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  1. So, now it's your turn to
    explore the Analytics Dashboard.
  2. Feel free to explore
    the Admin Dashboard.
  3. Look at the different options,
    see what the things do.
  4. You'll find that there's really a lot
    of options here, Channel Settings for
  5. example, e-commerce settings,
    Adsense linking.
  6. Things like this you may not be ready
    to use, but don't worry about that.
  7. There's a lot of resources for
    learning how to use analytics.
  8. And this course is going to focus on how
    to add analytics to your mobile app.
  9. Okay, so take a look around the Admin
    Dashboard, switch to the reporting
  10. dashboard, investigate some of
    the options, go to the Home tab.
  11. What do you see there?
  12. Feel free to set your preferences,
    uncheck everything, check them all,
  13. as you like.
  14. What about the Customization tab?
  15. Again, I don't want you to necessarily
    understand everything you're seeing.
  16. I want you to learn how to navigate
    through the different tabs.
  17. And how to get back to
    the Admin Dashboard.
  18. When you've done some investigating,
    take this quiz.
  19. Which dashboard do you use to do what?