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  1. The only genotype that this grandfather could
  2. be, is actually the heterozygous genotype, plus minus.
  3. Now what's the reasoning behind this? Well
  4. we know, right off the bat, that because
  5. it's a dominant trait, and he's affected,
  6. that he can't be homozygous recessive, the minus
  7. minus. Because this scenario is the normal height
  8. or the unaffected individual. We know he's affected,
  9. so he can't be that, but now the question
  10. is we know he has at least one achondroplasia
  11. allele, one of the plus alleles, but how do
  12. we know if he has one or two, if he's
  13. homozygous or heterozygous? And for that answer we're going to
  14. look at his children. specific in the all the factors
  15. is shown yes to reachout the two factors one
  16. another factorsif he is in fact come this side dominate
  17. for the cause we would expect all the
  18. children is infact one of these Dominant alleles. But
  19. the fact that his son is unaffected means
  20. that his son did not get a dominant allele.
  21. We know that the mother, obviously didn't give
  22. him a dominant allele. And the father couldn't have
  23. given him a dominant allele because he's unaffected.
  24. This must mean that he has two unaffected alleles.
  25. And one of them came from the
  26. father, which means the father must be heterozygous.