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  1. Personally,
  2. I feel there are only a few
  3. The first one
  4. I can appreciate time
  5. I can appreciate time
  6. Then the second one
  7. I can please others more
  8. Especially to parents
  9. In my community
  10. I see that
  11. Among fellow members of the community
  12. They are more open to each other
  13. So, between one community
  14. with other communities
  15. They are more open to each other
  16. Second, they are also more sensitive
  17. More respect for each other
  18. Both from men to women
  19. And women to men
  20. It feels like the same
  21. Nothing is different
  22. So, respect each other
  23. In the community itself
  24. That is the change
  25. We take one another
  26. Become an alarm
  27. or a reminder for others
  28. If there is an error
  29. Or misunderstanding in the community
  30. Or turn from what we learned
  31. Like positive values
  32. In our lives
  33. We are from one another
  34. Remind each other
  35. Then
  36. there are certainly many obstacles
  37. And the challenges we will face
  38. And especially myself
  39. As the leader
  40. Where should I continue
  41. Give a good example
  42. For its own constraints, namely
  43. Most come from within me
  44. I sometimes can't control myself
  45. I can't sometimes be
  46. good examples for friends
  47. But there I continued to study
  48. And I keep reminding friends
  49. For us together
  50. Achieving something good
  51. In our lives
  52. We must continue together
  53. We must remind each other
  54. Between one another
  55. First time
  56. I am involved in the LLB (Laki - laki Baru) community
  57. This New Men's Movement
  58. From church youth
  59. Incidentally at that time LLB
  60. Working directly with church youth
  61. And communities are formed
  62. In the youth of the church
  63. I am also involved in it
  64. Which is the background
  65. Why do I have to
  66. involved in it
  67. Mindset
  68. About the purpose of the LLB itself
  69. That is about gender equality
  70. And violence against women
  71. More specifically
  72. I am interested in gender itself
  73. Because in my mind
  74. Gender is actually
  75. An act of crime
  76. And
  77. Apparently
  78. After being in this community
  79. The mindset that is in my mind
  80. That is still wrong
  81. New Men's Movement
  82. In a community
  83. Occurs in Mata Air Village
  84. Organized by the CIS
  85. Very useful for
  86. Not only for the church
  87. But it also has an impact on society
  88. Especially in Mata Air Village
  89. We feel helped by this movement
  90. Because at least
  91. There are paradigm changes
  92. Changing mindsets
  93. From the youth
  94. Parents
  95. Problem living side by side
  96. With his wife and children
  97. Because that is what happens in society
  98. And also to the church
  99. Specifically
  100. This New Men's Movement
  101. in this region
  102. Especially young people
  103. Who follows it
  104. He has a positive impact
  105. In the church specifically
  106. They have already begun to show
  107. Who are they
  108. Young people who think positively
  109. But also young people
  110. Not only
  111. Keep quiet
  112. But has a role
  113. In their particular church
  114. When given space
  115. They work responsibly
  116. There are new creations
  117. What they met
  118. Even they provide solutions
  119. In a problem
  120. I am personally
  121. As a priest in this place
  122. Feeling helped
  123. Why
  124. Because it's almost mostly
  125. Youth
  126. Feeling that they are no longer
  127. Give responsibility, then they act
  128. But they have started to have
  129. Sort of their past work
  130. Start doing activities
  131. In church life
  132. But also society
  133. About how
  134. Difficult
  135. Difficult
  136. Sad
  137. sad
  138. Odd
  139. Odd
  140. Worry
  141. Worry
  142. Means that communication is important
  143. Here it's said communication is important
  144. In building relationships
  145. My biggest challenge is
  146. Comes from within myself
  147. And also the closest people
  148. Where do I invite people
  149. Around me
  150. Even people
  151. Don't know me
  152. For them don't do violence
  153. But at least
  154. We have great hope
  155. As a woman
  156. We don't want more than men
  157. But we want to be the same as men
  158. We don't want to
  159. Higher than men
  160. But we want to be appreciated
  161. I hope in the future
  162. This movement
  163. can be maintained continuously
  164. Then don't just be limited to the community
  165. But if there can be programs
  166. That touches up outside the community
  167. With help
  168. From members of the community
  169. It certainly can strengthen information
  170. Keep strengthening
  171. Actions which is
  172. Characterizing this LLB
  173. I hope
  174. That not only in the church
  175. But they have more access
  176. To the community
  177. Especially us in the Mata Air Village, right?
  178. There are several churches
  179. Not only ...
  180. But there is Catholicism
  181. There is a GBI
  182. This group must have more access
  183. For that
  184. So not only
  185. Here in the village ...
  186. Desa Mata Air
  187. But overall to other hamlets
  188. The embryo starts from the church
  189. Not questioned
  190. But they must access
  191. Must jump
  192. In the midst of the community
  193. So that this community develops forward
  194. And don't keep quiet
  195. I have one hope
  196. I hope so
  197. I hope so
  198. communities that I have built
  199. We have built it together
  200. Keep standing, stay strong
  201. We want to stay together
  202. To keep fighting
  203. To keep voicing
  204. Stop violence against women
  205. Wherever we are
  206. I also hope that
  207. Other friends from other regions
  208. Good friends of SIO
  209. Or other communities
  210. Let us support one another
  211. We motivate each other for
  212. in the same destination
  213. So that we speak the same thing
  214. And I believe that
  215. When we move
  216. For something good
  217. Then that will come true
  218. Then my last hope is
  219. I hope to friends from CIS
  220. More specifically
  221. which handles this New Male program
  222. To always give us motivation
  223. Always give us support
  224. In the future we try
  225. Better
  226. Maybe that's all
  227. I have a poem
  228. For this New Men's movement
  229. That is this
  230. Go to the market to buy fish
  231. Don't forget to buy basil
  232. Life without violence
  233. Is a real man
  234. Thank you