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  3. (Music - Generic)
  4. I want to thank you all for coming.
  5. (Applause)
  6. All my life, I waited for today.
  7. My life's most special the most wonderful days I waited.
  8. And next to me are my dear friends.
  9. I love you so much.
  10. I thank you very much.
  11. You've come to the United States for me.
  12. It is a very happy day.
  13. Such like me, I'm gonna be happy. I feel it.
  14. So all of you, I invite you to dance.
  15. (Woman) Come to the dance.
  16. (Music - Violin)
  17. Still, I was humiliated.
  18. Trials and tribulations of my life, exactly this.
  19. I'm alone, no one is in my life ...
  20. ... and a few days later, I press the thirties.
  21. "We can not do together"
  22. "Now our separate ways"
  23. "Our hearts are tired"
  24. "A broken-down love"
  25. "In my rest"
  26. Shall we Dance?
  27. -No, I can not. -What?
  28. "Our hearts are tired"
  29. A well done.
  30. "You will not be forgotten"
  31. "During the Life"
  32. "You will be with me"
  33. Look at it now!
    With a ten-year-old kid I'm dancing.
  34. - Yu are very old
    - No I am not.
  35. Does even have a mustache.
  36. - You'll find all in the internet.
    - Are you using the Internet?
  37. Of course I use it. You were born during the last hundred years?
  38. -Seven years later, here we meet.
    – We cannot be together
  39. In addition, until then, I'd be married already.
  40. I do not think so.
  41. AA! Or Mom!
  42. That a kid he is. Who knows what happened?
  43. "It does not kake brunette difference"
  44. "You feel like it's the white horse atlas"
  45. "I imagine that for many years"
  46. "My handsome prince to come"
  47. "Rich does not give the poor a difference"
  48. "And now my patience ends"
  49. "He's coming here, we said the prince"
  50. "Enough is enough hold on"
  51. See where I am now fallen. But I feel Nonsense.
  52. I came to the wedding to feel something, right?
  53. None. Not necessarily I have a lonely future.
  54. (Woman) Will you look at my life?
  55. Also what do I do? All good men, are stricken.
  56. Thirty, forty years wasted,
    there is also a problem in all unmarried men.
  57. (Music)
  58. (Car Audio)
  59. (Music)
  60. I understand the language from God ...
  61. ... do not leave me half way.
  62. (I'm finished. Lonely, unhappy.
  63. "Now I have to escape from here"
  64. I'm actually unhsppy everywhere.
  65. Away separate, distinct.
  66. -Hello. -Hello.
  67. My sister parties are currently engaged in yoga.
    Name Nilufer.
  68. Although she is seven months pregnant ...
  69. ... As you can see, more fit than me.
  70. Phone monster is Sezen.
    My sister.
  71. The administration is not recognized
    by three to five people.
  72. buried my mother in the book.
    My mom my mom at work.
  73. Retired art teacher.
    After fifty painters.
  74. Hello girls. Welcome.
  75. -How was your wedding?
    -New classic.
  76. First marriage.
  77. So no one was handsome?
  78. There were, of course, darling.
  79. He took the address and will be sent home tomorrow.
  80. So she got home delivery.
    Can you imagine?
  81. -The vine face. I do not hang
    -A mother, gosh!
  82. But do not look, I'm sure.
  83. Soon it will be a very good.
  84. You'll get married.
    You will have a wonderful bay.
  85. After that, you will have four beautiful children.
  86. Then the man will suddenly get mad.
  87. He will leave the house.
  88. because it is too lazy to be settled in apartments.
  89. Even extremely awkward ...
  90. ... all the meals future ...
  91. ... the food in your house.
  92. (The doorbell sounds)
    -Here you are.
  93. (Mother) Go one of the two girls.
  94. (Mother) Your faather.
  95. Welcome home daddy.
  96. The walls are not as thick as your chest Rezzan.
  97. Everything you said, I am single.
  98. (Laughter)
  99. I already hear you yell Hikmet Bey.
  100. Why are you gossiping?
  101. Because I hate you.
  102. I understand.
    - I ...
  103. ... Can you tell this gentleman?
    Please get back to the house.
  104. Can you tell the lady? I'm going now.
  105. Do not confuse me. I am going to sleep. Goodnight.
  106. -Goodnight. -Goodnight.
  107. An ordinary night here in our home.
  108. (Music)
  109. (Music - Animated)
  110. Is Let's help the girls?
  111. Or my son, we'll walk over there.
  112. (Music - Animated)
  113. We can take action.
  114. Here's my advertising agency. Hakan in the financial sector.
  115. -Great. Is not -Great?
  116. But in fact it's all a lie.
  117. How so?
  118. -Let me tell you a secret?
    I love the handy work.
  119. In fact, both of us.
  120. So we have a shop in the industry.
  121. -Nice what do you do. - Where?
  122. In your shop. So much for good mechanic.
  123. There is something called good time.
  124. So your car, did you also rent it?
  125. Oh, it belongs to someone else?
  126. So if we wish we work in the body shop.
  127. We find such luxury cars.
  128. We enjoy other people cars.
  129. This is terrible.
  130. -What happened?
    -Get go.
  131. -So this is it. Come on, walk.
  132. (Music)
  133. -What said the girl?
    –Really I do not know.
  134. Just the facts.
  135. -I do not believe you.
    - That is me.
  136. (Music - Animated)
  137. (Music)
  138. -Hi Sema, I have a news flash for you.
    - What.
  139. starting today, I say we enjoy ourselves.
  140. Tomorrow we go to work.
    Who do you want ...
  141. something I will not say no.
  142. - For you?
    - AA yes.
  143. I'm gonna find one.
  144. After that I will go myself to any wedding.
  145. Look, I'm writing here.
  146. It was the first test
    we managed just fine.
  147. Ferda was a man both very handsome and funny.
  148. we get along so well.
  149. Oh, who am I kidding.
    Ferda was one like Cucumber.
  150. (Kiss sound)
  151. -Ferdac?
    -Of course, I asked for one.
  152. I'm going to ask ...
  153. But yeah okay I'm gonna ask.
  154. Now we are together with you
    for three months
  155. Yes, it is true.
  156. Do we put a name to it, huh?
  157. Now that depends on what we put a name.
  158. We put a name on our relationship.
  159. Unisex names. I am in favor of them.
  160. When it is Human it's enough.
  161. You think I want to say
    we are very well.
  162. I say the name of our relationship.
    What are we now?
  163. I'm a human being only.
  164. We are two people that go out together.
  165. You're asking what? I don’t get it.
    But I will try to answer.
  166. I asked very clear.
  167. what is the purpose we are continuing
    this relation?
  168. -And what is our aim?
    – I will will you.
  169. Be happy, be happy. I'm ok.
  170. Lovers baby. So be happy that we're lovers?
  171. What do we do then?
  172. This will remain our status
    we with our happiness.
  173. Be happy,
    We will continue dear lover.
  174. my parents ask. So put a name they say.
  175. We have the relationship,
    to put a name is not good
  176. you name the animas. I do not like to find a name.
  177. Why?
  178. You name it
    That was beautiful song alsor.
  179. Now, now ... Who will put a name
    at this time or day.
  180. My mother.
  181. Something coming out of your mother,
    I will not fry to complain
  182. We are beyond that now. We do not need a name.
  183. -All right, when you say it so I – I insist.
  184. OK. Me okay.
  185. Come here. Do not argue.
  186. we are not talking about the same thing with you.
  187. OK, you say what you mean clearly.
  188. First, because you gave me this opportunity
    to clean up my heart ...
  189. ... I thank you a thousand times.
  190. I'm sure there are things you say
    That you want to talk about them.
  191. But I got a phone call.
    You have to see.
  192. 17 mega pixels. I found something to go home with her photos.
  193. One second please let me finish my promise.
  194. Just in one day, do not forget the words we meet somewhere, continue from where you were.
  195. Because of the relationship that I put your name, or you stretch me here.
  196. Account you.
  197. Tsk tsk tsk.
  198. (Music) -O?uz, where was the fuck out?
  199. To cut a long story Gökçecig, you're better than I deserve.
  200. (Music - Animated)
  201. No, I did not understand everything that was going smoothly. Such rhyme ...
  202. ... you deserve better than me Gokce said.
  203. OK my love. Now what are we doing our souls? We do not often.
  204. -Both Is there not you a man? So. -No, of course.
  205. No, I'll just die attach myself to that.
  206. After that cats like my food on my face.
  207. I Gökçecig, are we still there? We're not. It passed over.
  208. Of course we're there.
  209. No. Or until you told me. How did you convince you to marry these Cemil?
  210. Now as I did. Cemil said, Let us now that's a name.
  211. I just said.
  212. But here, it has a shape or grumble.
  213. You love AmAmI?sIndIr secure its setting.
  214. Or could. I think that more ...
  215. ... I asked her place as you did in the pudding.
  216. IIŸ right now, that's it. Look at me, you Is there not a man, huh?
  217. Both look like what he said. II Bond, James Bond also said.
  218. You said once, you lose. beat again ...
  219. ... what did you do, you try to eat here.
  220. -Here ... but once -S.
  221. He's not saying so. telling him not James Bond.
  222. But okay, you understood the matter? You understand. So what do we do?
  223. His neck do not ever darken. We're going to our next candidate.
  224. (Gökçe external sound) said it was indeed a very sweet man.
  225. (Gökçe external sounds) and clever and witty and personable.
  226. (Gökçe external sound) Oh, who am I kidding, it was a very ordinary type.
  227. (Mouthwash sound)
  228. (His SESI)
  229. Now ?ermin?ah, competed in the race to the last island.
  230. In Seyhan. At the end of 1400 meters on the first day itself.
  231. I wonder. Gökçe you that the ass-print Kosse though the grass runway.
  232. Do you play you play in the Istanbul race?
  233. Am I not playing? You -Oynamaz of course.
  234. But what did your brother? He went and played like an idiot.
  235. Does Bart? Who the hell is Bart?
  236. -My brother. -Goku by
  237. (Of mouth sounds strange) (At the sound)
  238. I'm talking about myself here. What to do with you or your brother?
  239. Can we, dear brothers Gosh?
  240. -Goku think I do not understand you. -What if you were saying the grass.
  241. Joseph was saying ha grass. Who the hell Yusuf me moment?
  242. Or you're confusing me. ?ermin?ah what I was saying nice.
  243. I say very well to the sand track. But it's God's fool!
  244. One girl until you get used to the grass runway ohoo ...
  245. Which girl?
  246. -Arabian girl. -Glass my ministers?
  247. -Çi my running. -H to ?ermin?ah!
  248. He.
  249. -Other we have Digium ... (At the sound of running)
  250. Well done. Now you solve the incident.
  251. Come let me tell you. Now that the wingman is also ?ermi?ah ...
  252. ... They run the same parallel with his own.
  253. maiden he had run before. Novice ie. More new entries to three years.
  254. If you are like flowers or GE. Did I write binary in them?
  255. Somebody you know how to give it? (Horse neighing sound)
  256. Tey tey have a overtakes you, you know variyet's brother.
  257. But pay attention to the details.
  258. Did I stay with them as binary I hit a straight six?
  259. I received a very nice tip. Now our ...
  260. ... ?ermi?ah ah?rda? of the saddle at the same time.
  261. Apprentice scuttle her.
  262. I also Ah?rda? them if they were sisters. that is the essence sisters.
  263. This ?ermi?ah three sisters. ?ermi?ah, Nermi?ah, Permi?ah.
  264. Their father also comes from its Russian school.
  265. -Çehov. -Çehov.
  266. I got Robust tip. After that, my bum me merry.
  267. Karakuli tantuni çunli.
  268. Buztukin babüllü bum bum.
    Kuskuki caciyeli cum cum.
  269. So you see Gökçe we do not even speak the same language with you.
  270. So to cut a long story you deserve better than me.
  271. (Horse neighing sound)
  272. Then let me go now. Enough also.
  273. (Laughter)
  274. (At the sound of running)
  275. Anil days or days or I should have listened.
  276. Let me tell you what is asked Gallop. I tell you, Ask, or ask them all.
  277. No horses are fed with what, what are the losses of the grass runway in rainy weather.
  278. I tell them all individually. But what results?
  279. The result is still the same.
  280. You deserve better than me Gokce.
  281. And of course I deserve better than you.
  282. Yeah. A jerk this guy came out. Anil Ox!
  283. The girl laughed as she did not know its value.
  284. Am I the girls like him laugh? -Yes, darling.
  285. I k?yamam months or me.
  286. -Schema. -If?
  287. What did the girl ?ermi?ah?
  288. Oh do not ask Gokce two hours looking at her.
  289. In the last four sizes flatness he fell backwards.
  290. -Hide. (Horse neighing sound)
  291. All or because of the aforementioned. Because of all the aforementioned.
  292. -The only scored six or deposit. (Paper tearing noise)
  293. But let me tell you I love my job.
  294. If this has happened to you, whatever comes always ...
  295. ... it comes from good intentions. Do you know?
