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  1. I'm here with Sara Alspaugh, who is a PhD student at Berkeley,
  2. in the lab where she works on energy-aware computing.
  3. So tell us about this here.
  4. I'm working on a project in which we try to create electric loads
  5. whose power consumption can be scheduled at a given point in time
  6. in order to make use of renewable supplies of energy like wind and solar
  7. which are only available when there's wind or sun
  8. and not available when we necessarily need them to be.
  9. And so on this project we tried to create a computing cluster
  10. in which we scheduled the work that the cluster did
  11. at times when there was wind energy available.
  12. So for instance, the types of work this cluster might be doing
  13. is you might have some set of these machines which act as web frontends
  14. and respond to search queries, and they would need to respond to the search queries
  15. as soon as the query came in, and you wouldn't be able to schedule this work any other time.
  16. But some of the other stuff that the computing cluster might be doing
  17. is building the index for the search engine,
  18. and that sort of work has some flexibility in when you actually can do it,
  19. so you can wait until there's wind energy available to schedule this work.
  20. And so these machines can do their work powered off of wind energy,
  21. and the rest of the time you can keep them in a low power state
  22. so they're not consuming energy.