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Many think they believe in Jesus, but they don’t - Torben Sondergaard


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Lesson 1: What is faith in Jesus

Welcome to this new series where I will be talking about the true meaning of different words.

Today we will look at faith in Jesus. What does it really mean to believe in Jesus?

Many out there believe that they believe in Jesus but they don’t.
Yes. They many believe that Jesus once lived here on earth or even died on a cross and rose again, but that is not the whole truth of what it means to believe in Jesus.

To believe in Jesus is to believe in him and his words and life after them. It is to believe in what he is saying like you today will believe in other people around you and do what they are saying.
To believe in Jesus is to believe in his words and obey his words.

I have meet many out there that think that they believe in Jesus but they don't. I can see that by how there are living.
If they really believe in Jesus and his words they will life very different that they do.

Hopefully this short teaching will help you know what it means when the Bible speaks about believing in Jesus.
That to believe in Jesus is to believe in every word that has come out of his mouth and live like it is the truth.

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