  296. Both Karl Lagerfeld nor have?
  297. The road to hell is paved with good intentions Stone said. Is it not also?
  298. Karl Marx was then a word in my life. -There was Karl Marx.
  299. But for that I'm telling you all this Gokce.
  300. Months well okay I'm sorry.
  301. Not important. But remember that I love.
  302. How do you find a job if this friend ...
  303. ... in the same way to find her husband candidate. Okay? Do not worry.
  304. Be strong.
  305. A stopped. Was that what was Yarka him walking path until you?
  306. Yark?n who either?
  307. My daughter was walking around you all the time. Team you.
  308. Oh the moon. N? Oh?
  309. We are walking along YARKA. We're going to pullet ran.
  310. (Gökçe external sound) I also have to meet with the Yark?n'l Seman ...
  311. ... I think everything is going to be so beautiful.
  312. (Gökçe external noise) and we get along very well, we both love each other very much.
  313. (Gökçe external sound) Both Yarka was a really good man. Really.
  314. (Gökçe external sound) Oh, who am I kidding that. Yark?n something like that happened.
  315. (Music)
  316. Gökçe you know why I called you here?
  317. You said you want to talk about something very important about my life.
  318. The ...
  319. You know ... I'm not very skilled in these matters.
  320. Whether darling. tell it like it came through.
  321. Even the bits I think you said a moment ago. Ha?
  322. Well.
  323. The company is sending me to three years in Irkutsk.
  324. I did not understand.
  325. -Company ... -No, I told him.
  326. I understand the -Next. -?rkutsk.
  327. ?rkutsk ne ya?
  328. (Music)
  329. For a while, there's things I need to stop early.
  330. -Yuh. -Yuh.
  331. Does the Siberian? -Have you heard?
  332. I heard.
  333. I heard and I love Siberia.
  334. Whether or Siberia, or something ?rkutskolbas get it. I think the marvelous sights.
  335. (Gökçe) also -50 degrees weather. They complete my air.
  336. What is so eye opening that goes by before you know it you're already three years.
  337. So you're saying I'm coming? Yeah, why would not I?
  338. I already bought a lot of sweaters on sale thing I did last year.
  339. I wore such a top three of the five.
  340. I assign myself to a shopping center. Oh.
  341. Single there is no shopping center Gokce.
  342. There -Al??l to shopping. -What.
  343. Whether I go to cafes.
  344. I told a white chocolate mocha. I looked at my pleasure.
  345. I never worry about my life. -What do not drink anything other than tea.
  346. And they eat reindeer meat.
  347. Reindeer meat?
  348. I like very much. So I especially I love his chops.
  349. -Are you serious? -Of course.
  350. Super le.
  351. (Laughter)
  352. Winter in each other, we read a book by the fireplace.
  353. How well it does not exceed the time. Failing does not go well.
  354. We open the Internet so we can watch the movie ha.
  355. In the work there is also a big question. There is no internet.
  356. How do ya?
  357. no shopping center, no coffee, no internet. Is this Siberia?
  358. (Gökçe) How would the internet or somewhere?
  359. You said Gokce or Siberia.
  360. -I understand. -So...
  361. ... I Gökçecig, as a result. The --SOr you're not going to die with me.
  362. Exactly.
  363. You deserve better than me Gokce.
  364. What is this about?
  365. (Music) (ambient noise)
  366. I knew this would happen. I knew very well.
  367. And of course I'm me. What else could it be? Of course I'm me.
  368. Friends did I let me tell you something.
  369. Here are turning to eating home alone.
  370. You see the man is not it a bit earlier. She even left me either.
  371. Can you imagine? She even left me.
  372. I can not believe I do not really believe it.
  373. Pes. Pes really give up.
  374. (Music)
  375. (Gökçe external sound) To cut a long story short, I love life from the Titanic rather vague.
  376. (Gökçe external sound) Work already messed up my life in my love life.
  377. (Gökçe external sound) of Turkey's most important advertising agencies ...
  378. ... I'm working on one but still a junior writer.
  379. (Gökçe external sound) Years pass, I myself ...
  380. I'm working ... but nothing's useless.
  381. (Music)
  382. (Gökçe external audio) you can see this in person ...
  383. ... Actions lady named Fraulein Rotenmay code.
  384. (Gökçe external sound) German governess himself a human taste.
  385. (Gökçe external audio) building a little later ...
  386. ... firms will enter the meeting of the ad.
  387. (Gökçe external sound) himself will now ask me what I found.
  388. Sweetie ... - (Gökçe inner voice) Oh, that's asked.
  389. -Give me a new idea? Actions have -Falc lady.
  390. Hmm. Tell me a little bit.
  391. We are now in a café like this. Warlock's a fortune looking man.
  392. It says here you've seen a third time until the house.
  393. Zero down payment, the payments begin one year later.
  394. JoVE says the man you see Ablac???m future.
  395. What we need to see in the future that the fortune teller says ...
  396. ... Construction Cihan says the ads everywhere.
  397. We have declared that we see on billboards behind the man in the process.
  398. And it enters voice over gives the slogan. How?
  399. Is that all?
  400. Yeah.
  401. Honey reduces the value of these brands.
  402. He has.
  403. What about the fact that I ... will begin soon -Meeting.
  404. Iron and Gentlemen even arrived. Is there any new ideas?
  405. do not be a new idea. Bravo.
  406. Take your recent files, please eliminated.
  407. Business deal fell again.
  408. Why are you still sitting?
  409. (Gökçe external sound) In fact, if you look ...
  410. ... I do not have to put up with this woman.
  411. (Gökçe external audio) can go to a smaller agency.
  412. (Gökçe external sound) Perfectly happy and live a peaceful life.
  413. II Actions lady ...
  414. ... I come back to take the presentation files.
  415. (Gökçe external audio) But I can not go there.
  416. (Gökçe external sound) Somehow I can not leave my agency.
  417. (Gökçe external noise) because it here.
  418. (Music - Animated) (Applause and whistles sound)
  419. (Gökçe external noise) Iron herein. Iron Cerraho?lu.
  420. (Gökçe external sound) every woman's dream, the dream of every man's principles.
  421. (Gökçe external sound) exists beyond the stone itself.
  422. (Gökçe external sound) Oh of course also my boss.
  423. (Gökçe external sound) I do not tell my boss, I think Iron ...
  424. ... the world's most handsome, the most charismatic, most, most, like the ice man.
  425. I never laughed so far I have not seen for example.
  426. (Gökçe external sound) occasionally, such would smile so gently.
  427. (Gökçe external sound) That you are lucky you can also catch the smile.
  428. (Impact sound) (falling noise)
  429. (Gökçe external audio) that I have not yet smile ...
  430. ... I could not catch, but I hope at least.
  431. (Gökçe external audio) will surely notice me one day.
  432. (Gökçe external audio) How did I come here?
  433. (Gökçe external sound) do not believe Aay. Iron vehicles definitive me.
  434. "Love like a bit tired"
  435. "Did least those who know you lost earnings"
  436. "Love creep a bit like"
  437. Oops ...
  438. Iron Bey Is it me or vehicle?
  439. Yoo. Caretaker Muharram Effendi.
  440. Tsk or uff!
  441. Urgent. Doctor!
  442. Nurse. Hello. Abou!
  443. Can I stay? Sure you can get up to.
  444. My sound like or why?
  445. Burn's buffer in it.
  446. Uff.
  447. I swear to God if I were you or I depart I pray Iron Bey.
  448. Did you would be opposed to all of you, sir primarily in the infirmary at the office he ...
  449. ... Hullo, you're here three days a week without exception.
  450. I swear to God before each meeting of a events.
  451. Meeting.
  452. Or meeting.
  453. "What happened to me"
  454. -Good Morning. -Good Morning. Good Morning.
  455. "I like going"
  456. Are -Asansör amount? Welcome to the commanded -A.
  457. Thank you so much.
  458. "Aa aau ho?uma giden"
  459. (Gökçe) You've come looking for agencies?
  460. Yeah.
  461. What was it for?
  462. My son works here, I came to visit him.
  463. Ah, but very wrong. So you've come at a very bad time.
  464. Because everyone in the meeting. Iron Bey does not allow to escape is not possible.
  465. Is that so?
  466. (Elevator voice) -Here.
  467. That itself is extremely disciplined about these issues.
  468. During the meeting follows a vow to die does not look back.
  469. So like I said we played well I'm a human whistle.
  470. But now that is awesome about the right to work should not eat.
  471. Into the hands of a soul delivers.
  472. But how shall I say, a little humanity from such ...
  473. ... staying in the classroom. Five confused face.
  474. Whereas, if so gülse our face a little closer to us ...
  475. ... or how much would be nice.
  476. (Laughter)
  477. Months meanwhile I do not remember you've ever seen before.
  478. A true was a long time since you've been here.
  479. So now here is of course that the son of man ...
  480. ... Is not he also does not constantly trying?
  481. But you still pay attention to Mr. Iron. It can either boil too bad.
  482. What makes it cursing?
  483. Months No dear it's not so well browned.
  484. What say for example?
  485. This is not a place to clack of the retired gentleman says.
  486. By God, you finished on the spot, so pay attention.
  487. I just say what I'd month. I was telling something.
  488. Ha gülse were saying things would be a little better.
  489. Yes or months would be too sweet.
  490. Is not she a very well run?
  491. You do not ask that if he does not work well if the wake swear here.
  492. Anyway, I go to a meeting I was too late. Good day to you.
  493. (Music)
  494. And do not worry, I'm fine friends, no problem.
  495. (Music)
  496. How are you guys?
  497. (Gökçe inner voice) or Hani There are some moments ...
  498. I see that you also be in place to open and swallow me ....
  499. (Gökçe inner voice) But he never moments when the place opened.
  500. (Gökçe inner voice) This is such a moment while living in the elevator ...
  501. ... I told the people I talk to who he is.
  502. (Gökçe inner voice) Hulusi Cerraho?lu.
  503. The father, a veteran of the advertising world iron.
  504. (Gökçe inner volume) this entire Hulusi Cerraho?lu.
  505. Actions that time, of course I saw how the lady looked at me.
  506. Honey, where are you?
  507. I was -Revir. -Full it was time to the infirmary.
  508. -Hulu Bey You've disgraced us. The moon, but I ...
  509. OK I'm Not extended.
  510. Well.
  511. Yes friends, let us continue.
  512. Does anyone else have any ideas?
  513. Do not you?
  514. Welcome -Oo Hulusi Bey. We found it pleasant to have found -Nice. How are you doing?
  515. (Muharram) is not look pretty. There is no shortage solo works swimmingly.
  516. We're handling everything Demir Bey.
  517. (Hulusi) Beautiful, beautiful. Did the boy was circumcised?
  518. (Muharram) was a he. Kiss your hands. Single Iron Gentlemen ...
  519. ... ads use children in this building, not very accurate.
  520. I have to be more creative or something like that.
  521. Do not you friends?
  522. -We thank you. -Thanks.
  523. Come on, goodbye, goodbye. -Good luck with.
  524. Sana.
  525. Muharram or even more courageous than you.
  526. The feeling of spaciousness and comfort of a campaign highlighting the ...
  527. It was outdated and no longer used. That does not sound sincere.
  528. There was an idea that also manages the first place.
  529. We're just seeing the buildings. themed ad we do not need.
  530. We provide creative advertising, but we say we do not need.
  531. More easy. What did we say?
  532. easy to understand, out of our daily lives a hot campaign.
  533. Consumer güldürüp a little boring as we know it ...
  534. ... What happy if we can parse the construction films.
  535. I think I told them in the first meeting.
  536. II told you honey, he'll offer just ridiculous thing.
  537. Iron Bey asl?? more but we got our idea.
  538. But what?
  539. We are now in a café like this. A man and a fortune teller.
  540. Fortune teller looking into the man's fortunes. He says, I see three houses up time.
  541. Says no down payment. Well ...
  542. (Action) also says you deposit the first installment a year later.
  543. Well ... it says so.
  544. Then you see the next guy says to a fortuneteller.
  545. (Gökçe) what you need to see the future in the Fortune Teller says.
  546. Cihan Construction ads everywhere. After...
  547. ... behind the man, we see a billboard.
  548. Enters Voice over, it gives the slogan.
  549. (Music)
  550. Beautiful.
  551. (Iron) works on top of it.
