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  1. For the lower bound, we have our point estimate for the differences, 15.14,
  2. minus the t critical value. Before using the positive value, we'll subtract it.
  3. That's the same as adding the negative t critical value, if we were to use that
  4. one, times the standard error, 15.72. And we get about negative 18.19. Since we
  5. got a negative value for our lower bound, then it's possible that males own
  6. more shoes than females. That if we subtract them, we'll get a negative value.
  7. For our upper bound, we'll do the same thing, 15.14 plus 2.12. And note that
  8. that's the same as subtracting negative 2.12, if we were to use the negative t
  9. critical value, times 15.72. This comes out to 48.47. Good job.