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  1. [Mark Bradford: Super 8 Movies]

  2. As a kid, I would lay down on the…
  3. [LAUGHS]
  4. …this grass, and look up at the sky,
  5. and I would see clouds.
  6. And I remember one day, I said,
  7. "Oh, you know what?"
  8. I told my friends,
  9. "Oh, we're going to…"
    "I'm going to make…"
  10. "I'm going to have a movie."
  11. "I'm going to make a movie."
  12. "I'm going to…"
  13. "We're all going to watch a movie
    and it's going to be free."
  14. And I was going to project it on the cloud.
  15. So…
  16. [LAUGHS]
  17. all my friends--
  18. Tina, Terry, Tanya, Lauren, myself--
  19. all the people.
  20. We all…
  21. They went...
  22. Because they would believe me!
  23. They just knew…
  24. "That's right, Mark!"
  25. Because I was the wizard.
  26. And we waited for it to get dark,
  27. but not too dark,
    because you could see the clouds.
  28. And we got all the extension cords
    from all over the house.
  29. And I turned it up.
  30. And I projected it to the cloud.
  31. And nothing happened!
  32. And it's funny
  33. because they said, "Oh..."
  34. "Must have not worked."
  35. But the way they said it was,
  36. "You could've made it work."
  37. And you know, they're still like that.
  38. They're still like that.
  39. "It wasn't your fault, Mark."
  40. "Something was wrong up there,"
  41. "because it should have worked!"