  552. Yes it today. You can exit, make a right.
  553. (Music)
  554. I think the girls evaluate their thoughts.
  555. Gökçe you stay.
  556. In Gökçe ?enkal, Iron Bey.
  557. -I did not understand. -My surname
  558. Not Senkal, ?enkal.
  559. So my grandparents were very happy to have taken this surname.
  560. So nice idea but it does not work.
  561. (Music)
  562. Gokce, you stay.
  563. Ha. Ben Kalay.
  564. Month Excuse me so much that I told you my last name wrong so two hours ...
  565. Here I'm listening.
  566. -Coffee. -It is, I get.
  567. Simply, you do not need to delight.
  568. (Music)
  569. Month you asked for coffee. Month I'm so sorry.
  570. No milk, no sugar is not? Coming right up.
  571. Gokce ...
  572. ... except that this agency ...
  573. ... it will be met by another agency condone this case ...
  574. ... not on this planet. You're aware?
  575. Yes. I know Mr. Iron. So here ...
  576. Coffee or something ... human state.
  577. My mind went to a different interpretation in delight. So sorry.
  578. Gokce coffee came as advertised.
  579. Cafe, Bandon, one of the new customers. They're cold coffee.
  580. And they want to take their coffee is sold in cans.
  581. Small but may come back to a brand. Turkey entered into a new market.
  582. Up in here, okay? -OK.
  583. According to the brand we know better moderate prices.
  584. So they want to attract customers from all walks.
  585. You will also prepare a campaign accordingly.
  586. for television and radio.
  587. We did the group of -Gökçe? -Action you can go.
  588. Of course.
  589. (Music)
  590. Gokce, I want to prepare this presentation alone.
  591. Nobody mixing okay? Let's see what will come of ideas?
  592. Oops Iron Gentlemen, thank you very much indeed.
  593. I tried my best ... the best of the moon not coming from -El ...
  594. ... from the hand, I want more.
  595. OK promise. the best that I can ...
  596. ... best of, I will do the best.
  597. I will come with a great idea. Thank you so much. I then ...
  598. OK. Then see you next Saturday.
  599. Saturday.
  600. Month on Saturday week but ...
  601. ... until the end, even if I'm here. So anyway, my vacation is not what?
  602. I wish we could if we came Saturday, Sunday saying. What would be so scrumptious.
  603. I always try. Good thing then let me go.
  604. Thank you very much again.
  605. -Have a nice day. - (Hulusi) Good afternoon.
  606. (Running noise)
  607. Cafe, Bandon. Did you try the cafe Bandon still?
  608. Oh so wrong. Is not it a beautiful day?
  609. (Music)
  610. -Cafe Band. Cafe, Bandon. - (Action) Honey.
  611. Since Iron Bey saw such convenient, then you come easy.
  612. Let's see how you gonna do. Very thank you Ms. Actions.
  613. (Music)
  614. (Gökçe inner voice) Of course I will also fucked. I'll make a wonderful presentation!
  615. (Gökçe inner voice) First Iron will love, then customers.
  616. (Gökçe inner voice) larger brands have also heard presentations will come after me.
  617. (Gökçe inner voice) so I will take great works of ...
  618. ... Iron partnership will offer me.
  619. It will begin Agency, will continue through the life of the partnership.
  620. You stand more action, you stop. I'm going to pull this off.
  621. But I may eat a meal or months before. I died of hunger since the morning.
  622. "Give me some range to the door arala"
  623. (Music - Animated)
  624. Hello Hikmet Bey. -Hello there.
  625. If commanded us prepare dinner honoring the table.
  626. Sir, I'd love to come, but a ...
  627. ... I expect him covering my future patients.
  628. AA. What are you expecting at home? Wait down in practice.
  629. Where I stand, I will ask you to forgive but you did too?
  630. If you ever want to force Wisdom months.
  631. Fully three months, the patient does not properly correct even one. Do I not know?
  632. The house was waiting coating.
  633. Sorry but I can not ever enter into this debate.
  634. What happens to hit up.
  635. also would be hit with ...
  636. Still hungry person of the possibility to get to wonder ...
  637. ... Can you tell me a sandwich?
  638. Of course. I wonder how many varieties you get?
  639. It does not matter. We have stayed at your creativity.
  640. Of course, of course, gladly.
  641. Well tonight we have our little business.
  642. Your daughter's birthday is approaching, we ...
  643. ... We will be in a team preparations.
  644. If you have time I'll bring your order.
  645. OK. OK.
  646. Wise Guys, I wonder what your daughter's birthday is coming ...
  647. ... Do you have the slightest idea like this?
  648. Of course, ma'am. I'm not senile.
  649. When my daughter's birthday, of course, I know very well.
  650. -So good look. -Well.
  651. (Music)
  652. (Laughter)
  653. (The door closing sound)
  654. (Sema) Oh, come.
  655. -Where are you my daughter are you? I'm here I come.
  656. Welcome.
  657. -And I have two questions. I'm listening to -H.
  658. You see my side of the Cerraho?lu Hulusi now ...
  659. ... I'm ranting about Anchor, why do not you warn me?
  660. But I know, the guy you met?
  661. On the wall agencies, the founder of our company, so you have photos?
  662. -No. -H beautiful.
  663. So, he is playing in one of my favorite series?
  664. Yoo.
  665. So much am I supposed to know, that Hulusi Bey?
  666. -So okay, I'm warning next time. -Thank you very much.
  667. Okay come on, k?rmayal each other. The second problem now.
  668. So, do you think my ...
  669. ... I'm likely to be with Demir ... (spraying sound)
  670. (Music) (Laughter sound)
  671. Month thank you very much either.
  672. Or are you asking something so that my daughter ...
  673. But I will say one thing. Nilay undermine the morale of the girls.
  674. Also my friend, if you want some heads.
  675. So.
  676. Thank you very much honey. At least...
  677. ... believing me that in life, a person either.
  678. I have a so his patients.
  679. E least, I think I have a chance.
  680. So. Why not?
  681. I Semac?g, Iron Bey OF THE fashioned little difficult.
  682. Towards the right.
  683. -I think I'll do anything either. -I think you do either.
  684. So you're sure. -So.
  685. (Music - Animated)
  686. (Motor session)
  687. (Music - Animated)
  688. (Music - Animated)
  689. (Gökçe external sound) bold as we have seen this, Engindeniz Kaan.
  690. (Gökçe external audio) My first sight of this Kaan.
  691. (Music - Animated)
  692. Whoa. Who is this about?
  693. Hey, hullo.
  694. Eventually b Semana, so at the end.
  695. Let's opening was a thousand years. Where are you?
  696. (Sema) I know, I'm so sorry. Shame but I've come.
  697. It does not matter to me one way you're gonna redeem himself now.
  698. You're gonna buy you a coffee friend.
  699. Or you want to get coffee. You've shame.
  700. Space familiar.
  701. -Girls, let me introduce you to Kaan'l. Hi, I Nilay.
  702. Hello Kaan I was also very pleased.
  703. (Sema) Gökçe.
  704. Merhaba Kaan.
  705. Hullo.
  706. Month I told him something, your engine.
  707. Mashallah was very nice.
  708. Few things in you? Was, Is Honduras chip?
  709. Chopper mine. We do not like the Enduro.
  710. Very nice.
  711. (Music)
  712. (Running tones) (breathing sound)
  713. Three! Three! Nilufer!
  714. Are you alone?
  715. Yes, Dad. -Come come.
  716. (Breathing sound) (footsteps)
  717. (The door closing sound)
  718. (Breathing sound)
  719. Yeah!
  720. Here you go.
  721. This is what your father?
  722. (Lighter tone)
  723. Pasta!
  724. (Music)
  725. I also told him ...
  726. ... that I can not eat it.
  727. I need to protect my form.
  728. Both today's not my birthday.
  729. You mix again.
  730. Hadi ya.
  731. (Blowing sound)
  732. Anyway, my dear, uh, you, baby ate it anyway.
  733. grandson to get fat ...
  734. ... You get the honey, get candy, get wound.
  735. So...
  736. I can not eat ... well ...
  737. ... I'll take the house.
  738. OK, let's go. Lotus...
  739. ... look, I do not tell her mother a birthday mix.
  740. Do not worry, I will not.
  741. Okay, come on, baby.
  742. (Sound of door opening)
  743. Lotus.
  744. Quiet!
  745. (Zipper pull effect) - (Lotus) OK, Dad.
  746. (The door closing sound)
  747. (Clap sound)
  748. Ulan how I mix or a birthday.
  749. (Music)
  750. (Music - Animated)
  751. (Nilay) Abu definitely, I did not act like marriage enthusiast.
  752. The second interview was very nice.
  753. -Everything was so much fun. - (Khan) Hmm.
  754. -So I think it was fun. - (Khan) Hmm.
  755. (Masaya pounding sound) Search.
  756. He did not call?
  757. (Gökçe external audio) Very bad I was disgraced, too.
  758. (Gökçe external sound) I had to do something.
  759. (Gökçe external sound) I had to save the day.
  760. (Gökçe external sound) I was supposed to be a hero.
  761. (Gökçe external sound) That's when I saw him.
  762. (Gökçe external noise) at that age I did not know why the man was doing a theft.
  763. (Gökçe external audio) But I've thrown like a tiger and ...
  764. Months are thieves! ..
  765. (Gökçe) are thieves!
  766. (Music - Voltage)
  767. (Impact sound)
  768. God!
  769. A you or what are you doing? My uncle then.
  770. Uncle or what?
  771. Oops, .alpha.-uncle said she does?
  772. Yes Gokce.
  773. The helmet is also ruined.
  774. (Khan) uncle?
  775. - (Gökçe) Oops! .. - (Sema) Oops! ..
  776. Is it a thing happen?
  777. (Male breath sounds)
  778. (Gökçe) Also, I'm so sorry. So...
  779. ... I do not know how it happened. Or how I did it really?
  780. Okay, girls, okay. I said I do not have anything. OK.
  781. Good uncle, or something does not work skewer.
  782. I think anything we do, whether we we go to the emergency?
  783. A Although we? I insist. I'm already paying. What happens!
  784. (Man) OK, man.
  785. I'm fine, I have nothing.
  786. Two maidens on my side. I was even better.
  787. (Scheme laughter)
  788. - (men) love only you get Scheme. - (Sema) Why?
  789. There is such a nice friend ...
  790. ... and do not you introduce me. I wonder why?
  791. (Sema) Who.
  792. Okay, okay, calm down. Look, it was over.
  793. Or months, but I was very sorry.
  794. Already I'm always doing the same thing.
  795. What are you doing? Did you throw your head constantly helmet Nations?
  796. Exit. Oh no, of course not so well ...
  797. ... so I'm doing worse than my trying to close a disgrace.
  798. Yet both a talent like a curse.
  799. (Kaan) H?h! ..
  800. So, fortunately, not completely empty. I think I should go now.
  801. -Are you going? - (Gökçe) Yes.
  802. Look, we topla??y evening with the girls, do not forget.
  803. (Gökçe) Okay, okay.
  804. Months, so I apologized again. I was very pleased. Ll see.
  805. (Music) (footsteps)
  806. (Music)
  807. (Women) Or girl, marriage was something very strange.
  808. (Women) I see my love by my side when I wake up every morning.
  809. Yi fits me or chère.
  810. (Rabarba) Oops! .. so cute either! Wonderful.
  811. (Gökçe inner voice) both sweet subject.
  812. The other day he eats olives with their own hands.
  813. (Women's) was very sweet. Oh, and also made a toast ...
  814. ... I have written on the big a?kitol ketchup.
  815. (Laughter)
  816. My daughter, my husband I tried a bull to him like ketchup to me something like that.
  817. If I die in the next day wasted.
  818. Huh, before you find a husband. Hahaha.
  819. That is not a lie.
  820. Thing...
  821. (Music)
  822. (Women) Girls ...
  823. ... I got you a super news.
  824. Necati asked me to marry him.
  825. (Applause and cheering)
  826. (Women) are getting married this summer.
  827. (Women) Hi hi!
  828. Look at me...
  829. ... how this married or Simten?
  830. The moon, to hear her. - (Gökçe) If you hear hear me?
  831. Or, he now did not we wave Peeling Paper Simten with it, huh?
  832. Did not this the man who also had a paper bag like the head, huh?
  833. Or, let me die, let me die, I think you end this ordeal.
  834. (Laughter)
  835. - (SIMT) Sema? - (Sema) Heat?
  836. How do you Conditions?
  837. (Sema) Hah!
  838. So, we decided to get married here.
  839. Huh ... so we talked.
  840. So, of course, but I'm waiting for the offer.
  841. That is never without bidding. No, I mean.
  842. Of course, sweetie.
  843. First knee will precipitating.
  844. He opened the box he would joke like that.
  845. Then it will be attached to such ring finger.
  846. (Laughter)
  847. -Exactly. (Laughter)
  848. Ahh!..
  849. Gökçecig I ...
  850. ... do not worry, my dear ...
  851. ... never mind ...
