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  1. GPS provides us with very accurate velocities, which is nice, but on the other hand,
  2. we want to be able to use our system in the tunnel too.
  3. Using a camera with motion analysis is really high tech.
  4. It's hard to get results that are really reliable in 99% of the cases.
  5. For experiments, you may actually use a fifth wheel,
  6. but in real life this would of course be awkward and costly.
  7. I would say the accelerometer is the way to go. It's just a tiny chip to be added to the electronics.
  8. One issue about the accelerometer is that it does not output the velocity, it outputs acceleration.
  9. Hopefully, you have a good estimate of the velocity before we start braking and then we can use
  10. the acceleration to estimate the evolutional velocity.