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You and I - Julia Westlin (Official Music Video)

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New Video for you! "Pray" --~--
Hi my sweets! My new song "You and I" is now officially released!
This song is about a never ending love in a friendship. Some lights never burn out completely although it's raining and storming all around. Some people enters our life and leave a permanent print that no amount of years can wash away. Sometimes we keep holding our candle in the dark, wishing for it to turn into a sun. It won't.
The mind knows what the heart won't admit. It's not logic, but it's love.
Love is the strongest force in the universe.
Thank you so much for being here and for sharing :)

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Composed & Written: Julia Westlin
Recording: Julia Westlin & David MeShow
Mixing: Julia Westlin & David MeShow
Mastering: David MeShow
Video Edit: Julia Westlin
Post-Production: David MeShow


Piano: Yamaha Clavinova CLP-665GP
Acoustic Guitar: Takamine TAN16COV
Microphone: Shure SM7B
Headphones: AKG K872
Audio device: Audient iD14
Audio preamp: Cloudlifter cl-1
DAW: Steinberg Cubase, Wavelab
Audio Plugins: Sonnox Oxford Bundle, SoundToys, Acustica Audio Navy 2
Reverb: Relab Development Sonsig Rev-A
Camera: Sony A7iii and Dji Ronin-S
Audio Recorder (Speech): Zoom H4N
Video Editor: Adobe Premiere Pro
Post Production: Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks


You and I

I can never get close enough
I give my heart, sometimes too much
Rivers flow
They come and go
As seasons turn from warm to cold

Say that one last word to me
The ones we were, the ones we'll be
The only thing that matters now
It's all infront and not behind

Will we see through our loss
Will the hearts recover from the all the rust
Will there be another time
When you and I, won't stand aside

I'll always keep you close to me
Like sap inside a maple tree
Where we've been and where we'll be
I'll always keep you close to me

Years has passed but oh my friend
Time means nothing in the end
Seasons comes and seasons go
And what will be is left to show

Can we see through our faults
Can our heart recover from the all the dark
Will there be another time
When you and I, won't stand aside

Instrumental x1

Can we see break through our thoughts
Can we reach inunder and comfort our hearts
Will there be another time
When you and I...
Will there be another time
When you and I, won't stand aside