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  1. You see what happened to Adam?
  2. He and Eve are no longer viewing God
  3. as though God is the One to be studied
  4. and examined by them.
  5. Suddenly, something's happened.
  6. Adam - he's the one.
  7. And you show me a man or woman
  8. who's moving toward becoming a Christian,
  9. I'll show you a man or woman
  10. in whom a reversal like this takes place.
  11. Something happens.
  12. Suddenly, there's an awareness.
  13. Suddenly, there's a consciousness
  14. that we are being looked at.
  15. God is looking at us.
  16. God sees through us.
  17. God knows us.
  18. God is calling us out.
  19. "Come out! Come out!"
  20. Into the open.
  21. Expose yourself.
  22. You're hiding back there in the trees.
  23. Come on out.
  24. And we're the ones being called out.
  25. Where are we?
  26. "Where are you, Adam?"
  27. Where are you?
  28. This comes home.
  29. See, this isn't just some relic
  30. from Genesis 3 - musty and dry and dusty.
  31. This is God speaking to every one of us.
  32. And it happens today.
  33. And God talks.
  34. Where are you?
  35. Where are you?
  36. Adam, come out into the open.
  37. Have you realized?
  38. Have you realized this?
  39. Among all the opinions and all the banter
  40. in all the theories and all the talk,
  41. have you ever come to the point
  42. where you recognize that in this life
  43. you are the one on trial?
  44. God is not on trial.
  45. When people make those kinds
    of flippant statements about God,
  46. they're speaking far more about themselves
  47. than they're ever saying about God.
  48. We are the ones on trial.
  49. And I'll guarantee you, on judgment day,
  50. there's no longer a
    bantering about opinions,
  51. what you believed about election.
  52. It's "Adam, where are you?"
  53. Where are you at?
  54. What have you done?
  55. Man rises up and says:
  56. "My great brain is going
    to figure God out."
  57. "God, You're on trial here
  58. and I'm going to figure You out,
  59. and You better answer to me."
  60. Man, oh, man talks like that all the time.
  61. "Well, there's genocide in the Bible.
  62. God, You better explain Yourself."
  63. Have you ever heard people talk like that?
  64. "There's election in the Bible.
  65. We don't like that.
  66. God, You better answer for that.
  67. You choosing who You want.
  68. Who do You think You are?"
  69. That's the way man talks.
  70. You know that.
  71. Sin.
  72. How did sin come into the world
  73. if God is sovereign,
  74. but God is not the author of it?
  75. You see, people want to put God on trial.
  76. "Well, God, You better answer for that
  77. because I can't figure it out.
  78. And I've applied my brain to it
  79. and it seems like it's an inconsistency
  80. and if my brain thinks
    it's an inconsistency, then it is,
  81. and so You better explain Yourself."
  82. And that's how man is.
  83. "God, I want an answer as to why
  84. children get terrible diseases."
  85. "You need to answer for that tsumani
  86. (or that earthquake or that
    hurricane or that tornado).
  87. But you know what happens
  88. when God comes to a soul
  89. and He speaks?
  90. Adam, Eve, where are you?
  91. Suddenly...
  92. we thought God was the one
  93. being dissected and analyzed.
  94. We thought with our great brains
  95. we were going to examine the Scriptures
  96. and we were going to examine God
  97. and we were going to figure it all out,
  98. but then God's voice comes to us
  99. and we recognize -
  100. I just had this picture in my mind.
  101. Sometimes we think we're
    spectators in the stands.
  102. We're kind of lost in the crowd.
  103. We're watching the game.
  104. We applaud or we boo.
  105. We're the judges.
  106. But it's almost like the
    referee just spins around
  107. and he throws his finger up into the crowd
  108. and he says, "You."
  109. You're no longer a spectator.
  110. You are the one on trial.
  111. And you can't just sit there in the crowd
  112. like a spectator
  113. because you have to do with God.
  114. Where are you?
  115. God's not asking us about our opinions.
  116. He's interested in us.
  117. Adam, where are you?
  118. I'm speaking to you.
  119. Adam, where are you?
  120. This excerpt is from the full sermon:
  121. Where is Adam?