A Night to Forget v1.1 Any% TAS in 2m59s758ms (Quick Release version)

A Night to Forget v1.1 Any% TAS in 2m59s758ms (Quick Release version)

VVVVVV Speedrunning - A Night to Forget v1.1 Any% TAS in 2m59s758ms (Quick Release version)

This is TAS #10.

I complete the VVVVVV custom level A Night to Forget by Pixelator, on version 1.1, in 2 minutes, 59 seconds, and 758 milliseconds. To clarify, time ends on the last frame of input, but in this level, there are approximately 25 more seconds of cutscene before the level finishes after your last input, which is on the "Cyap! Over here!!" red dialogue box. There are 7 trinkets in this level, but it's not interesting to get all of them, so this is Any%. Although, it's possible to get the trinket in Super VVVVVV Run through an unintended route by edge-flipping off of the crumbling platform closest to it, so there is that.

This TAS branches off of TAS #8 and is done in 5287 frames and has 1068 re-records. In this video, I am on commit 2b6d8b8090b7bbf67553f093ff48ade83bd48e25 of VVVVVV 2.3, so the timing of this run is subject to change in the future as 2.3 development continues; in particular, this run features a bug that ought to be fixed in 2.3 where there are no-draw frames whenever you enter or exit a custom level that has custom assets, and I save and quit from this level once in this run. Glitchrunner mode is not used.

In version 1.1 of this level, Pixelator has patched the sequence break from putting a gotoroom script box too close to the edge of a room. However, I found another sequence break that lets me proceed directly to the end of the level, which only adds 45 seconds or so on to the TAS. As a hilarious side effect, it is Viridian who ends up rescuing Verda, and not Violet.

This is a quick release version, meaning I have decided to get the video out as quickly as possible, while sacrificing things like the standard side borders and video thumbnails that I usually do, along with having no input display.

0:00 - Save+quit to skip cutscene
1:54 - Sequence break using gotoroom from cutscene
2:16 - Slow wall-riding is over
2:35 - Final cutscene, Viridian rescues Verda
2:59 - End of input
3:24 - End of level

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