Safety helmet uvex pheos: How the click system works

Safety helmet uvex pheos: How the click system works

That's how easy the magnetic click system of the uvex pheos works - an innovative head protection system with visor and hearing protection.

The safety helmet in the video is the uvex pheos B-S-WR, combined with the uvex pheos visor magnetic visor and the uvex pheos K2H magnetic ear muffs.

And this is how it works:

Initial installation and putting on the head protection

- First mount the visor on the helmet by automatically engaging the visor's side brackets at the designated position with the magnetic self-locking mechanism.
- Now click the magnetic capsules onto the helmet
- Put the helmet on, turn the wheel until the helmet is tight and turn the ear protectors so that they cover your ears

Remove the ear protector capsules

- Turn the helmet capsules upwards
- Push the helmet caps to the side to release from the helmet

Handling the visor

- Take your visor off: Press on the visor holder from behind and remove the visor to the front
- Attach the visor: Simply click the visor onto the magnetic mount
- Raise the visor: Guide the visor upwards and place it parallel to the helmet so that you can move around as freely as possible without getting caught in your helmet

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