  852. ... squeezing the life you.
  853. Months, I'm doing okay.
  854. Oops, my dear either, he says one'm fine.
  855. (Music)
  856. No, I mean, I'm really good either.
  857. Can I ...
  858. ... that still do not he something?
  859. So the fact that I ...
  860. I think you've got a jinx.
  861. (John) That's right hand in the face.
  862. Behold the good and bad he must have found one so far.
  863. If so ugly one.
  864. (Music) (ambient noise)
  865. Oops, I hope you will not like your last Magbule aunt.
  866. (John) A Makbule Who's the girl?
  867. My mother's great-aunt.
  868. He did not marry anyone like that for years.
  869. Then it came the 30 such as Gökçe.
  870. (Simten) Then nobody did not like him.
  871. One look at the room went dead.
  872. Immigration has gone poor.
  873. Rest in peace.
  874. -My condolences. - (Simten) Be Right.
  875. Oops, I Gökçecig ...
  876. ... so you never worry dear.
  877. We like this because we love you.
  878. Moon, Ebrucug I do not know, I do not know?
  879. De eye, for me, no need to feel sorry.
  880. (Gökçe) Ea ...
  881. ... because I have a boyfriend.
  882. -Ne? -Aaa! ..
  883. Hah.
  884. What is the name of the name?
  885. The ...
  886. ...Iron.
  887. (Effect sound)
  888. (Music) "AA aa aa, what happened to me"
  889. "Aa aa aa ho?uma giden"
  890. (Sound of door opening)
  891. Hah, Sezen!
  892. I was going to call you.
  893. What happened to your father?
  894. Do not tell your mother. Come.
  895. Huh, okay.
  896. (The door closing sound)
  897. Gel.
  898. Hang up. (The door closing sound)
  899. So, Dad, what did you call me here?
  900. Close your eyes.
  901. Opening! Opening!
  902. (Music)
  903. Hungry! Here you go, this is yours.
  904. (Sezen) Aw!
  905. Oops! ..
  906. What have you done or trouble? There was no need.
  907. I love that kind of thing ever happen?
  908. Your old phone. This...
  909. ... The newest and most perfect.
  910. Enjoy it. Happy Birthday.
  911. (Kiss sound) -C am! My dear!
  912. Whether love or father.
  913. Today's not my birthday.
  914. Hadi ya!
  915. Hee, look Nilufer's not his birthday.
  916. It's not your time. So Gokce's birthday.
  917. Let me ask you now, dear.
  918. I'll forward it to its rightful owner.
  919. Haha, Dad ...
  920. ...you're kidding...
  921. ...is not it?
  922. (Laughter)
  923. Baba!..
  924. Of course my one joke. Enjoy it.
  925. I -Babac?g! .. (Sezen laughter)
  926. (Sezen laughter)
  927. Dad, thank you very much. Thank you very much.
  928. (Kiss sound) -This is my only one.
  929. (Kiss sound)
  930. (Sezen laughter) -By bye.
  931. (The door closing sound)
  932. God damn it, either! We mix the birthdays again.
  933. I went to check the costs to no avail. to achieve this, or will your business?
  934. (Hitting sound) -Ahh! ..
  935. Jove very handsome, successful.
  936. We have our own agency. Such is doing a terrific job.
  937. I do not know what month, then that's it's very romantic.
  938. (Gökçe laughter) - (Simten) EA?
  939. When you introduce us?
  940. -Never. - (All) Hmm?
  941. So, because ...
  942. ... of ...
  943. ... we have a very discreet relationship.
  944. So we are having a very secret of our relationship.
  945. Hii! .. or is married?
  946. The exact married.
  947. Gokce does not suit you to be with someone married.
  948. I agree.
  949. Yes Gokce, which is not for you.
  950. Months or no!
  951. What married my daughter? Do not say things.
  952. (Gökçe) There is no marriage. No, not that.
  953. Well ... it completely from
  954. ... um, because he's my ...
  955. ...my boss.
  956. Three!
  957. Good girl for you. Did you adjust your boss?
  958. So, now you solve this situation until the summer.
  959. I'm waiting for my wedding.
  960. Of course, honey. Do I have ever missed your wedding?
  961. Surely I will be there.
  962. (Sema laughter) Come on, let's see.
  963. (Laughter)
  964. - (Sema) Gokce? - (Gökçe) Sir?
  965. Do you realize what you say just now?
  966. Iron brew Cerraho?lu said.
  967. Or what if I did?
  968. Everywhere I go alone. They all ezdik by crushing me.
  969. Month Gökçecig grieve! Amanda herself attrition!
  970. Either one I feel sorry for you, or I vow she said.
  971. Aa! Yuh!
  972. Month yes.
  973. No, I mean something else my vow to dedicate myself ...
  974. ... someone that's something else to grieve for my vow man.
  975. Yes, my love, you're quite right on that. OK.
  976. So.
  977. Also he put the man whom you backgammon mi Gökçe head harness?
  978. I said well ...
  979. Iron Gentlemen ... not hard ...
  980. ... something that is impossible.
  981. We Difficult immediate success, it's impossible ...
  982. ... It takes a little time.
  983. Gosh, that degree?
  984. He is very dear.
  985. Also I've made my decision.
  986. I'm going to iron my arm plugging it SIMTEK's wedding. Look, you see.
  987. Well.
  988. The moon anyway, I'm running. -Where?
  989. Alfalfa teyzo?u to. I will tip.
  990. Alfalfa teyzo? daughter's marriage to know something?
  991. Even once married woman.
  992. My dear...
  993. ... imam do what he says, do not do what they say?
  994. My thanks to all my cousins ??had married her.
  995. Hum, what woman would not bother you at this hour?
  996. He is recording in the studio, I know.
  997. -See you later. (Kiss tones)
  998. (Song - Clover Evcimik - Aha) "Go to the devil says that"
  999. "The hills and chew knockout"
  1000. "Aha aha"
  1001. "Did you see that day"
  1002. "Aha aha more of my wedding relativist"
  1003. "Aha aha"
  1004. "Did you see that day"
  1005. "Aha aha more of my wedding relativist"
  1006. "Get out get out immediately"
  1007. "Get out of that channel"
  1008. "Get out get out immediately"
  1009. "Get out of that channel"
  1010. "Get out get out immediately"
  1011. "Get out of that channel"
  1012. "Get that out-Mazsa"
  1013. "Saymam adamdan"
  1014. "Occasional come"
  1015. "Sitting somewhere"
  1016. "Vural?m hesaba"
  1017. "What had achieved"
  1018. "Occasional come"
  1019. "Sitting somewhere" (microphone singing voice)
  1020. Aa!
  1021. (Alfalfa) rose aunt came.
  1022. (Alfalfa) Stop girl, I'm coming.
  1023. (Footsteps)
  1024. Baby going to use her femininity.
  1025. Nah, oh, or is it? Ugh!
  1026. (Alfalfa) It's not feminine, or punk.
  1027. Of women in power ...
  1028. ... you focus on them.
  1029. Haa! How so?
  1030. That is kind of retarded man called ...
  1031. ... humanity since the beginning of the history of the world thinks of their managing.
  1032. Either or these are output from the first cave ...
  1033. ... something we know toparl?yoruz to include?
  1034. They think something themselves.
  1035. Ha that is the first from the cave Did we can not go?
  1036. We did not remove the Month?
  1037. How do we remove both the Moon, are you crazy? Hand in hand.
  1038. And! ..
  1039. month before us, mammoth, what if dinosaurs were revolutions.
  1040. So the woman who makes bags from crocodile ...
  1041. ... what you can do to a man you can you imagine?
  1042. Ss!
  1043. Do you know what this means?
  1044. Together it is stronger say.
  1045. You're so right teyzo?.
  1046. Teyzo? or what?
  1047. Everyone in teyzo? not call me or something, we talked about it.
  1048. -Okay okay. - (Alfalfa) Off!
  1049. The ...
  1050. ...gives...
  1051. ... I'll do it how?
  1052. -Exit! (Breathing sound)
  1053. Aah! You will not put upon yourself ...
  1054. ... you will be a strong woman.
  1055. One!
  1056. Strong woman.
  1057. Ss!
  1058. I will be a strong woman, one!
  1059. You're gonna insert anything into your head, you will be free women, two!
  1060. Ss!
  1061. Free woman.
  1062. I'll be a free woman, two!
  1063. Yeah!
  1064. (Music)
  1065. E work one, two.
  1066. A third is that no, we're talking about men.
  1067. This scant.
  1068. Ha I did it because there are three things.
  1069. Oh no it does not work.
  1070. As I said, you know what you do?
  1071. You will not put upon yourself.
  1072. (Alfalfa) it will be a strong woman.
  1073. (Alfalfa) it will be free woman.
  1074. You're gonna plug it into your head.
  1075. Ha love or something you live.
  1076. You can live!
  1077. Perfectly normal, very human. But you carried away.
  1078. Ah.
  1079. They always look down on such a mien, attitudes.
  1080. It does me no cases of man. That's it!
  1081. -Çak! -Here it either!
  1082. -Hey! What were we doing? (El flop)
  1083. (Both) woot Heyo! Heyo!
  1084. -Month my dear man. (Laughter)
  1085. Rose aunt!
  1086. (Laughter)
  1087. Everywhere do not tell me to my aunt.
  1088. "Aa aa aa, Ba??ma gelen"
  1089. "Aa aa aa, ho?uma giden"
  1090. "I like going"
  1091. You sent for me, go ahead.
  1092. (Iron) How coffee is going to work?
  1093. So, it is going well.
  1094. Or do not go.
  1095. (Music)
  1096. What are my dear moon?
  1097. After all we do is not a job that requires creativity?
  1098. How's it going in here because if you call me a minute or two ...
  1099. ... I wonder how I can do my job? What?
  1100. Gokce.
  1101. Oh, how Gokce, Gokce, Gokce?
  1102. If you say something like two sleek stylish presentation a click click ...
  1103. ... Is not the moment I'd be sitting in your seat?
  1104. Gokce ...
  1105. ... I looked very little.
  1106. Huh, I know how much is left.
  1107. (Gökçe) You do not worry at all.
  1108. We talked about that day and hour in front of the file. OK?
  1109. Besides, I stuck by my head.
  1110. (Gökçe) Finally free and independent woman.
  1111. I feel when I tried it when he wants.
  1112. I promise to act with the Nobody's saying.
  1113. You can not compress so me saying very little left.
  1114. Gokce.
  1115. Look, it's almost saying ...
  1116. ... I had very little to fire you.
  1117. Even so it had less, get the news.
  1118. (Music)
  1119. - (Gökçe) it? - (iron) so.
  1120. So, it was then.
  1121. So, what I'm doing.
  1122. The ...
  1123. ... I keep you more, let me take you precious time.
  1124. After all the presentations, I did not need my work?
  1125. (Gökçe) Good day to you.
  1126. Good luck with.
  1127. (Rezzan) Month to that aunt you also what are you looking at?
  1128. Ss!
  1129. Although he takes on his own bald ointment.
  1130. Month I do not know either, so I've done something all the girls in our marriage he was.
  1131. Aa!
  1132. Where he marry?
  1133. Not all the times I've found a boyfriend, man!
  1134. Moon really?
  1135. Ya ne?
  1136. E mother got me then or advice.
  1137. What should I do mine, so I do not even swear.
  1138. Use the femininity, womanhood.
  1139. Here ya, we're back to square one.
  1140. You mean necessarily neckline.
  1141. Month Gökçe!
  1142. I mean the cleavage you?
  1143. Information, I say accumulation.
  1144. I say intellectualism.
  1145. My daughter, we read you one thousand years until this book.
  1146. We sent a lot of courses.
  1147. Piano another, another chess, ballet else.
  1148. Or my daughter to this age you could not learn anything from them ever did?
  1149. So.
  1150. I've also learned, of course.
  1151. De'si do?
  1152. Look, I'm telling you.
  1153. Intellectual woman ...
  1154. ... it is always a very attractive woman.
  1155. Do not forget it, baby, okay?
  1156. Yes, Mommy.
  1157. I figured I had a very good event.
  1158. (Music)
  1159. Huh, hello.
  1160. (Music)
  1161. (Effect sound)
  1162. (Gökçe) Uff! .. Muharram either!
  1163. you're going anywhere, enough!
  1164. -Goku by Mistress? - (Gökçe) What?
  1165. Because they style?
  1166. (Gökçe laughter)
  1167. You do not understand.
  1168. Allah Allah!
  1169. (Music)
  1170. (Iron) will replace it with this.
  1171. (Iron) will enter own little closer.
  1172. (Iron) So now that you can talk to him.
  1173. (Iron) work relocate them.
  1174. (Music)
  1175. (Gökçe) I'm ready.
