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← A Young Man's War Against God in a Perverted World

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  1. My name is Daniel.
  2. I'm 18 years old.
  3. And almost a year ago, God saved me.
  4. I stand here.
  5. I want to proclaim the Gospel
  6. in my own testimony
  7. and just how God did that work in me
  8. that you too may come to faith in Him.
  9. Most of all I want to tell you
  10. that there's no level of sin
  11. and there's no amount of wickedness
  12. that keeps a man from God,
  13. but it's his own pride not to come.
  14. And for a long time,
  15. I was prideful enough to
    keep my sin in the dark.
  16. My dark deeds were
    not exposed to the light
  17. because they would expose
    them for what they are.
  18. And if that was true,
  19. God would have judged me.
  20. They were true
  21. and He would have judged me.
  22. But you need to know that now
  23. I serve a living Savior.
  24. He's alive in me.
  25. And He's done a work.
  26. Please hear this testimony
    I have to tell you
  27. that you may come to saving faith.
  28. God shows His love for us
  29. in that while we were still sinners,
  30. Christ died for us.
  31. On April 23rd, 1991,
  32. I began my war with God.
  33. That's the day I was born.
  34. At age 5 or 6,
  35. though God created me to mature
  36. and to be holy and pure before Him,
  37. at age 5 or 6, Satan said
  38. your sexuality begins.
  39. And I said, yeah, you're right.
  40. And through elementary
  41. and throughout middle school,
  42. Satan said this perversion continues,
  43. and I agreed with him.
  44. And high school came and I stopped.
  45. I stopped living my secret sexual lusts -
  46. these actions that no one knew about
  47. except God.
  48. And the only reason it ended
  49. was the fear of man
  50. because I didn't want to stop doing it.
  51. I loved it.
  52. I loved what killed my conscience.
  53. And if it could have been seen,
  54. it would have been a scarred,
  55. brutally beaten body - almost to death.
  56. That's what my conscience was like then.
  57. And the only reason I stopped
  58. was because I was growing up
  59. and I knew what people would think
  60. if I continued this way
    and they found out
  61. how I felt about people of my own gender
  62. and even my own flesh and blood
  63. and the things I did in the dark.
  64. The things that God's
    law says are perverse.
  65. He absolutely hates.
  66. No, I truly didn't stop doing it
  67. because it was an abomination to God.
  68. I truly stopped because...
  69. I cared more about what people thought
  70. than anything in the world -
  71. even more than my lusts.
  72. That's how much I cared
  73. what people thought about me.
  74. Not because I hated sin.
  75. I loved sin.
  76. But in the midst of this -
  77. me growing up this way -
  78. I began to isolate myself.
  79. Fear and shame became my outer shell.
  80. And I began to collect
    in the midst of all of it
  81. all types of materialistic idolatries,
  82. but never truly worshiping
  83. or considering the God who created me.
  84. And for that I am ashamed.
  85. I am so ashamed.
  86. With everyone applauding my good grades,
  87. I began the greatest abomination of all.
  88. In the midst of what I knew I was
  89. and had done and was
    still doing in my mind,
  90. though I physically stopped it,
  91. I actually thought I was better
  92. than most everyone else.
  93. And I looked to people's approval
  94. of my behavior externally
  95. and my own conduct in school.
  96. I began to think of myself as good.
  97. But if I had faced God in those days,
  98. He would have ended my life.
  99. And if He would have brought
    me right before Him,
  100. the angels would have been
    the ones applauding.
  101. They would have been applauding
  102. my damnation.
  103. Then my teenage "churchianity"
  104. only multiplied what I can imagine
  105. God felt toward me - fierce wrath
  106. and wanting to pour out vengeance.
  107. Because I treated myself then
  108. at that point in my life as redeemed.
  109. And it was under a false Gospel.
  110. But God being the merciful
    Savior that He was
  111. and He still is
  112. just showed me
  113. the consuming fire that He is,
  114. and in that blinding light
  115. He brought me face-to-face with Christ
  116. almost a year ago from today.
  117. And I felt like I could not escape then.
  118. And I felt outside of Him
  119. enough to proclaim to those
  120. giving me the Gospel
  121. that I had been hearing a false Gospel.
  122. I was able to admit it.
  123. Only in God's mercy was He allowing me
  124. to see that and believe that.
