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  1. To help you learn new material, we created a unique
  2. concept map for each lesson. Here's an incomplete map for lesson
  3. 1 that you can also download from the instructor's notes.
  4. Print it out or just keep it handy, and see if
  5. you can fill in the empty blanks. As you go
  6. along. At the end of the lesson there will be an
  7. opportunity for you to fill in the missing words to see
  8. a complete version. If you prefer to have the complete version
  9. as you go through the lesson just skip to the end of this lesson and
  10. look in the instructor's notes for the
  11. complete concept map of Lesson One. I highly
  12. encourage you to try using the incomplete
  13. version now though. Filling in your own notes
  14. as the lesson progresses and then checking out
  15. the completed map at the end after finishing.