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  1. This was a tricky one.
  2. I really hope you just went ahead and
    ran these lines,
  3. to find out what they do.
  4. the thing to realize,
  5. is that this foo is going to be
    the value of the variable foo.
  6. This foo is just the string foo.
  7. In here, again this foo is
    the value of the variable foo.
  8. So that's bar, and
    this foo is just the string foo.
  9. So it's "$foo + foo =${foo +"foo"}" So
  10. bar + foo = barfoo, there we go.
  11. Over here the list method allows
    us to generate a new list,
  12. by applying a closure to
    each item in the list.
  13. That would be Collect, awesome work.
  14. That's all the Groovy we'll
    discuss directly in this course,
  15. though you'll get to write plenty more.
  16. If you're ready for
    a bit of a break from me and
  17. Mark, we've got some suggestions for
    where to go to learn more.
  18. Learning new languages is one One of my
    favorite things about working in Tech,
  19. and Groovy is a particularly handy
    language to have in your back pocket.
  20. Check out the links in
    the instructor notes to learn more.
  21. Next up, we'll use our new Groovy
    knowledge to start configuring
  22. Gradle builds.