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05-14 Value_Proposition_Services

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  1. The value proposition for a company that's selling services is kind of the same.
  2. You just need to ask--what are core services that are part of your value proposition.
  3. Consulting, a haircut, investment advice, and if you're selling whether it's software or hardware,
  4. you could have separate services that are part of this whole product--
  5. pre- and post-sales services, finding the right solution, financing, free delivery.
  6. Amazon makes a great business because in fact they could do 1-day delivery
  7. or they could do 2-day Premier Service.
  8. That is--service is sometimes, well, might seem to be ??? or kind of add ons
  9. actually making your products work better than the competitors.
  10. And then what are after-sales services--free maintenance, disposal, etc.
  11. And so all these add up again to what is it that your product features do.