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  1. >> So, let's recap lesson one. Our task, was to learn what
  2. is user experience? And the steps we followed were, we defined user
  3. experience and we gave you a super-awesome example and demonstrated how a
  4. need for speed and portions is a really great example of user-experience.
  5. >> That was my favorite step. Yes. And the second step was we disambiguated
  6. UI from UX. We talked a little bit about the difference between visual and
  7. non-visual code. We also gave you two really great
  8. examples of how to improve your apps user experience today,
  9. with the sign in and check out flow. And we
  10. also touched on Lowe's wire framing, which is a really
  11. great technique for starting at the high level and not
  12. focusing on the details to start with. So in Lesson
  13. two, you're going to learn how to make applications that people
  14. love to use, by focusing in on your end user.
  15. But before we get into lesson two, you're
  16. going to watch some interviews from some real users.
  17. >> Yeah, and as you're watching these videos
  18. of real users actually interact with applications, make
  19. a note of what makes them unhappy, and
  20. what makes them happy, in, in these applications.
  21. >> And also make a mental note of whether the
  22. things they mention are related to visual or non-visual code.