you left home,
    had you turned for a second, aunt,
  2079. you'd have heard another shriek,
  2080. had you heard that shriek, these
    25 years would've been different, aunt.
  2081. D ilferent!
  2082. You don't worry, brother.
    I'll not file any case on your father.
  2083. Come.
  2084. What has happened to me?
  2085. Am I God if I make some money?
  2086. Would I shoot my own daughter?
  2087. Man like me mustn't live.
  2088. I'll die!
  2089. I'll die!
    - Stop, father!
  2090. Enough of the disaster
    this house has seen today.
  2091. If I die...
    - No, father...
  2092. Please don't stop me.
  2093. No, father...
    - Don't stop rne...don't stop me!
  2094. Please father...
  2095. You left grandpa for hurting
    uncle's shoulder,
  2096. what should I do with grandpa
    who killed my mother, aunt?
  2097. “flay did a gun fire
    which was silent for 10 years?
  2098. Isn't it because of you?
  2099. Hoe much I should hate you
    and that old man?
  2100. But I didn't do like that.
  2101. I grew up holding his hand.
  2102. Just because he asked me,
  2103. I came to you as your driver
    and opened the door for you.
  2104. Can't you come and open the
    door of the home, aunt?
  2105. Every problem in life
    gives us two ways,
  2106. one is filled with love
    and another with hatred.
  2107. I chose the first and
    you chose the second way.
  2108. Come to my way once, aunt.
  2109. Just once!
  2110. As a child I didn't know
    why I had no mother,
  2111. diddt understand why you won't come,
  2112. I used to be very angry, aunt,
  2113. I used to wage invisible war
    with unseen enemy, aunt.
  2114. Invisible war!
  2115. Living good isn't living away,
  2116. live happily with relatives!
  2117. Though we earned a lot, we could never
    fill the void left by you, aunt.
  2118. Still we keep a plate on dining table,
  2119. a room in our home,
  2120. 25 paise ofevery rupee we earn,
  2121. we've kept it for you, aunt.
  2122. We love you so much, aunt.
  2123. Just say one word, I‘ll stand guard
    against all your difliculties.
  2124. For one mistake, we've been saying
    sorry for 25 long years, aunt.
  2125. We're saying sorry!
  2126. We can‘t wait anymore, aunt.
  2127. Can't wait anymore.
  2128. Ifpossible forgive us
    or else punish us.
  2129. But please recognise us
    for God's sake!
  2130. Make a call, Gautham.
  2131. I want to talk to my father.
  2132. I'm worried.
  2133. Where you win isn't great but
    where to bend makes you greater!
  2134. He's no more a mother less child!
  2135. He got one for himself.
  2136. Shekar, my nephew!
  2137. Our son-in-law!
  2138. He's right.
    - No!
  2139. He's great!
  2140. What? What great?
  2141. Will he use my love
    to convince my mother?
  2142. Let him use it,
    how did you know his history?
  2143. There's internet on phone,
    his name gives hundreds of pages.
  2144. Why did you kidnap me?
  2145. They didn't do it,
    I engaged them to do it.
  2146. We don't want your jewels
    or your money. Come.
  2147. Please give me yourwatch, brother.
  2148. Why?
    - As your memorabilia, brother.
  2149. Is it?
  2150. As you wish.
  2151. Take it.
  2152. Bye, brother.
  2153. Your bad time will vanish
    and good time will arrive.
  2154. Where are you going?
  2155. I'll sell a mine and see their end.
  2156. Uganda President announced that private
    diamond mines would be nationlised.
  2157. Rocking. . . my entire street
    was rocking...
  2158. Is it an item song?
  2159. I thought it was a devotional song.
  2160. He'? You fake Swamyg
  2161. Though I'm a fake Swarny,
    didn't I fulfill your 3 boons?
  2162. Did 'you?
  2163. May I?
    - Tell me.
  2164. Her marriage must get stopped.
  2165. It got stopped, right;
  2166. Marriage was cancelled.
  2167. She'll marry a man
    you can never imagine.
  2168. Did you imagine it would be?
    No, right?
  2169. Now,
  2170. My currency, my arrogancy
    must always be with me.
  2171. What you started with would
    be with you only.
  2172. After losing your mines
    and spending all your money,
  2173. you're left with Rs.2 lakhs.
  2174. How can you appoint
    your grandson as CEO?
  2175. He's crazy.
  2176. It's not right to keep so many
    people's future in his hands.
  2177. I own 60% of this company.
  2178. How dare you suggest to me!
  2179. 40% only sir,
    Sunanda who owns 20% isn't here.
  2180. She'll never come.
  2181. What I'm saying is...
  2182. I propose Gautham as CEO!
  2183. Any objections?
  2184. Lost crores but left with coat.
  2185. A small spark on the edge ofdark...
  2186. A victory of dream coming true...
  2187. A sweet call on the edge of lip...
  2188. A turn for good in the
    barrenness ofseparation...
  2189. Like a breaking dawn in the east...
  2190. Happiness spread around like light...
  2191. Weather is spring forever to
    make flowers of happiness bloom...
  2192. Hearts have come together
    to make life sweeter...