  1176. (Music)
  1177. Hello My Iron Beycig.
  1178. I'm a little sorry I'm late.
  1179. I went to my library card expired renew it.
  1180. Did I seem to hear from you at this time in the library.
  1181. (Gökçe) But I love very much and I'm always going.
  1182. All my free time I'm reading a book.
  1183. Special interest in quantum physics.
  1184. More precisely, every kind of physics.
  1185. Especially yours.
  1186. (Gökçe), please do not misunderstand.
  1187. I'm looking at a purely intellectual point of view.
  1188. And I want you to look like it.
  1189. That's why if you become available ...
  1190. ... I want you to drink a cup of coffee.
  1191. We discuss the Schrödinger kitten ...
  1192. ... we go over a little bit.
  1193. Sure.
  1194. - (Men) Coffee warn me. -Sedat!
  1195. (Gökçe) Eww!
  1196. When we meet baby?
  1197. Ya! You filthy?
  1198. You're married to my son! When you say we meet one too!
  1199. What are you yelling at me to be my daughter?
  1200. Am I saying coffee?
  1201. I said to you? I said to you?
  1202. Exit! Gee!
  1203. friend is not possible to understand in these women.
  1204. (Sound of door opening)
  1205. Sezen!
  1206. (The door closing sound)
  1207. Where are you?
  1208. (Sezen) I Salond.
  1209. Come here.
  1210. - (Sezen) What? -Come on quickly.
  1211. What's going on or what?
  1212. (Sezen) Or okay.
  1213. (Sezen) What happened?
  1214. (Sezen laughter)
  1215. - (Sezen) Are you crazy about you? (Laughter)
  1216. I may be a little bit.
  1217. Or if you would advise me to come ...
  1218. Sister were very moment somewhere else ... you know?
  1219. We came here, okay, extension. Said.
  1220. You have to use her femininity.
  1221. Month valle I hear it again or I'll cut myself!
  1222. Niye ki?
  1223. Months everyone is saying the same thing.
  1224. My mother, my aunt. So what's the result?
  1225. -Results, frustrated. - (Sezen) No.
  1226. I'm really talking about being a woman.
  1227. Little sexy, flirtatious be coquettish.
  1228. Or look beautiful.
  1229. Or, would ya!
  1230. So.
  1231. I'm already so it seems.
  1232. (Laughter)
  1233. Sezen!
  1234. What are you laughing about?
  1235. (Laughter sound) -Child laughing at me!
  1236. Is it really funny?
  1237. (Laughter)
  1238. Sister.
  1239. you do not really look in the mirror?
  1240. (Laughter)
  1241. Look at me, you're my hand!
  1242. You do not have months or, misdemeanor career you want to help.
  1243. Or my sister, my sister, okay, okay. OK.
  1244. (Sezen) OK.
  1245. I'll clothe you, okay?
  1246. It does not want. -And I'll help my sister here.
  1247. Or my sister!
  1248. What does not work?
  1249. You drool!
  1250. So...
  1251. ... ben ...
  1252. ...you...
  1253. ... I will help and it will not work?
  1254. Impossible.
  1255. Let's.
  1256. Dress Up Now you sister.
  1257. (Music)
  1258. Last time my sister you keep breathing, okay?
  1259. I can not swear, if I can not hold on.
  1260. How can not you know?
  1261. Three, one, two, three! (Zipper pull effect)
  1262. Push it!
  1263. (Gökçe) Oops!
  1264. My daughter either of these fires, would be something impossible.
  1265. I am well aware of this, so I will not take no breath at my sister today.
  1266. I can not walk no moon alive with them.
  1267. How month or sister?
  1268. So I do not believe you.
  1269. the only woman who can not walk with these shoes in this family.
  1270. Family're a disgrace!
  1271. Month Sezen, I can not sit in it.
  1272. So sure, do not sit.
  1273. Oops! ..
  1274. I do not want to remove the following months out.
  1275. Or you realize you talking about my sister?
  1276. (Sezen) So this outfit you were out on the two bodies.
  1277. I'm not aware of anything at the moment because you can not get blood to my brain.
  1278. You do not need anyway.
  1279. Of...
  1280. ... Look you do not walk today.
  1281. Water to drink, no food.
  1282. You do not talk much unless the.
  1283. You're standing upright, not bent backward and forward.
  1284. Are you sure that you look good on the moon? -Exactly.
  1285. And would he bit gülsen?
  1286. II, III do not laugh at that ...
  1287. Whatever!
  1288. So...
  1289. ... laughing at the better.
  1290. Exactly.
  1291. "Aa aa aa, Ba??ma gelen"
  1292. (Gökçe) to iron everything.
  1293. (Gökçe) to iron everything.
  1294. (Gökçe) comes from God.
  1295. (Music - Animated)
  1296. (Gökçe) Oops!
  1297. (Gökçe) Allah! ..
  1298. (Laughter)
  1299. (Music)
  1300. (Laughter)
  1301. (Zipper opening effect)
  1302. God did was outrageous.
  1303. What will I do?
  1304. What will I do?
  1305. Nilay!
  1306. (Heel tones)
  1307. Nilay, I need your help.
  1308. - (Nilay) What happened?
  1309. Do you have a sewing kit?
  1310. There is. What are you going to do?
  1311. I'll cut my veins vertical vertically, then I'll erect.
  1312. What are you talking about?
  1313. Look at me.
  1314. (Gökçe) Uff!
  1315. If you give me a loan.
  1316. Al!
  1317. (Gökçe) Return soon.
  1318. (Music)
  1319. (Or Gökçe) What's happening?
  1320. (Muharram) in vain to force Ms. Gokce does not open.
  1321. Why? Why off the toilet?
  1322. By Allah, or you need to ask him.
  1323. Why are you throwing paper in the closet huh? We did not hang inside article writing?
  1324. We also Atman, we also dispose of the toilet seat or toilet paper!
  1325. If you do not consider yourself as the boss of a little thought gosh!
  1326. My friend, I did not clog the toilet did you?
  1327. Gosh, I'm already irritated you.
  1328. (Gökçe) and why you took me to the infirmary the other day?
  1329. I'm in Let go.
  1330. No, I mean maybe someone else will carry.
  1331. Maybe someone else did not take me in his lap?
  1332. Wow! Of course!
  1333. Let's not also -Help huh? -Meat on my friend!
  1334. Help me to something!
  1335. No, why do you mingle with the thing between me and my iron Bey?
  1336. How? Iron Bey?
  1337. Iron Bey saying?
  1338. Iron Bey?
  1339. Iron Beyer or what?
  1340. Dem - Iron Bey have to do it now?
  1341. Gee! Come on, you get to work!
  1342. Let's!
  1343. Allah Allah!
  1344. (Music)
  1345. (Heel voice)
  1346. (Music)
  1347. (Gökçe) I, II, III!
  1348. I, ?,?h!
  1349. (Music)
  1350. (The door closing sound)
  1351. Sezen or months! Why did I listen?
  1352. Ya!
  1353. Better have shown, what do not I know? Tsk tsk!
  1354. Hakan, I know that my son's job, fitting now.
  1355. EUR ç?kmay?v also okay a weekend boat gosh.
  1356. Both look at what I say, no matter how crowded it is, the better.
  1357. (Iron) Ha ha you going to do in the meantime donation!
  1358. They do not come and sit on the corners dryly!
  1359. (Iron) No, no.
  1360. We gather for Autism Foundation Seed.
  1361. My son, it was last time.
  1362. A minute or son.
  1363. That was a year ago.
  1364. Ha you remember a call or have you lost?
  1365. Oh, okay, okay, fine.
  1366. Of course, a good thing, of course awareness.
  1367. By Allah, I know my brother.
  1368. I'll see you there on Saturday.
  1369. Okay, okay, come on, come on, come on, let's views.
  1370. Cucumber!
  1371. (Music)
  1372. (Music)
  1373. I knew he was here Gokce.
  1374. Mr. Jove Iron months if you do it wrong, I can explain.
  1375. nothing like you ever thought about it, I was doing things.
  1376. I've been watching you for a long time Gokce.
  1377. (Iron) What are you doing? What are you saying?
  1378. (Iron) Where are you going?
  1379. But I do not catch you alone all day.
  1380. Ihor, huh, huh?
  1381. Or so.
  1382. But inasmuch as we head to head
  1383. We'll dance, baby.
  1384. baby?
  1385. Baby said.
  1386. (Music - Dance)
  1387. (Music - Dance)
  1388. (Gökçe inner voice) Is not it would be nice?
  1389. (Gökçe inner voice) But I also this misfortune while.
  1390. (Music - Animated)
  1391. Oops! ..
  1392. Or I'm in love with this man whom the event would not I be?
  1393. "Aye aye aye, now I have to escape from here"
  1394. "Aa aa aa, Ba??ma gelen"
  1395. Alfalfa What news? Welcome.
  1396. Ah!
  1397. Wisdom Hi how are you?
  1398. Good work is on, we're doing okay.
  1399. How goes the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?
  1400. Good good, very good.
  1401. How do you implant? There is no problem, right?
  1402. right as possible both in my own teeth, they swear.
  1403. -Super! -Hullo.
  1404. (Clover) AA, or Bayd?n Hikmet!
  1405. (Wisdom) So, be enough!
  1406. (Wisdom) people a little human.
  1407. What say hello? What morning? Man says hello to a man!
  1408. AA, before you say hello, ask how people are doing.
  1409. You could trim a Wisdom or forty years! You could not be a man.
  1410. Here you're already at home for doing so.
  1411. (Alfalfa) Oh! You know that now you tell crows even laugh?
  1412. Once you move a woman like me is not easy.
  1413. Nobody does not stand erect in front of me.
  1414. Glory, fame, career, all of them as freaks.
  1415. (Wisdom) He he, sure it is.
  1416. Shall I tell you something? If I wanted I got married ten times, twenty times I was divorced.
  1417. I do not think I can!
  1418. Amanda pulled Rezzan God's sake, I'll come to stay Jove my hand this.
  1419. Both of you, be your maniac! Both of you, you maniac! ..
  1420. -Manyaklar! You've got carrots!
  1421. Rude!..
  1422. (The door closing sound)
  1423. (The door closing sound)
  1424. (Rezzan) Oh, how ridiculous is this again?
  1425. You hear the month or at work!
  1426. No!
  1427. No, I was saying something like Mirili Mirili before you open the door.
  1428. Here'm going to the dentist or whatever else he's been going on while shame.
  1429. Month ass.
  1430. Did he become a dentist who wants to charge no dental fillings from their wives?
  1431. Oh, how shameless man be!
  1432. (Alfalfa), but his hand is very light or months!
  1433. What?
  1434. They say that not because I know swear.
  1435. Are you sure you?
  1436. Ablac???m month, last day of my friends have gone.
  1437. knowing that we were related.
  1438. I said do not go to the door again.
  1439. Well done.
  1440. -Sister? -H?h!
  1441. This is your küslüg how much longer?
  1442. Behind!
  1443. or küslü?ü We have this?
  1444. Current Wisdom, will come and do not apologize until clover.
  1445. until they accept that I was a very talented artist ...
  1446. ... and come even look right here, get down on your knees ...
  1447. ... begging me to take up!
  1448. So I'm saying to you.
  1449. No separate or that you live like this ...
  1450. ... you never did not meet?
  1451. No.
  1452. Ha ever did so not seeing?
  1453. What month do you want to say?
  1454. E dear bluntly say it does not work on me so there's nothing between you?
  1455. Exit!
  1456. Nothing.
  1457. (Alfalfa sound) sister, so you no nothing?
  1458. - (Rezzan voice) No! - (Alfalfa sound) Never?
  1459. (Rezzan voice) No!
  1460. (Rezzan voice) But ...
  1461. If you take a step ... Wisdom ...
  1462. ... I do not know what happens?
  1463. (Music - Animated)
  1464. (Laughter)
  1465. I will take the step of the king.
  1466. (Music - Animated)
  1467. (Kaan) Aa selam.
  1468. -What's up? -Good, you?
  1469. Good.
  1470. (Kaan) Otursana.
  1471. What should I served you?
  1472. Tea, coffee? Or something cold?
  1473. I swear to God if I get something that enhances creativity even energizing said.
  1474. (Khan) There are, would you like energy drinks?
  1475. Okay, so these days I have a lot of work I need to be super ideas.
  1476. Or even for a minute, and even ...
  1477. ... I have to ask.
  1478. What?
  1479. Hani said the other day this guy does not call you or you Nilay he survived.
  1480. (Gökçe) really search.
