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  1. Now, despite being a really brilliant thinker,
  2. Archimedes estimate of the earth's circumference seems to have been a guess.
  3. And that's not the best way to do physics.
  4. Let's look at alternatives to guessing.
  5. One thing we could do to maybe improve on just a blind guess is we could have many people make guesses
  6. and then take the average.
  7. Or we could look at the geometry of a sphere
  8. and somehow find a clever way to calculate the circumference.
  9. We could also wrap a really long string around the earth and measure the length.
  10. Or we could determine the circumference of the moon and assume the earth is the same size.
  11. Of these four alternatives, which do you think is the best?
  12. Just choose your favorite answer.