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  1. Well, unless Grant plans on paying other
    people to buy his products, he'll
  2. presumably bring in some money each time
    he sells a nozzle, and each time he sells
  3. a set of wipers. This means that the money
    he earns is going to be equal to the money
  4. he makes from his wiper sales plus the
    money he makes from the nozzle sales,
  5. which is just this first choice up here.
    For example, let's say, just picking
  6. numbers out of the air, that Grant decides
    to sell a wiper set for $5 and one nozzle
  7. for $3. Well, then we know that money
    earned at that point would be equal to $5
  8. plus $3 or let's see, if I was going to
    pay for these, it would be 5, 6, 7, $8
  9. total. So all we would do to find the
    total money earned would be to add the
  10. cost of each of the products together.