  1481. I'm not surprised.
  1482. You think you know but you do not know any men.
  1483. So yeah that's what I'm talking about exactly.
  1484. Everyone of course all suggested to me that I did a lot of things.
  1485. But I got nothing.
  1486. So, Nilay'l to have to do this?
  1487. That also means I need my advice.
  1488. I'm trying to impress one as well.
  1489. Oh, come on.
  1490. Who is this guy?
  1491. I say, but do not tell anyone.
  1492. I wonder if I'm going to say to whom?
  1493. Or so I do not know, my dear? I'm already on alert.
  1494. Now these people will be my little boss.
  1495. He is wonderfully handsome, wonderful charismatic personality and a super cross.
  1496. OK now you have a name for them beyond this super personality?
  1497. Where.
  1498. Iron Cerraho?lu.
  1499. Is Iron Cerraho?lu?
  1500. What!
  1501. No two hundred thirty seven having not you have that?
  1502. Eighty triple child.
  1503. His father Hulusi Cerraho?lu veteran of the advertising industry.
  1504. This has gone before, like Robert ...
  1505. ... then to New York University to the American economy, business or something to read.
  1506. Yeah, well, you know them or you for a minute?
  1507. I know from magazines, let's say.
  1508. In addition to special interests include golfing, horseback riding ...
  1509. ... there's something to be opened by boat.
  1510. Also you already know them.
  1511. I do not know Jove months.
  1512. Are you sure that you want to be with this guy?
  1513. Let's not call the guy alone for a minute.
  1514. The gentleman we let him.
  1515. Because I think the gentleman has been no word before iron was discovered for her.
  1516. Gokce.
  1517. Only this time I'll tell you the gentleman was very friendly oil.
  1518. You may be upset, that's why I'm saying.
  1519. As the late Kemal Sunal film ...
  1520. ... death come out of her hand if she be beautiful, we say we drink syrup.
  1521. (Gökçe laughter)
  1522. Fine. it is up to you.
  1523. Solo likes what, what are their hobbies ...
  1524. ... You have to do some research it seems like this is not easy work.
  1525. What.
  1526. Yes, you're right I'll investigate it a bit.
  1527. Good, then let's talk investigate.
  1528. (Gökçe) Deal.
  1529. (Khan) Meanwhile, if you find something ...
  1530. ... let me know, okay?
  1531. Okay, then I'll have your number, we communicate.
  1532. Sure, summer.
  1533. (Music)
  1534. (Door knocking sound)
  1535. Gel.
  1536. The ...
  1537. Said.
  1538. Iron Gentlemen, you know you Cabotage Day is approaching.
  1539. We also want to gift exchange with friends.
  1540. But we do not want it to get so many ridiculous things.
  1541. So we organized a mini-survey.
  1542. Of?
  1543. Here's to you my one, I had two questions.
  1544. (Gökçe) If you want to start with your date of birth?
  1545. June 16, 1983, correct?
  1546. It is true.
  1547. Twins.
  1548. So, your favorite food?
  1549. (Smith) Of ravioli.
  1550. Ihr! The ravioli months I'll love ya!
  1551. You're getting a top such as garlic yogurt.
  1552. Very nice.
  1553. (Music)
  1554. Eh!
  1555. So, do you have a birthmark?
  1556. Where.
  1557. Well, me or you're gonna die if you diagnosed?
  1558. Hi! .. Furthermore, God forbid, do not say such things either.
  1559. Ihor, anyway ...
  1560. ...do you do sports?
  1561. I am doing.
  1562. So, I'm doing fitness.
  1563. Meanwhile I love running.
  1564. Running, what else?
  1565. Sail.
  1566. Sailing, very good.
  1567. Well, baklava?
  1568. I do not like.
  1569. Ay!
  1570. Six pack of sense.
  1571. Where.
  1572. Hullo!
  1573. Sorry?
  1574. Well, you say that that is absolutely necessarily true.
  1575. So, little things like that you like to tell us about your hobbies?
  1576. Of course, I'm talking about now Gökçecig.
  1577. I Gökçecig?
  1578. He's never given the chance, but not at all aware ...
  1579. ... totally forget about tomorrow's presentation ...
  1580. ... Gökçesu himself to dismiss such nonsense that the questionnaire.
  1581. How?
  1582. Very nice.
  1583. Is not he good?
  1584. Yes, but do not worry, I'm so ready for presentation tomorrow.
  1585. You sure?
  1586. I'm sure I'm really sure that I've never been so sure of Jove.
  1587. So please be sure that you get nothing.
  1588. So, I'm already late to my work now.
  1589. Whether you come easy.
  1590. Have a nice day.
  1591. (Music)
  1592. (Ambient noise)
  1593. Whew, I'm doing or what? I drink more coffee, I did not do anything.
  1594. Üff!
  1595. (Music)
  1596. (Sound of door opening)
  1597. BB! ..
  1598. (The door closing sound)
  1599. (Music)
  1600. (Applause and cheering sounds)
  1601. Surprise!..
  1602. Ya! ..
  1603. Thank you so much.
  1604. Happy Birthday.
  1605. Or you can think of things like that come from?
  1606. E Do not make my daughter so much that he's surprised, he's making a cake.
  1607. Already since these are small or very opposite of what you wanted to say, right Wisdom?
  1608. So now that we know our daughter.
  1609. Teyzo?, you finally did it thirty.
  1610. Or either you are so sweet, thank you.
  1611. Though these three, if not more, but fortunately good.
  1612. Sister...
  1613. ... Before I opened my gift.
  1614. OK.
  1615. (Music)
  1616. Girl, I'm where to wear them, huh?
  1617. I do not know the e sister no longer there.
  1618. Good girl, in the end finally let the cat get hold of a mouse.
  1619. I thank you very much indeed.
  1620. Gokce, come here.
  1621. My daughter...
  1622. ... will one day look of a lover.
  1623. Works're gonna wear exacerbate them by sheer wrap environment.
  1624. Or mother! (Gökçe laughter)
  1625. Already I still love you even more because you really believe I can find a lover.
  1626. (Rezzan) I believe, of course.
  1627. Gokce, though they also get different kinds of news ha.
  1628. What!..
  1629. Rezzan, so how then is there some other kind of costume types?
  1630. Now I'll tell Wisdom said.
  1631. So, you say I'm starting something, I really need a lot of work ...
  1632. ... but you go ahead, take me cake. Then surely I will eat it.
  1633. A, why are you going to blow cake?
  1634. AA, indeed.
  1635. (Music)
  1636. (Gökçe) Yes, I wish to keep the peace.
  1637. (Music)
  1638. (Applause voice) (Music)
  1639. Oh, thank you or I love so much. Come on, I escaped.
  1640. (Water Lilies) A, E gifts?
  1641. So I'll do something then I will open them all.
  1642. E was the best we make you a surprise birthday party.
  1643. (Kiss sound) Come bye bye.
  1644. - (Rezzan) EUR peace we come to eat. - (Wisdom), E come on.
  1645. I can not eat any of them.
  1646. Why?
  1647. Look how calorie, do not you see?
  1648. Rezzan also say something you kept the costumes already. How costumes, for example?
  1649. E.g...
  1650. ... police costumes Wisdom.
  1651. Months how popular these days? How popular?
  1652. (Music)
  1653. (Gökçe inner voice) Yes, today is my birthday, but tomorrow may be the day my presentation.
  1654. (Gökçe inner voice) If I screwed if I suck and business ...
  1655. The last day of my life ... it can also be a separate issue.
  1656. And what is this?
  1657. Moccha.
  1658. (Cover open sound)
  1659. (Music)
  1660. Ss!
  1661. Well, not bad.
  1662. Yeah, uh-uh ...
  1663. (Music)
  1664. (Gökçe inner voice) of the band's sound fez caramel ...
  1665. ... What's wrong with a band? There are sounds of the two bands.
  1666. (Gökçe inner voice) Latte's new address, Cafe, Bandon.
  1667. (Gökçe inner voice) Cafe, Bandon, do, do, or think of something that rhymes with Gokce do!
  1668. (Music)
  1669. (Wisdom) Police.
  1670. Kos...
  1671. ... costume ...
  1672. ...hire...
  1673. Call now.
  1674. Immediately!
  1675. Bast?k.
  1676. (Wisdom) Yes, add to cart. Is Dolphins incident, did the hawks?
  1677. a special permit is required for police uniforms.
  1678. Oh, long work either! Not necessarily that he will not necessarily be the police.
  1679. (Music - Dance)
  1680. (Gökçe) friend sorry.
  1681. (Khan) Oh, what's up?
  1682. -Fine, you? -Well I am fine?
  1683. I could not stop either at home!
  1684. I have a presentation tomorrow about my coffee so I drank like a parcel of coffee ...
  1685. ... that can stop what percentage, what I can sit, I can not do anything.
  1686. I could not find new ideas that I'm already walking for fun, I do not know what to do.
  1687. I think this is a calm before.
  1688. What I really want to but I can not stand not possible.
  1689. How many did you drink?
  1690. So, twelve.
  1691. -How many? - (Gökçe) What?
  1692. How many did you drink?
  1693. -Coffee? -Yeah.
  1694. -On two -Çü?!
  1695. (Gökçe) Yes.
  1696. But already I could not find anything super. That sucks like eight.
  1697. It administers two. There is nothing else. What will I do?
  1698. Look, let's make a deal with you. You help me, I'm gonna help you.
  1699. How will it be?
  1700. Inside very crowded, but I have no elements. What would help me a couple of hours.
  1701. Collect empty inside or something, take a look bring to the service.
  1702. Cola, fruit juice, soda, you're not involved in anything else.
  1703. Then we look at your motto.
  1704. Agreed boss.
  1705. Come on, take them to get the second one on the right desk.
  1706. (Music - Animated)
  1707. (Music - Animated)
  1708. So I think the story lovey dovey stuff or something, that evening ...
  1709. ... We can talk about it. How would you like that tonight?
  1710. Hopper my friend, look left or dating business.
  1711. What a flirt or, ugh sorry boss.
  1712. Girls hello.
  1713. Hello there.
  1714. Now let me ask you something. One coffee output okay?
  1715. This is a brand new, cold coffee.
  1716. There are wonderfully nice options. Here Mochau americano have such a lot of varieties.
  1717. You drink one of them, would you say the following?
  1718. A...
  1719. Sorry, friends or work began on the new. There are remains of the old business failures.
  1720. Let's work to get to work!
  1721. (Ambient noise)
  1722. Alo.
  1723. (Female voice) Goodnight 112 emergency.
  1724. So goodnight lady my daughter was going to be a question.
  1725. Is it you stare at the fire brigade business?
  1726. (Female voice) Yeah, go ahead.
  1727. Now we need to see my son very urgent fireman costume.
  1728. I'm writing a novel for me to be in the depth of the characters ...
  1729. ... I have to find a firefighter costume, as an emergency.
  1730. (Female voice) I Amcac?g are you, crazy? Emergency emergency here.
  1731. (Female voice) are currently looking for how many people have you heard that line?
  1732. Look at my daughter ...
  1733. And my situation is urgent.
  1734. I'm on fire.
  1735. (Music)
  1736. -Goku by. - (Gökçe) Ha.
  1737. Let go anymore either, enough.
  1738. We had no or something the last few months. I'll take care of them too.
  1739. Or let's leave sledding.
  1740. Or I swear I can not stop, can not stop you do not understand. Business gave me.
  1741. You over there a seat.
  1742. Do you remember when you came here I wonder why?
  1743. Month're saying is right.
  1744. So tell me olds mind.
  1745. OK, now as one ...
  1746. ... a summer's day, it is wonderful beach with a hot summer day.
  1747. Girls like men blah blah blah.
  1748. EA girls by men with such mutual dance ...
  1749. ... They start walking toward each other. Then there ...
  1750. ... ea ot song, we hear the words. Relax like a hungry band, he says.
  1751. I swear to God this advertising, or came to me a little familiar.
  1752. Moon really?
  1753. The HI. What's the second?
  1754. Ha said the second, uninhabited island.
  1755. So what are the three things to get him going to a deserted island?
  1756. I take my bike, I swear.
  1757. I take my electric guitar an unlimited internet connection.
  1758. Toot! Wrong answer.
  1759. The cafe americano Bandon, the latte, you get a cappuccino. How idea?
  1760. I do not think so.
  1761. Is this the goal or not?
  1762. Unfortunately not.
  1763. I think you need to calm down a bit.
  1764. No Month, or not possible.
  1765. Come on, get home, get some rest I leave you thoroughly.
  1766. No, I can not sleep so late in life. So what time is it anyway?
  1767. There are four hours of presentation, so I wake up in the morning.
  1768. So what will you do?
  1769. I do not know what I'll do? Really what I'm gonna do?
  1770. I'm dead or I'm done. I think we all have to die tonight.
  1771. We died for us.
  1772. (Laughter)
  1773. I think you need a little oxygen.
  1774. (Gökçe) Hmm.
  1775. Come on, get up, let's walk.
  1776. (Gökçe) Come on.
  1777. (Music)
  1778. (Gökçe) Or I would say that I did wonder if I took another cup of coffee?
