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  1. Now, what happens if there is more than two charges--for instance three.
  2. How do we use this equation to find the potential energy of this system.
  3. We have three charges all separated by 1 m and this one is +2, this one -3, and this one is +4c.
  4. One thing not to be confused by is the fact that even though this is q1 and q2
  5. that is not saying that this formula exclusively applies to q1 here and q2 there.
  6. I just happen to label this charge q1 and this charge q2.
  7. I could have labeled this one q7 and this one q? and this one q smiley face, but I didn't.
  8. This equation just means that for any pair of charges, there's potential energy stored
  9. and this one and two just referred to the two charges in that pair.
  10. If we want to calculate the potential energy of this system, we have to calculate the energy associated
  11. with this pair of charges, this pair, and that pair.
  12. We'll have to make three calculations.
  13. Could you tell me what is the potential energy stored in this system of three charges,
  14. and you can enter your answer here and I've already included the
  15. x10¹⁰, again, be careful with your sign.