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  1. Today, we are going to the post office
  2. A couple of days ago
    we got one of these notes in our mailbox
  3. Which means they came to drop off a package
    and we weren't here to get it
  4. So, now we have to go down to the post office
    and pick it up
  5. So, in a moment we're going to be going to
    the post office
  6. And now we are officially going to the post
  7. The post office is actually really close to
    our house
  8. It's in the neighborhood just west of our
  9. But it's a little further than we usually
  10. So we're going to take the bus!
    Which means that you get to see a little bit
  11. of the bus in Milwaukee
  12. Ok, here we are
  13. Our post office is on Martin Luther King Drive
  14. It's in a very old building
  15. I don't know when it was built but
    it's probably one of the older post offices
  16. in the city
    Here you can see P. O. boxes
  17. These are mailboxes that you can rent
    so you can have your mail delivered (and you
  18. can come pick it up)
    Without having to give people your real address
  19. In case you wanted to keep your actual address
    private for some reason
  20. So, just the street?
  21. You're all set, thank you!
    Thank you! Take care!
  22. We have our package
  23. For the trip back we don't have to buy a ticket
  24. When you buy a ticket on the bus,
    you get a transfer
  25. Which you can see my transfer here
  26. Which allows you to take another bus
    for free within 2 hours of your first trip
  27. If it's chocolate, it's mine!
  28. So, we're back from the post office
  29. We have our package
    When we went down to the post office,
  30. we didn't know who it was from, what it was
    It turns out that it's from Poland
  31. You can see all of the stamps here
  32. It's from a Bibliobird user
  33. One of our students who comes to our English
    discussion lessons over voice chat
  34. "wilk" is his username on Bibliobird
  35. So he sent us a present
  36. In a second we're going to open it
    and find out what it is
  37. Alright what do we got here?
  38. It's for Carrie
    some chocolates
  39. Oh, my gosh
    Oh, wow
  40. It's hot chocolate
    Oh, nice
  41. Or I guess you would say like "drinking chocolate"
  42. From my favorite place to get hot chocolate
  43. Yeah, in Warsaw
  44. And we've got...
    Oh, man
  45. "wilk" sent us some chocolate bars
    Look at all of that
  46. Oh, wow
    Look at that
  47. That is awesome
    We got all the different kinds
  48. Oh, my gosh
    Oh, that is boss
  49. That is boss
  50. And I assume this is more -
    Yeah, milk chocolate
  51. Now here's some milk chocolate
    Those are pretty packages
  52. Yeah, with some pictures from Warsaw
    Ah, from Łazienki park?
  53. Um, this one is
    That one
  54. The... with Chopin
  55. And then this is the mermade in old town
  56. And one last one that I forgot in there
    Wow, awesome
  57. Well, I can tell you right now that Carrie is going to love eating all of this chocolate
  58. Wow
  59. Alright, I'ma [= I'm going to] try it
    That is very tasty
  60. We just want to say: Thank you so much, "wilk"
    This is a wonderful present