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  1. For any trait, there are usually variations.
  2. >> So wait, are you talking about things
  3. like eye color, like blue, green, brown, hazel.
  4. >> Right, exactly. Eye color is an example of a single trait,
  5. but for that one trait you can have different versions or variants;
  6. brown, green, blue. Variation is a huge theme in this course. And
  7. it's important to recognize that different
  8. people have different perspectives on different variations.
  9. >> It's true,
  10. I guess. I've always liked hazel eyes.
  11. >> And why have you always liked hazel eyes?
  12. >> I don't know. I just think they're better.
  13. >> And I guess that's sort of
  14. what we're talking about. The word better sometimes
  15. implies that there's a good or bad eye color to begin with. We don't really want
  16. to do that. For the most part, good
  17. and bad shouldn't be used to reference personal
  18. preference. Instead, for our course, we'll reserve the
  19. word bad only for variations of traits that
  20. cause serious health conditions, or even fatality.
  21. >> Fair enough. So I want to know what
  22. you think. What traits are better or worse than
  23. other traits? These can be physical, personality or behavioral
  24. traits. List one in each one of these boxes.