  1779. What nonsense now, what more do not.
  1780. How should I know.
  1781. I'll tell you something.
  1782. What.
  1783. When I actually first saw you ...
  1784. (Music)
  1785. Fortunately give either empty now.
  1786. You're gonna tell me he was in love.
  1787. (Jet noise)
  1788. Look, look, or the jokes.
  1789. Halal Halal. Okay, calm down.
  1790. Well, I made him a joke. No problem.
  1791. Hani always say that, or so I have nothing.
  1792. So I'm actually rather ...
  1793. ... they Gökçecig you say you deserve better than me.
  1794. That's what I naively I would continue with my life.
  1795. ie him.
  1796. Month you were saying something very sorry.
  1797. A so? Thank you very much, thank you.
  1798. What I was going to work.
  1799. I say when I first saw you ...
  1800. ... I did not think it was so much fun, frankly no one chick.
  1801. So, you had officially broke tonight. Do you realize that the nation was wonderful fun.
  1802. -Really? -Yeah.
  1803. E good, super created if the job.
  1804. Is Naughty? Creation of course.
  1805. I actually thought when I first saw something more.
  1806. I told this chick pretty vulgar or scabies.
  1807. I said, let me tell you that I am the face. Even the word scabies look at what is officially cold ...
  1808. (Song) "like a wavy sea"
  1809. "I'm a straight A Gitlin come to you"
  1810. "I do not know if that is not friendly"
  1811. "Let him remain so"
  1812. "You know us knows that"
  1813. "Two close friends as"
  1814. "Even if there is a spark"
  1815. "Let him remain so"
  1816. "Is this the night will not go on forever"
  1817. "Did I never come back home, I'm not"
  1818. "The day's first light of sunrise"
  1819. "Do not hug you if I"
  1820. "Is this the night will not go on forever"
  1821. This.
  1822. Oops.
  1823. Very nice or I overslept.
  1824. Yeah, I did not mince perfect to wake you sleep.
  1825. But now, good morning, ma'am.
  1826. Good Morning.
  1827. This!
  1828. What time is it? What time is it?
  1829. Why? What happened?
  1830. Month I'm done.
  1831. What should I do? I have to drink a cup of coffee.
  1832. Can I please get a cup of coffee?
  1833. coffee, drink too much or do not need you anyway.
  1834. I got it, I got it. Okay, I got it.
  1835. I am or what I do?
  1836. I could not find anything there Meeting.
  1837. Be completely calm. You'll find.
  1838. You know I'm done, I do not know what to do.
  1839. or are you still drinking coffee at this hour.
  1840. Oops, I swear I came to myself.
  1841. I'll take them does not get one anyway.
  1842. If you come late, I leave you to your work.
  1843. I do nothing I go by myself.
  1844. do not be stubborn, I leave if I leave my job well.
  1845. I swear I will do nothing now already'll ride the funicular ...
  1846. ... I toke'm up there.
  1847. -Are you sure? - (Gökçe) Hmm.
  1848. Fine. it is up to you.
  1849. Night was great by the way thank you very much.
  1850. You're welcome. It was nice. Thanks.
  1851. -See you. -See you.
  1852. (Music)
  1853. Good Morning.
  1854. Good luck with.
  1855. Good morning, my daughter, thank you.
  1856. Oops, your job difficult auntie.
  1857. One thing I'm going to ask, is it not hard on the minimum wage?
  1858. So you can keep up with everything?
  1859. We daughter everyone is trying.
  1860. My guys, girls, boys barely work we grow.
  1861. Let God Jove ease.
  1862. Thank you, thank you.
  1863. How many children?
  1864. The four boys, four girls.
  1865. Two of the boys married, both at home.
  1866. Girls smaller, they go to school.
  1867. God bless.
  1868. Thank you, dear, thank you.
  1869. Oh girl you stand, that's not your job.
  1870. What will happen to my dear Months No, we bitiriver almost two minutes.
  1871. Is it something that happens AA?
  1872. Let's get it out, to wear hair. Pollution get hair.
  1873. Then I will give you one of these coffee.
  1874. (Gökçe) did not market them to enjoy a better look.
  1875. Let's see if you will like?
  1876. Let's see.
  1877. (Music)
  1878. Good, good.
  1879. such as sugar.
  1880. So, for example, you can you get it?
  1881. that the EA is expensive.
  1882. None or not, something that is very cheap.
  1883. Aa.
  1884. Good Morning.
  1885. Fatma how are you?
  1886. Thank you, Hulusi Bey, thank you.
  1887. Good Morning.
  1888. (Gökçe) Good morning.
  1889. (Music)
  1890. Yes Gokce, we cents.
  1891. (Gökçe inner voice) You can do it.
  1892. (Gökçe inner voice) You can make it.
  1893. (Gökçe inner voice) There's still an idea, though. Trust yourself.
  1894. (Gökçe inner voice) to achieve the Trust ...
  1895. (Fonda ringtone)
  1896. Gokce.
  1897. Of.
  1898. First of all welcome.
  1899. I will introduce to you today is a very nice brand.
  1900. Cafee Bando.
  1901. Yes, as we all know ...
  1902. ... coffee beans in the jungles of South America ...
  1903. ... yeti?mekteyk that in most tropical regions ...
  1904. (Iron) Haller Gökçe cases.
  1905. If you want to pass the history of coffee, came to campaign.
  1906. I'll be right Demir Bey.
  1907. Yeah, now I'm the only one you gave me drink all the coffee.
  1908. (Gökçe) all tasted very nice, really formidable.
  1909. Off.
  1910. Ben, the ...
  1911. In fact, if you look in the cafe with the band about to ...
  1912. Yeah.
  1913. That is hardly anything ...
  1914. (Fonda ringtone)
  1915. I found something.
  1916. Yes, I found something. Now let's consider the following ...
  1917. Is not the morning ... we have people working manual labor until the evening body strength?
  1918. So, is this our our people do not deserve a nice drink coffee?
  1919. Of course they are. Why should not they?
  1920. But as we all know, in this great coffee chain is not everything so expensive?
  1921. So a frappuccino, white chocolate mocha few pounds?
  1922. Very pounds.
  1923. Here is the full band kicks in at this point Café.
  1924. Because the cafe Bandon both very tasty and very affordable.
  1925. I'm lying, I swear there are not destined to go there.
  1926. Iron Bey customers alone ...
  1927. Actions of a second.
  1928. Dad, what do you think, is something that interests me?
  1929. Jove sincerity paramount, according to the target audience.
  1930. Above value to the study.
  1931. I think you've found a very good starting point.
  1932. Good for you.
  1933. Is Moon Jove?
  1934. I agree.
  1935. Beautiful.
  1936. Month thank you very much Mr. Iron.
  1937. Be really right.
  1938. Iron Gentlemen, I was sure you'd really Gokce will be successful in this project.
  1939. In fact, I am aware of talent since the first day he came to the agency.
  1940. Bravo action.
  1941. Gokce come with me.
  1942. If you want to remove it's on your head.
  1943. (Music)
  1944. Bad luck.
  1945. Gokce.
  1946. The first day you came to this agency ...
  1947. You do not understand anything ... it is walking in the middle of rookie rookie. Is it correct?
  1948. True.
  1949. True. Right, of course.
  1950. But in a place of ...
  1951. ... you had the belief that can do this job right?
  1952. Well, of course there was.
  1953. Beautiful.
  1954. That's why you tried to plow. You did all the work you have given.
  1955. Ha did the work of others, I know.
  1956. Others arrived grab your ideas you raise your voice.
  1957. They came over, did not you open your mouth you rebuked.
  1958. But in the end Gokce ...
  1959. You finally managed to show itself.
  1960. If then the matter a little more carefully ...
  1961. ... if you will deliver the work on time and of course most importantly ...
  1962. ... You come against me with more creative ideas ...
  1963. ... You can be promoted.
  1964. You're not even in the future it may very well be a creative director.
  1965. (Music - Animated)
  1966. (Fonda's - Yes)
  1967. Of course in the future. Very future.
  1968. Wide think.
  1969. So consider quite broad.
  1970. To thrill.
  1971. No need to rush.
  1972. OK.
  1973. So thank you very much for what you say Iron Bey.
  1974. Really, I mean I can not tell them how much you mean to me you never know.
  1975. Thank you so much.
  1976. Beautiful.
  1977. So, then, can I go home? Because I did not sleep last night.
  1978. Of course.
  1979. Thank you so much.
  1980. You can not leave.
  1981. But not Saturday today? Holiday, no job.
  1982. Gokce.
  1983. Man's very tiring to repeat itself believes in something.
  1984. But I say again that you're a good employee.
  1985. You can not leave.
  1986. Yeah. So, no.
  1987. So yeah, okay. I'm going to my work then.
  1988. I think back to work.
  1989. Whether you come easy. Good work.
  1990. Thanks. You too.
  1991. (Music)
  1992. How to tell if you want, sir.
  1993. I am interested in right now.
  1994. How did it go?
  1995. Moon was very nice, they love to my mind.
  1996. Very glad I congratulate my dear.
  1997. Thanks.
  1998. In the afternoon you go to brunch get the news the way.
  1999. It does not possible that Mr. Moon said, I promised you work iron.
  2000. Okay, you're already going along Demir Bey.
  2001. How do ya?
  2002. There are an organization of Seed Autism Foundation.
  2003. Iron Beyer wants to see you there.
  2004. Moon really?
  2005. There are also running ahead, he wants her to attend.
  2006. Ben ko?amam out.
  2007. How do I know my daughter.
  2008. I cut my daughter or I throw a two-step.
  2009. I'd love'm in the hands of such falls. No way.
  2010. that I do not understand you at all.
  2011. Both men want to be with you both do not like.
  2012. But what I did not sleep at all, I'm very tired.
  2013. Gokce.
  2014. You do not have to come running.
  2015. You would never do anything Beycig Iron months or so?
  2016. I love to run, run definitely my thing.
  2017. Already I ran ten kilometers every morning before work necessarily.
  2018. Well then.
  2019. My daughter you are you crazy?
  2020. What should I do?
  2021. Use your head a little bit.
  2022. Yes, you're quite right.
  2023. I have to find something.
  2024. (Music)
  2025. The only thing I need now is a biker.
  2026. (Music)
  2027. (Phone ringing tone)
  2028. (Phone ringing tone)
  2029. Sir Gokce.
  2030. Ha Kaan, I need my help.
  2031. Sir Gokce.
  2032. What if I say I need my help.
  2033. Ahh, I slept an hour or so before me work Jove predicament.
  2034. Or what it would be very important.
  2035. Look, I think I found a way to influence the iron.
  2036. What do you need? Let me tell you.
  2037. (Fonda's - Yes)
  2038. Now look,
  2039. There's one there's only one trail running its course.
  2040. Now we are as follows. I run ou ...
  2041. (Doorbell sound)
  2042. A Gökçe!
  2043. Have you come to empty my daughter's hand?
  2044. It means the mother or months?
  2045. My son went in the morning since morning as people come to a pastry shop.
  2046. Such warm warm rolls, bagels or something gets.
  2047. Is not it ever occur to you?
  2048. Mom, I went out at night now I'm coming, you're not even aware of.
  2049. or you call me a burrito. Really give up.
  2050. Hmm, shoe tongue.
  2051. Look, I'm going to sleep now, wake me up an hour later. Okay?
  2052. Yes, sir.
  2053. But then you look at a clock arouses certain.
  2054. We understand my daughter, we remove it.
  2055. Good.
  2056. (Doorbell sound)
  2057. (Rezzan) Moon who is this now?
  2058. Wisdom.
  2059. Rezzan.
  2060. Blood had the problem. I came here to solve.
  2061. How did you feel Look month, month Wisdom How did you feel?
  2062. It was very good. Come, be my guest.
  2063. Is Jove?
  2064. Arrived late, late.
  2065. (Rezzan) came Month. How Wisdom of my head ached.
  2066. Behind.
  2067. (Music)
  2068. (Song)
  2069. "My birthday came again passed"
  2070. "Loneliness had finished a backwards"
  2071. "Three times in five times to give enough"
  2072. "My wish would be that if you"
  2073. "I'm certain I would not ever be ashamed"
  2074. "I saw you, I always escapes"
  2075. "Love like a bit tired"
  2076. "Did least those who know you lost earnings"
  2077. "Love creep a bit like"
  2078. "Can not Get offended laggard"
  2079. "Love asks a little tired"
  2080. "Did least those who know you lost earnings"
  2081. "Asks the little creep Love"
  2082. "Irresistibly Stream"
  2083. (Continues Song)
  2084. (Phone ringing alarm sound)
  2085. Fourteen on Rezzan.
  2086. (Rezzan) Look, you see, I already knew.
