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  1. Video bridges the gap between
    survivors and audiences
  2. between seeing and changing.
  3. At WITNESS the purpose of
    video is to get the story told
  4. the right people to see it
    and action taken.
  5. WITNESS has been empowering women
    around the world for 17 years
  6. partnering with organizations and
    working on issues impacting women and girls.
  7. From exposing the trafficking of
    women in eastern Europe
  8. to advocating for women landmine
    victims in Senegal
  9. to protecting our elderly from abuse,
    right here in the United States...
  10. WITNESS changes lives.
  11. Women who have survived human
    rights abuses are speaking up
  12. so that others won't experience
    the same injustices.
  13. Violence against women in
    Zimbabwe is because
  14. women are becoming more and
    more involved in politics.
  15. To try and to stop these women
    from involvement in politics
  16. they are beaten, they are
    sexually assaulted.
  17. RAU decided to work with WITNESS
  18. because it will give people a
    chance to watch the film
  19. and then to see what is
    going on in Zimbabwe.
  20. In Yemen, witnesses working
    with the Sisters Arab Forum
  21. to advocate for the rights of
    minority "Akhdam" women
  22. The video was screened in Yemen to members
  23. of Parliament, journalists
    and civil society
  24. and has unfortunately since been banned.
  25. WITNESS is working to have the ban lifted.
  26. In Mexico, DUAL INJUSTICE tells
    the story of 19-year old Neyra
  27. who disappeared on her way
    home from school in 2003.
  28. WITNESS recently met the Mexican
    president and select government officials.
  29. They have since created a working group
  30. to end the disappearances
    and murders that have
  31. claimed the lives of over
    450 girls and young women.
  32. In Macedonia, our WITNESS
    partner advocates
  33. to end violence and discrimination
    against women
  34. including sex workers.
  35. Violence and discrimination
    against women and girls
  36. is one of today's most pervasive
    human rights violations.
  37. WITNESS empowers those standing
    up for the rights of women
  38. to expose injustices, tell their stories
  39. and create lasting change.