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  1. So, here I have a folder on my computer
  2. with a bunch of photos. Now, you'll notice that
  3. the message in these photos is all jumbled up,
  4. we can't quite read it just yet. Now, if I
  5. zoom into these photos, you'll notice that the names
  6. of the photos, they have numbers in them. And it's
  7. our task to remove those numbers. And I wrote
  8. a program that does just that. Let me run it.
  9. The output window shows all of the files that were renamed and if I look at the
  10. folders again, you'll notice that the photos have
  11. been renamed. Their names don't have any numbers in
  12. them anymore. Also, if I zoom out just
  13. a little bit. You'll notice that the photos are
  14. now revealing a message. Which in this case
  15. is just, SOME SECRET MESSAGE. Let's build this program.