  2087. Wisdom now I understand that I get my blood pressure.
  2088. Did I was a pain in my neck ...
  2089. ... understand that blood pressure went up.
  2090. So you're saying you can not do something else?
  2091. What else could be the reason Months Wisdom?
  2092. Then I'm going Rezzan.
  2093. It was. Let's you and I will enter the top jobs.
  2094. Good.
  2095. Rezzan.
  2096. (Rezzan) Hmm.
  2097. So I'm going.
  2098. Did not you ever wonder if a rise in blood pressure or something?
  2099. Wisdom did not disappear.
  2100. then I'll be fine.
  2101. (Silence)
  2102. (Music)
  2103. AA, gone.
  2104. Oh, how stupid man be gone pretty.
  2105. Publ.
  2106. Jeez Wisdom.
  2107. (Phone ringing alarm sound)
  2108. (Gökçe) Ugh!
  2109. (Water Lilies) Ehh be enough!
  2110. Jeez my head was swollen dice, dice, dice, dice.
  2111. -What about? -So you've set the alarm.
  2112. N? Is the time? -Twelve.
  2113. On iki mi?
  2114. -And why do not you wake me? You did not say anything to that.
  2115. I said to my mother, I said, wake up an hour later.
  2116. (Or heaven) Or I was off now.
  2117. I wish you'd told me my life EUR.
  2118. I'm done.
  2119. (Music)
  2120. Off! I can not make or months Jove I'll catch up.
  2121. (Music)
  2122. I'm so late either.
  2123. - (Iron) Do you have ever marathon or something? - (Action) None. This is the first.
  2124. We're ready, Mr. Iron.
  2125. Are you ambitious?
  2126. (Gökçe) friend.
  2127. Gokce Where ya?
  2128. I came.
  2129. (Iron) arrived.
  2130. I'm a bit late, sorry.
  2131. We thought we were gonna come.
  2132. Should I ever missed Month Actions lady? That is what I love most in this life to run ..
  2133. So nice that this time your number. Get.
  2134. Moon really?
  2135. It was nice ha.
  2136. Thank you very much Mr. Iron.
  2137. -Are we ready? - (Gökçe) Yes. What are we doing?
  2138. Attention!
  2139. (Beep)
  2140. (Music)
  2141. Moon had urged me to Olympic team. Do you know?
  2142. But I could not go because I sprained my foot.
  2143. That is also a sailing race for me. Both of them very special place.
  2144. A what is beautiful.
  2145. Yeah.
  2146. Even when I am or anything artificial.
  2147. I'm hungry Search See you finish there.
  2148. Come on it so you ambitious?
  2149. So, avail the Olympic team ... God!
  2150. But of course we were young then.
  2151. Fortunately, I escaped. Ll see.
  2152. Going swear.
  2153. (Music)
  2154. (Music)
  2155. (Phone ringing tone)
  2156. Alo.
  2157. Kaan, where are you?
  2158. You will not believe I'm on my way over gasoline in Gokce, I'm coming right now.
  2159. You're kidding, are not you?
  2160. None Jove, why I joke I'm serious. I got it, but now I'm coming.
  2161. I'm not saying anything about you, Kaan months.
  2162. (Music)
  2163. Let's have a try at once, let what happens.
  2164. (Car engine sound)
  2165. (Music)
  2166. Or what would make no you do not. Come on, not now, not now.
  2167. (Music)
  2168. Hadi, hadi, hadi.
  2169. Hah.
  2170. Or tried, worked.
  2171. Ya off.
  2172. (Music)
  2173. What would you do me or months.
  2174. (Cough sound)
  2175. Öff!
  2176. (Gökçe) or What shall I do?
  2177. (Gökçe) also got a thousand cable.
  2178. (Smith) Gökçe.
  2179. It is no.
  2180. I Beycig Iron months. I search for something or I open more.
  2181. I pulled the car over here it is oil, there is nothing that I'm looking at the water.
  2182. (Gökçe) Ew.
  2183. So I think that's already there at the finish, let's go.
  2184. Let's.
  2185. I did not know this until you run faster.
  2186. Month Jove I did not know.
  2187. What are you doing are you ok?
  2188. Month Am I My Iron Beycig know what I'm doing?
  2189. Or something I already told you.
  2190. Months, I work from home or I come running.
  2191. Such times a week ...
  2192. ... but I mean, something happened in my fitness breaks by ...
  2193. ... Say What, though twelve kilometers?
  2194. Have many more months?
  2195. No. Did you see the look finish there?
  2196. Beautiful.
  2197. Brother. Where'd you my son?
  2198. My son can not run it until the last, there was resting.
  2199. Gee. Anyway, Gökçe Hakan, Hakan Gokce.
  2200. Evidence that swept around me.
  2201. But what I'm finished.
  2202. If you want to stop now.
  2203. I can not stand no.
  2204. Either you do not have to finish what you're pushing.
  2205. No, I have to, I'll finish it.
  2206. Are you in pursuit of the prize?
  2207. There's a prize?
  2208. Of course, my dear first five thousand pounds.
  2209. Born?
  2210. (Both of them) connected to the motor.
  2211. (Music - Animated)
  2212. (The shutter sound)
  2213. (Music - Animated)
  2214. (Music - Animated)
  2215. (Music continues)
  2216. (Music)
  2217. (Applause and cheering sounds)
  2218. (Music)
  2219. (Applause and cheering sounds)
  2220. I did it, I did it, I did it!
  2221. I accomplished something for the first time in my life.
  2222. Month I'm so sorry. completely thrilled.
  2223. I can not believe or months.
  2224. Did not I be the first?
  2225. Period.
  2226. (Gökçe laughter)
  2227. Aww, thank you very much either.
  2228. Congratulations.
  2229. Thanks a lot.
  2230. (Clap)
  2231. Of.
  2232. I now this award, is not five thousand pounds?
  2233. Very good. Well I do.
  2234. I donate to the Foundation.
  2235. And!
  2236. (Clap)
  2237. I say nothing, I swear on my mug, cup and give it to anyone. This is mine.
  2238. You deserve it now.
  2239. (Music)
  2240. Good day Rezzan.
  2241. Half a kilo moderate-fat ground beef, brisket You also want one. I told him getiriver.
  2242. Yes, that brought them why you're wanted?
  2243. Apprentice went to the country I brought instead.
  2244. Okay, wait a second.
  2245. (Music)
  2246. Thank you dear.
  2247. (Music)
  2248. Wisdom.
  2249. (Music)
  2250. (Music)
  2251. Sir Rezzan.
  2252. There is nobody at home.
  2253. (Rezzan) Children's gone.
  2254. Yeah.
  2255. You can come if you want.
  2256. I'm so bored of being all alone.
  2257. Rezzan of course I'll come.
  2258. But first, I have a condition.
  2259. What?
  2260. Before you accept that I'm a very talented painter.
  2261. AA, I always say that already Rezza.
  2262. You have the right or a little more concerned with painting Hansen ...
  2263. ... maybe we are the richest in the world, the best-known ...
  2264. (Rezzan) Sus. Okay okay.
  2265. I have one more requirement.
  2266. Tell me dear.
  2267. Wisdom, at the following ...
  2268. ... you remove the signboard Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  2269. Nah, what's that nice?
  2270. But Wisdom agreed.
  2271. You're not looking.
  2272. You're a dentist.
  2273. Look at me Rezzan.
  2274. I'm not a dentist.
  2275. I hekimiy Dental, dentist.
  2276. Oops ah!
  2277. Accept the wisdom of this.
  2278. You're a dentist like honey.
  2279. Is that so?
  2280. Look at me Rezzan.
  2281. You think that Picasso himself, a semi-retired amateur pictures teacher.
  2282. -Is that so? -Yes it is.
  2283. Good. After you take a good look at it when Wisdom.
  2284. (Door Knocking sound)
  2285. (Music)
  2286. What happened?
  2287. He did not come to your senses?
  2288. Rezzan I'm saying is not over yet.
  2289. He has never seen a painting like you Rezzan persecution.
  2290. Hii, that's who you are or Wisdom's over now.
  2291. You're done now.
  2292. (Wisdom) Ahh!
  2293. (Music)
  2294. (Music)
  2295. (Gökçe inner voice) or my God, I'm in love with this man whom the event would not I be now?
  2296. (Music)
  2297. (Birds chirping sound)
  2298. (Ambient noise)
  2299. Champion.
  2300. Months passed me.
  2301. Are you okay?
  2302. Gokce.
  2303. If you want to wash your face ha.
  2304. Is not months I was of course ran the dust?
  2305. No, it's not like the dust, though a bit like falling in love.
  2306. Iron Beycig Where did you know?
  2307. Gokce, I say hearts hearts.
  2308. Which hearts?
  2309. hearts on her face.
  2310. Is it my face?
  2311. (Smith) Hi hi.
  2312. I do not believe either Oops, off.
  2313. Crazy girl.
  2314. (Music)
  2315. (Phone ringing tone)
  2316. This!
  2317. Burnt Rezzan, you're done Rezzan.
  2318. God, I hope I will not say what I'm coming.
  2319. Come be blessed gas.
  2320. I am the son, sir.
  2321. Alas.
  2322. Wisdom! Wisdom Wisdom opened the door.
  2323. (Wisdom), I'm here. I came ahoy! Explosion came ...
  2324. Rezzan Oh, no, are you longing to withstand did you?
  2325. Jeez, cut flannel Wisdom.
  2326. Bit we've Wisdom. We're finished.
  2327. We also finished a minute or what happened?
  2328. Eye of the coming of the son of intellectuals.
  2329. Which son?
  2330. Wisdom How many you got a son?
  2331. Aa!
  2332. Does Bart?
  2333. Unfortunately.
  2334. Hay Allah'?m!
  2335. When lit.
  2336. What are we gonna do?
  2337. I do not know the month, I do not know.
  2338. I told you this so that children do.
  2339. AA, I ask you, I ask you wisdom.
  2340. He leads the seven Ba??m?n meat.
  2341. Month What do we do?
  2342. Weekday stays in you, I've got the weekend.
  2343. No, I do not.
  2344. Look, you're on the weekends too.
  2345. On weekdays to keep her from me too.
  2346. Please.
  2347. (Music)
  2348. You look at me.
  2349. I looked. What?
  2350. Are you a member of this subject?
  2351. No. We came as a family for my cousin. Are you a member?
  2352. What you!
  2353. yell at me.
  2354. What happens if I shout?
  2355. I saw a parallel trick.
  2356. And what's your name? Keremel volcano. Look, now I know the name.
  2357. If you tell someone that I ruined your life I will find you.
  2358. You can not ever. Because the collar does not write my name in my step.
  2359. The name of the favorite footballers writes.
  2360. Also trophy in me.
  2361. Cup gave me that look. one in my life Cup trophy, okay? It's mine.
  2362. Ahh!
  2363. (Shouting voice)
  2364. Aa!
  2365. (Glass breakage sound)
  2366. (Music)
  2367. Of.
  2368. I'm fine. No problem.
  2369. (Music)
  2370. Are you okay?
  2371. I'm fine iron Bey.
  2372. So what, I'm going now.
  2373. I think you can go now.
  2374. (Music)
  2375. (Music)
  2376. (Impaired starter sound)
  2377. Ya off.
  2378. (Impaired starter sound)
  2379. Let's.
  2380. Ya hadi ya.
  2381. (Music)
  2382. Does it work?
  2383. (Gökçe) No.
  2384. Now I ask you something, but ...
  2385. ... you will answer honestly.
  2386. Why did handicapping?
  2387. I do not say that because I saw it drive away.
  2388. I ran because I like the most recent middle school.
  2389. So if I really Koss I'd be hospitalized.
  2390. I understand.
  2391. But why did you do?
  2392. Because...
  2393. Because people ...
  2394. ... sometimes it wants to be very close to one.
  2395. It's never the opportunity.
  2396. Then against the ...
  2397. ... when such a proposal by the ...
  2398. ... that does not know what to do. Pellets.
  2399. (Birds chirping sound)
  2400. Did I home I'm quitting?
  2401. A No, I never call a friend to pick me up.
  2402. Income soon.
  2403. Thank you.
  2404. (Music)
  2405. Even coming, I guess. Yeah.
  2406. (Motorcycle engine sound)
  2407. (Music)
  2408. Where have you been?
  2409. Gas done or said.
  2410. Is that OK, let's go from here?
  2411. Skip on.
  2412. (Gökçe) Iron Bye Bey.
  2413. (Music)
  2414. (Motorcycle engine sound)
  2415. (Music)
  2416. How did it go?
  2417. Wretched.
  2418. Just download the sails in the water.
  2419. Or tell me to sail.
  2420. Then I say just give up.
  2421. We are just beginning because it will be eventually.
  2422. It prince charming will come here.
  2423. (Music - Generic)
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