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  1. For our router we have discussed coverage mostly about the traffic going in and
  2. out of the router, and some coverage for the device itself, such as the filling
  3. levels. For more complex devices, you have to think about other stuff, for
  4. example, initialization or operating modes. Let's go back and think about our
  5. smartphone. It has to deal with a lot of different operating modes, different
  6. screen resolutions, the data might switch between 4G, 3G and lTE, all that
  7. stuff. Plenty of opportunity to write more coverage to increase your confidence
  8. and make sure the chip works as expected. What have we learnt in this unit? We
  9. establish that randomization is great, but not enough. We can't fly blind. Our
  10. feedback loop to make sure, randomization is good and our tests are good is
  11. implemented in coverage. We showed you different forms of coverage, and we
  12. showed you how to deal with coverage closure. Finally, we showed you how to
  13. implement the monitor to meet events to collect coverage at the right time.