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  1. Okay, so the first thing we're
    going to need is an ID column,
  2. because nothing else here is unique.
  3. We'll relate donors to their phone
    numbers, using the donor's ID.
  4. The ID is arbitrary, as long as the one
    here equals the one down here, but
  5. we'll just put 1,
    because Mary is the first donor.
  6. The second thing we know
    about a donor is their name.
  7. And we know their favorite animal.
  8. Now, Mary has two phones, so
  9. there will be two rows in donor
    phones with Mary's id in them.
  10. And Mary has two kinds of phone,
    one is a home phone and one is a mobile.
  11. We'll call that column phone type.
  12. And finally we know
    Mary's phone numbers.
  13. So there you have it, you've taken
    all the data from this object
  14. oriented record and
    structured it into database tables.