  125. The living Christ in these
    pages of His Word -
  126. they came alive to me that night.
  127. And realizing God, I fled
    to the living Christ.
  128. I fled to Him - that Savior.
  129. That Mighty One.
  130. He gave up His life
  131. and bled on that tree.
  132. I was able to live and see
  133. the way Christ lived
  134. and the way He saw God.
  135. I was able to live like Him.
  136. I was able to live like Christ.
  137. I was able to see the Father
  138. the way God the Son saw God the Father.
  139. And now, to some of you,
  140. I will see in that final day
  141. doing the very things,
  142. having done those very
    same things that I did,
  143. hearing this truth -
  144. even doing worse things than I did,
  145. being poured into the lake of fire.
  146. That was what I deserve.
  147. But God responded to my hate
  148. with His own love and His Son
  149. in that while I was a sinner,
  150. He died for me.
  151. And many of you it is my prayer
  152. will stand with me as brethren on that day
  153. having done what I did,
  154. having lived what I lived,
  155. and rejoicing as He pours out His love -
  156. His undeserved love -
  157. and it is of light.
  158. And it is a consuming fire.
  159. A burning love and bright love
  160. that fills those heavens
  161. so that there is no sun,
  162. there is no moon.
  163. There's just Him.
  164. And all that thirst will come to Him
  165. because He has given them life.
  166. And all my false relationships
  167. and all my lusts
  168. and all my perverted sexuality
  169. and all of my pride and self-righteousness
  170. in the midst of those lies -
  171. He abundantly pardons
  172. and gives me a true relationship
  173. and a true love
  174. and a true romance
  175. that is Christ with His bride
  176. for all eternity.
  177. And amen.
  178. You alone are my heart's desire
  179. and I long to worship You.
  180. You alone are the true joy giver
  181. and Lord, I want to yearn for You.
  182. You alone are my strength, my shield.
  183. To You alone does my spirit yield.
  184. You alone are my heart's desire
  185. and I long to worship You.
  186. Amen.
  187. Everything that I would have owed God
  188. and never would have finished paying for,
  189. God justified me.
  190. God is love.
  191. But for some,
  192. they will be as metals cast into a furnace
  193. melting under the pressing
    heat of His anger.
  194. Come to Him.
  195. He will justify you.
  196. Believe in Him
  197. that you may be saved.
  198. Romans 1:21-32
  199. For although they knew God,
    they did not honor him as God
  200. or give thanks to him, but they
    became futile in their thinking,
  201. and their foolish hearts were darkened.
  202. Claiming to be wise, they became fools,
  203. and exchanged the glory
    of the immortal God for images
  204. resembling mortal man and birds
    and animals and creeping things.
  205. Therefore God gave them up in the
    lusts of their hearts to impurity,
  206. to the dishonoring of their
    bodies among themselves,
  207. because they exchanged
    the truth about God for a lie
  208. and worshiped and served the
    creature rather than the Creator
  209. who is blessed forever! Amen.
  210. For this reason God gave them
    up to dishonorable passions.
  211. For their women exchanged
    natural relations
  212. for those that are contrary to nature;
  213. and the men likewise gave
    up natural relations with women
  214. and were consumed with
    passion for one another,
  215. men committing shameless acts with men
  216. and receiving in themselves
    the due penalty for their error.
  217. And since they did not
    see fit to acknowledge God,
  218. God gave them up to a debased mind
    to do what ought not to be done.
  219. They were filled with all manner of
    unrighteousness, evil, covetousness, malice.
  220. They are full of envy, murder,
    strife, deceit, maliciousness.
  221. They are gossips, slanderers, haters
    of God, insolent, haughty, boastful,
  222. inventors of evil, disobedient to parents,
    foolish, faithless, heartless, ruthless.
  223. Though they know God's righteous decree
  224. that those who practice
    such things deserve to die,
  225. they not only do them but give
    approval to those who practice them.
  226. 1 Corinthians 6:9
    Or do you not know that the unrighteous
  227. will not inherit the kingdom of God?
  228. Do not be deceived: neither the
    sexually immoral, nor idolaters,
  229. nor adulterers, nor men
    who practice homosexuality...
  230. 2 Corinthians 5:17 "Therefore, if anyone
    is in Christ, he is a new creation.
  231. The old has passed away;
    behold, the new has come."