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  1. Fact, there are a lot of apps in the Play store.
  2. >> I know and most of them are probably made by really awesome developers.
  3. >> But it's not enough anymore just to be an awesome developer.
  4. >> Unfortunately, a lot of these apps get really low ratings. And
  5. low ratings are almost always a sign of bad user experience design.
  6. >> With that in mind.
  7. >> Welcome to UX Design For Mobile Developers.
  8. >> This class will teach you, developers how to design amazing apps
  9. that get five stars.
  10. >> My name is Nazmul.
  11. >> I am a Developer Advocate at Google and I specialize in Android and
  12. User Experience Design. Hi and I'm Izabel,
  13. I'm an Android Interaction Designer and Prototyper.
  14. >> Awesome.
  15. >> So Izabel, why are we teaching this class? Well,
  16. currently today the world of design and development are largely siloed.
  17. And this is crazy because we all have the same
  18. goal which is to make amazing applications that our users love.
  19. And the goal of this course is to help bring these
  20. two worlds together and help you become a design minded developer.
  21. >> So you know, to make amazing apps you
  22. really have to know a little bit of both.
  23. >> As a developer you have to think a little bit like a designer.
  24. >> I actually consider myself to be a design minded developer.
  25. >> So if I were to place myself on a scale of design and
  26. development skills, I would say I'm a ten on develop and maybe like a seven
  27. on design.
  28. >> So Izabel, where do you see yourself on this
  29. scale? For designer, I would put myself at a ten.
  30. >> Cool. And for development, since I'm a prototyper
  31. I would put myself at a bout a four.
  32. >> Oh nice.
  33. >> So, where do you see yourself on this scale?
  34. >> I want you to really think about this because at the
  35. end of this class we will ask you to take this quiz again.
  36. >> And hopefully you'll have moved way higher on the design scale.